YOLO is the hottest app out of the app store, but more people are realizing the negative aspects of the anonymous question and answer app.
     Harrison Hill, USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES – As schools head into summer break, a new app allows users to ask one another questions anonymously is captivating millions of teenagers.

Yolo is an anonymous question-and-answer That app connects two Snapchat as a way for the Friends to send comments and questions to eachother. The person using Yolo can reply to the comment or answer the question on the Snapchat story along with a picture.

they choose two reveal sig privately til recipient.

Concerns about bullying on this platform have been raised to the anonymous feature.

Gina Denham has a daughter who turns 12 next month and will not allow her to download Yolo due to the "negativity" she has seen on her 18-year-old niece's Snapchat revolving around Yolo.

"They were all horrible – there were extreme names calling. Several were referencing other kids who aren't on Snapchat, "said Denham. "The new Yolo app has topped the iOS app for three weeks. ” width=”180″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

The new Yolo app has topped the iOS app store for three weeks. (Photo: Screenshot via Madeline Purdue)