Last year's Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition received widespread attention for its transparent back, giving a glimpse of the phone's motherboard and processor. Like many suspicions, during the transparent case, the team turned out to be a fake table sitting on top of the right hardware components. Mi 9 is soon due and it seems that Xiaomi is also preparing a transparent version of that phone.

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, released images of the upcoming Mi 9 Explorer Edition on his Weibo account. In sharp contrast from last year, when Xiaomi repeatedly stated that Mi 8's underlying board was genuine, this post explains the complicated process of cutting a 0.3 mm aluminum sheet with all false components.

Unlike last year's circuit design, the transparent part of the Mi 9 Explorer Edition looked more like what you would see under a laptop. Everything is spotted, with very little of the (false) PCB visible. There is still a Snapdragon logo, as well as getting random phrases in smaller text ̵

1; "MIUI", "Super Mi", "Mi Fans", "48MP AI Camera Ultra Wide" and "Battle Angel".

The post also confirmed some of Explorer Edition's hardware, including a "7-part lens", a 48MP bag & # 39; AI & # 39; camera and a huge 12GB of RAM. It is not clear whether the regular Mi 9 will also share these specifications.