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Wonder Woman 1984: Why Can’t You See the sequel in 4K on HBO Max

Warner Bros. has reaffirmed Wonder Woman’s release date of December 25, while the long-awaited sequel will debut on HBO Max. This is definitely good news for fans who are eager to finally see the film but who are not able to safely see it in the theaters. However, there is a catch to be aware of. You will not be able to stream the movie in 4K. Why such a big omission with the biggest superhero movie release in 2020? Here’s a quick overview of why 4K is a no-go and why Roku users want their own obstacles to tackle.
WW84 does not stream in 4K because HBO Max has not yet added an option to stream 4K content. It was one of several complaints directed at the streamer in our first HBO Max review from July 2020, and it̵
7;s a flaw that WarnerMedia has not yet addressed. While most competitors like Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix offer a selection of 4K content (either standard or as part of a higher price level), HBO Max’s library tops 1080p, a resolution almost as dated as Steve Trevor’s parachute pants .

This despite the fact that WarnerMedia’s other major streaming service, DC Universe, has been offering 4K video and even 4K comics since its launch. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that Wonder Woman 1984 will appear on the DC Universe other than HBO Max. This service is restarted as the comic book-focused DC Universe Infinite in January 2021 means the 4K DC video content available disappears faster than Batman, who ends a conversation with Commissioner Gordon.

IGN reached out to Warners for comment, but they only wanted to confirm that no 4K content is currently available on the streaming service.

Wonder Woman’s Home Video Release

This does not mean that Wonder Woman will never be available for streaming in 4K. As previously revealed, the film will only be added to HBO Max for 30 days, after which it will run exclusively in theaters. Presumably, Warners will release WW84 on home video in early 2021 (probably February or March depending on how successful the theatrical release turns out to be), at which point 4K will finally come into the picture.

Warners has always been one of the biggest supporters of the 4K Ultra HD format, so there is no reason to assume that Wonder Woman 1984 will not be sold in that format and as a 4K digital purchase. It requires a separate purchase instead of just streaming the movie via HBO Max, but for now this may be the only option to watch Wonder Woman 1984 in full 4K.

WW84 DC Fandome Trailer Gallery

There is no HBO Max on Roku

It is also worth pointing out that customers using a Roku as their main streaming device are likely to have additional issues with Wonder Woman 1984. As of the time of release, there is still no dedicated HBO Max app available for Roku. It’s the result of ongoing negotiation issues between WarnerMedia and Roku.

However, there is two good news on this front. First, WarnerMedia recently signed an agreement with Amazon to finally make HBO Max available on Fire TV devices. An agreement with Roku could be reached just as suddenly. And given the number of new subscribers Wonder Woman is likely to attract, WarnerMedia has every incentive to cut a deal by December 25th.

Second, there is a way to stream HBO Max on a Roku without relying on a dedicated app. Hulu allows subscribers to add HBO Max content for an additional fee, as does premium cable networks such as Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax. The price is the same as a regular HBO Max subscription ($ 15 per month), and this has the added benefit of consolidating two streaming services under one app.

Want to stream Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max. Are you holding out for a theatrical screening or a 4K event? Let us know in the comments below.

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