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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from February 4th | Bleacher Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    As the Road to WrestleMania begins, WWE is focused and establishes a number of outstanding shows. Raw seemed to be just that for this 4th February issue with so many promises for the night.

    Ronda Rousey's WrestleMania opponent, Becky Lynch was invited to run by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. The man has always delivered in her appearance, but it had the potential to be a game-changing meeting.

    Kurt Angle had also announced that he would address his WWE future, with the Hall of Famer clearly showing his age in recent losses to Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. It was the moment he cut the course for the rest of his last race with the company.

    Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman were expected to make their own statements, with the Royal Rumble winner explaining why he chose Brock Lesnar as his opponent at WrestleMania 35 and The Monster Among Men on revenge against McIntyre and Corbin who put him out last week.

    The fight also had great potential with Sasha Banks and Bayley fought Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross for the finals Raw spot in women's roof hold Elimination Chamber match. Find Balor vs. Bobby Lashley and Elias vs. Jeff Jarrett were also promised as grudge matches.

    This episode of the red mark had the potential to make people talk for a limited time to create the Elimination Chamber on February 1

    7. 19659010] 1 out of 9

      Stephanie McMahon tried to launch the show, but Becky Lynch quickly interrupted and opened the show much as she has done in recent weeks of SmackDown Live.

      Billionaire Princess showed her respect for The Irish Lass Kicker before it became clear that she was worried about Lynch's knees.

      She refused to let the Royal Rumble winner fight without being checked out by WWE officials. The man refused, and McMahon suspended her and caused a scornful Lynch to attack the raw commissioner until she was forced by officials with the knee clearly limiting her movement.




      This was exactly what it was necessary. Lynch's injury must be the decisive story in the next few months, based on the foundation of the first battle that was never between the bad woman on the planet and the man.

      Lynch knocks on everyone on the road, as WWE is trying to take her shot again at Rousey. She is so paranoid that we may not know for weeks how bad her knee should be.

      Of course, WWE's way of creating Charlotte Flair is to sneak into the title fight, but it's also just a strong storytelling. Although it would be better to stick to just Rousey vs Lynch, WWE is at least smart with the order.

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    An angry Ronda Rousey quickly took off with Liv Morgan with an arm bar and then challenged Sarah Logan.

    While Logan made it more competitive, she was also caught with the elbow bar and tapped out.

    Ruby Riott suddenly hit the battle with the bad woman on the planet, but then backwards.

    She was questioned about the backstage why she relied on, and the Riott Squad leader said she had to take care of her friends.


    Rousey def. Morgan upon submission; Rousey def. Logan on submission




    As a direct follow-up to the Lynch segment, this worked well. Rousey didn't specifically admit it, but she was frustrated that The Man was suspended, which could endanger their struggle. She took over this deterioration at Riott Squad.

    Rousey dislikes Lynch so much that she can't imagine fighting against others in WrestleMania on April 7th. It will be interesting to see how her frustration affects the coming weeks at Raw. 19659037] 3 of 9

      In a follow-up on SmackDown's Fatal 4-Way Elimination Fight, Raw and Four Corners No. 1 Contender competition with Bobby Roode and Chad Gable in backstage. Once again, Otis Dozovic raised a big reaction to a surprisingly dominant screen.

      Lince Dorado also stood out, but in the end Revivalen again showed that it is the best team in the division.

      After exterminating Curtis Axel, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder hit Bo Dallas with the Shatter Machine for the victory.


      Revival def. B-Team, Lucha House Party and Heavy Machinery by pinfall to become the new No. 1 participant to the Raw Tag Team Championships




      ] Analysis

      This was a fine match, although it should have been an elimination like on the blue mark. Heavy Machinery looked good for the second WWE show in a row and has clearly found its niche on the lead role, despite rarely getting out in the NXT.

      Dawson and Wilder earned another title opportunity. While they should get options like this often, how they get booked becomes redundant. If they lose again, none of this even has meaning.

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    Kurt Angle began to talk to the audience with clear grief in his voice. He seemed to be ready to give up until Baron Corbin came out to endure the Olympic gold medal.

    This fired the former raw general manager, but Drew McIntyre joined The Lone Wolf when he spoke the Hall of Famer.

    When they marched to the ring to finish Angle's career for good, Braun Strowman came to send both men on and the two faces were high against the duo.




    This was just fine and got full meaning, but there is not enough here to worry turn around. Angle lost crucial to both heels to the point that he was sold as he could no longer compete in a WWE ring. Strowman can only carry him so far.

    The Monster Among Men and The Scottish Psychopath deserve better than this. Maybe they will get it, but right now they are stuck in a dead end waiting for a legitimate WrestleMania story.

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    After showing solidarity backstage, Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox hit and laid out Bayley and Sasha Banks on the ramp. This gradually established the newly adjusted heels as legitimate threats, with Hugger battling two-on-one here after the bell rang.

    Bossen hardly played a role, but managed to help Bayley avoid blasting in the steel post before The Huggable One rolled The Foxy One to three.


    Boss & nbsp; Hug Connection final Fox and Cross to serve the final place in the Women's Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match



    ] This was not a battle involved, but the storytelling on the screen was top notch. Bayley basically had to fight alone and she did. It was as if she could finally do what made her so successful in the NXT, and the audience responded as it should.

    Banks and Bayley enter the chamber as the clear favorites, but if they continue to work like this, it doesn't matter if their winners are obvious. It will just be the right step.

    Crossing heels was disappointing here early on her lead role, but she has a great relationship with Fox who should be further explored.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Road Dogg introduced Jeff Jarrett to a karaoke performance together for Elias interrupted rambling.

    After a few quick insults, the two bully where Elias took over quickly.

    Despite his roadie trying to help, the veteran was completely unmatched by the music that hit Drift Away to win.

    Then the two old men were avenged, with Road Dogg set up Double J to hit Elijah with a guitar in the back.


    Elias final Jarrett


    D +


    This was only meant to be a fun diversion, and it worked most part , although it is difficult to say what the ultimate goal is for any of these. Elias was unnecessarily turned heel so he could make the 51-year-old Jarrett look good.

    The nostalgia acts well enough for a short period, but it really should be. Elias got his victory and the veterans became revenge. Neither Road Dogg nor Double J should be seen again.

7 out of 9

    Credit: WWE.com

    Finn Balor was interviewed before his expected fight with Bobby Lashley and said he was injured but not back down.

    All Mighty refused to fight with the extraordinary man, instead of Balor fighting men's own size.

    After a cheap shot attack by the already bandaged Irish at Lashley, Lio Rush managed to take over this competition early, even staying at the top of the referee's draft Dominator from ringer. Each step left Balor out of the variety.

    However, Rush could not put it away before the extraordinary man caught him with a corner drop kick and Coup de Grace.


    Balor def. Rush by pinfall




    This was not as entertaining as Balor vs Rush should be, when the Irish had to sell his ribs all the way through. Still, it was cool to watch The Man of Hour look good in the lead role as more than just a stuntman manager.

    Balor vs Lashley has never been all that exciting a rivalry, but if it leads to the Irish win the intercontinental championship, it's all worth it.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    This week's "A Moment of Bliss" highlighted EC3, which didn't come in a word before Nia Jax and Tamina interrupted.

    Facebreaker insulted Bliss and said everyone should talk about her. Things became even more bizarre with the arrival of Dean Ambrose.

    He called Jax to have an infatuation with him before turning to the Top One Percent. He made fun of him before he was covered by a right hand from the NXT star.

    The two fought in a fight where EC3 captured the former world champion with a jackknife pin for three.


    EC3 def. Ambrose of pinfall




    I can't see what WWE does with EC3, but it feels all wrong. He used the opening segment nothing but laughing, and he then slipped away with a victory battle in the fight against a guy who is leaving the business.

    Those who are not familiar with the Top One Percent Out of the lead role would be shocked to know that the guy is a talented micro-worker. It is easily his strongest feature, but it is one aspect of his character that is not explored.

    Hopefully this victory will lead somewhere better for him than just playing the quiet thief.

9 out of 9


    The redemption of Kurt Angle started here as he survived an attack of strikes and great moves from heels, even making it out of Drew McIntyre's ankle lock for finally getting Braun Strowman in the fight.

    Using their surroundings, even though the baron corbin and the Scottish psychopath carried the strowman, forcing the Olympic gold medal to come back into it. Eventually, The Monster Among Men was disqualified in his frustration to save Angle and attacked the legal man Corbin.

    Then the heels looked ready to wipe out the angle, but Strowman put the rescue and choke-slammed both Corbin and McIntyre on the steel step to stand high with angle.


    McIntyre and Corbin final. Angle and Strowman at Disqualification




    While it was hardly a strong conclusion to Raw, this was a stronger segment for this whole story than the former faux retirement of Angle. It was trustworthy for a moment that the former raw general manager had something left in mind.

    The disqualification was a weak ending, which was based on a tag team rule that is rarely followed. It all just felt like a WWE delaying tactic, so the same match can happen again at the Elimination Chamber.

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