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WWE SmackDown results, summary, grades: Champions come face to face ahead of Survivor Series

With the WWE Survivor Series just two days away, the go-home edition of SmackDown was largely focused on marking the last boxes in front of pay-per-view. SmackDown filled the remaining seats on the men’s and women’s Survivor Series teams, and a couple of visitors came from Raw to confront their opponents before Sunday’s event.

The big headlines before the show focused on WWE champion Drew McIntyre returning to SmackDown to share the ring with universal champion Roman Reigns and sign their match contract. But Raw tag-champs The New Day also appeared on the show, tagging with upcoming opponents The Street Profits and Raw woman̵

7;s champion Asuka appeared to exchange words with SmackDown titleholder Sasha Banks.

CBS Sports was with you all night and brought you overviews and highlights from all the action. Read on for everything you need to know coming out of the PPV go-home edition of SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns sign Survivor Series contract

McIntyre came to the ring for his contract signing with Reigns before an advertisement. After the break, Reigns’ music hit, and the universal champion took a long time to come in, forcing McIntyre to sit in the ring and wait for him. Reigns went to the ring and again took a long break at the bottom of the ramp and again at the ring steps. Reigns then forced WWE official Adam Pearce to move from his seat so he was able to take the chair at the head of the table.

Reigns stared down at McIntyre and told him he knew he would beat Randy Orton on Raw to win the WWE Championship back. Reigns also said McIntyre has long been the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. McIntyre said he knows what Reigns is trying to do, but he will not turn a table and beat him because he already has his fight on Sunday. McIntyre said he just wanted to do what he was told to show up and do, sign the contract. McIntyre signed and asked Reigns to use his last two days of peace to prepare for war. Reigns told McIntyre that he is a secondary champion and a stopper while Reigns is that champion and the face of the campaign. The universal master then said that McIntyre will one day love him for the lessons he taught him, and Reigns will love him right away because McIntyre will always be his “favorite number two.”

It was refreshing to see a contract signing in WWE that did not break up in a fight. It is extremely rare in the history of these segments in recent decades. The messages from both men were solid, meaningful and added a sense of weight to a fight that has no real effort beyond personal pride. Reigns came out better than McIntyre, but right now it just happens when you go word-for-word with The Tribal Chief. Grade: B

Murphy scores victory over Seth Rollins

Rollins cut a backstage promo during the show’s opening hours and took credit for everything Murphy had earned since becoming his disciple. Rollins promised to teach one last lesson and then send Murphy back to having none and nothing.

Murphy defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall after hitting Murphy’s Law. Murphy was escorted to the ring by the Mysterio family before being jumped by the Rollins at the start of the match. After tying Murphy in the ropes, Rollins tried to grab a kendo stick under the ring, but Rey Mysterio grabbed the stick. Rollins attacked Rey and then followed up with an attack on Dominik Mysterio before Murphy freed himself, only to be quickly knocked to the floor by Rollins, who then began to pursue Aalyah Mysterio as the show went on commercial. After the break, Rollins and Murphy were back in the ring break as usual. Murphy managed to survive a falconry from Rollins only to hit Murphy’s Law for victory and celebrated with Mysterios after the victory.

It was nice to see Murphy win, if not obvious given reports that Rollins is on his way to planned leave, as he and Becky Lynch are expecting the birth of their child. It’s a bit unforgivable to use Rollin’s pursuit of Aalyah as a transition to commercial just to get back from the break without mentioning what happened. Was Rollins physically attacking a 19-year-old? What stopped him? Dramatic transitions have no weight if they are just “the moment the show broke.” Grade: C +

What else happened at WWE SmackDown?

The New Day & The Street Profits def. Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin & Sami Zayn via pinfall after Montez Ford hit Zayn with a seed splash. The fight ensued after The New Day cut a promo in the show open and was confronted with the four heels to only be saved by the profits. As the match was building, Kingston hit a cross from the top rope, but accidentally hit Ford, causing problems between the teams. Despite the miscommunication, the profit was able to score the victory for their team by securing Zayn, who deliberately stayed out of the match until the last stretch.

Daniel Bryan was behind the scenes when Zayn went into his interview. After Bryan laughed at Zayn, Zayn only tried to confront him for being pushed off the ground. Zayn left the area, saying Bryan was lucky he was focused on meeting Bobby Lashley in the Survivor Series. Bryan went on to have his interview and talked about his problems with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso after being attacked by Uso after their qualifying match for the Survivor Series several weeks ago.

Adam Pearce announced that Otis and Bayley had been selected as members of their respective teams for the SmackDown at Survivor Series. Natalya was sad that she did not get a place, but was told that she had a fight to get to.

Survivor Series Qualifier – Natalya def. Tamina via submission with Sharpshooter. This was Natalya’s third attempt to qualify for the team and eventually got the job done in a short match.

Carmella attacked Sasha Banks for the third week in a row. Banks and Asuka were in the ring discussing their upcoming Survivor Series match as Carmella ran in and attacked, hung Banks in the corner and delivered a stomp before leaving.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via pinfall with a roll-up. Uso wasted some time in the fight before snapping, leading Bryan outside the ring and clearing the billboard, but Bryan was able to shoot back before Uso could put the table to use. However, this situation was only temporary, with the Uso back body dropping Bryan through the table minutes later. Bryan, still dealing with the damage to his kidneys from Uso’s previous attacks, tried to lock a LeBell lock in, but Uso retaliated by hammering him into the injured kidneys. After eating a series of superkicks, Bryan got his knees up on a splash from Uso to score the roll-up for the win.

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