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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 14 | Bleacher Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Just five days from Money in the Bank this Sunday on WWE Network, SmackDown Live hit the USA Network airwaves with a pretaped episode that saw Kofi Kingston guest-appear on the "KO Show," Shane McMahon and Elias send a message to Roman Reigns and The Miz, and some video packages

    The action was solid, the hype for the pay-per-view heavy and the results mixed —A s has been the case with the product of late

    Relive everything that went down Tuesday night with this recap of another solid, if unspectacular, episode of SmackDown Live

1 of 6 [19659007] Roman Reigns kicked off the broadcast and welcomed his Money in the Bank opponent, Elias, to SmackDown Live … the big leagues.

The Miz arrived immediately and cut a promo about his steel cage match with Shane McMahon on Sunday night

Right on schedule, McMahon and Elias interrupted.

Elias warned Reigns that taking him lightly is a crucial mistake. Eventually, SmackDown tag team champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan joined the fray, surrounding the squared circle and presenting a united front against the babyfaces.

The Usos made the save and helped Reigns and Miz clear the ring to the delight of the fans in the UK.


C +


This was a great way to kick off the show and bring two of the undercard rivalries for Money in the bank together, but all it really did was set up the night's three-match handicap match pitting McMahon, Elias, Bryan and Rowan against Reigns and The Usos.

Nothing new was established, no rivalries were intensified and there was no more or less excitement for Sunday's event than there was before. The four superstars representing SmackDown in Sunday's Money in the Bank ladder match battled Tuesday in a Fatal 4-

    Way, looking to build momentum ahead of the potentially career-altering contest

    Finn Balor, Andrade, Randy Orton and Ali waged the contest

    At one point, a ladder was introduced to the proceedings, giving fans in the bank.

    As the action broke down, intercontinental champion Balor wiped out the opposition at ringside but celebrated just a millisecond too long, allowing El Idolo to send him crashing into the steel steps

    Back in the squared circle, Andrade dropped him with the hammerlock DDT to score the win.

    After the match, Raw's Ricochet appeared, the victor crashed from the top of the ladder and grabbed the MITB briefcase. o send a message to his competition.

    Result Andrade defeated Balor, Orton and Ali


    B +

    Analysis Analysis

    Take four of the better workers on the roster, turn them into a high-energy, high-impact match and the results will almost always be a supremely fun watch.

    This was no different.

    Andrade picked up some momentum with his win over Balor and, more importantly, put himself up for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship once Sunday's pay-per-view has passed.

    Ricochet appearing and grabbing the briefcase was a pretty lazy use of the wild card stipulation, but who's counting at this point? Not WWE Creative, that's for sure

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    At Money in the Bank, Charlotte Flair will challenge Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

    Ahead of what will hopefully be the final match in this chapter of their rivalry, The Queen hit the ring and a video package documenting the long and winding road these two competitors have taken to Sunday's extravaganza.

    After the presentation, Lacey Evans was shown backstage, where she vowed to become the new Raw women's champion.




    This was simple and really effective.

    There is nothing else elongated promo or overly complex angle Could have been accomplished over the feud between Lynch and Flair. It has, for all intents and purposes, been the best in WWE over the last year. Sunday's match, though not hyped as such, could be a genuine main event without a doubt.

    Even Evans' contribution here was just enough to get over their match without retracing steps creatively and delivering the same thing we have seen in the weeks leading into the bolt

    Sometimes, setting for simple nets as solid as effect.

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    At a number disadvantage after Shane McMahon barred The Miz from competing and risking the cancelation of their steel cage battled Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Elias and the aforementioned McMahon in a high-profile handicap match.

    Jey Uso found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown and in need of a hot tag. He made it, to Reigns, who soon found himself in a similar situation. You tagged back in, and the match reached its crescendo.

    The action broke down, each of the Superstars involved delivering signature offense. Elias delivered Drift Away but turned right into a super cool from Jey. Reigns delivered to Superman Punch at ringside. Back in the squared circle, though, McMahon went to the coast for the win.

    After the match, The Miz hit the ring to clear the heels with a steel chair while McMahon made a beeline to the sanctuary. of the ramp.


    McMahon, Elias, Rowan and Bryan defeated The Usos and Reigns



    ] Analysis

    There was absolutely too much talent involved here for this not to be a quality match. Still, it never felt like it much mattered.

    Did it get over the feuds involved ahead of Sunday's pay-per-view? Sure, but does anyone feel any more giddy for Reigns vs. Elias or Miz vs. McMahon than they were a week ago?


    Miz coming out as the fiery baby will never be old, if only because it is so fresh that that guy in particular to be the hero, but everything else was the same paint-by-numbers creative we have been exposed to (and at times, bored by) for so long

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The rivalry between Paige's former tag team , Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, and her new one, Asuka and Kairi Sane, continued Tuesday as the tandem with a tag team action.

    The heels isolated The Pirate Princess, forcing the former NXT's champion to fight from underneath if she and The Empress of Tomorrow was stealing their undefeated streak.

    Asuka tagged in late and unloaded on the opposition, unleashing a series of strikes on Rose that left The Golden Goddess stunned. She scored a crucifix roll-up moments later to pick up the victory.

    The match was pretty standard fare, but the right team went over. Why Asuka Had To Beat Rose In A Fluky Roll Up Fashion Than As Soulfully Is A Mistery, But The Story Will Continue.

    As for the new name of Asuka and Sane's team … at least Kabuki Warriors isn If it is bad as The Viking Experience

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Hellbent on sending a message to Kevin Owens that the No. 1 contender did not intimidate him, WWE champion Kofi Kingston made his way to the main event edition of the "KO Show."

    Kingston taunted the still-absent Owens until The Prizefighter appeared on the video screen. He cut a promo before showing a video package of the chaos and punishment he has inflicted during his time in WWE.

    Owens made his way to the squared circle, and a brawl broke out. Sami Zayn appeared and joined in the fray. A two-on-one beatdown ensued before Xavier Woods attempted the save.

    It did not work.

    Owens and Zayn dominated until Kingston dropped Zayn with Trouble in Paradise and New Day stood tall to close out the show. 19659004] Grade A



    The intriguing aspect of this segment was Zayn's involvement. relationship with Owens, but he is also a Raw star with no stakes in the rivalry … unless he can cash in the money in the bank briefcase on either Superstar on Sunday

    That would provide him a career-defining moment while pitting him against Owens and Kingston in a three-way rivalry at the SmackDown fire. If this was foreshadowing, WWE Creative deserves and A + rating

    If not, it was still a solid enough angle that puts heat on the heels.

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