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where to buy the new console • Eurogamer.net

We’ve been reviewing rumors for several months about a new model, but it’s finally been announced: the Nintendo Switch OLED is coming in October. Wait, wait a minute, this is not exactly the upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro that we expected to be unveiled before E3, but a new iteration of the existing Switch console with an improved OLED display, superior kickstand, refined dock and internal storage.

This list of lean upgrades may not sound so exciting to anyone who has had a Nintendo Switch for years and was hoping for a performance leap. For those who do not yet own a Switch console, however, this new OLED version is a solid place to start.

Whether you want to upgrade anyway or finally take the plunge with console handheld hybrid, we will do our best to help you secure a Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order as soon as they become available right here.

Now, if it̵

7;s anything like the recent pursuit of PS5 storage and Xbox Series X storage, we could be in quite a fight. Since the Nintendo Switch OLED is only a much smaller revision of existing hardware, it may not be that challenging to place a pre-order or find where you can buy it.

Nevertheless, we use this page to bring you all the retailers that offer a pre-order for Nintendo Switch OLED.

Pre-orders from Nintendo Switch OLED

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED are starting to go live in a number of stores.

Currently, you can buy the new console from Smyths Toys in the UK. The Nintendo Store only allows you to register your interest while Amazon has product pages, but nothing available to buy. There are also a few lists in the US on Best Buy, Gamestop and B&H Photo, but it is not possible to place a pre-order yet. Finally, a few European stores have pre-orders available.

We will continue to track the availability of both the white and neon red / neon blue models as soon as they are available for purchase below.

In Great Britain:


In Europe:

In Canada:

Dealer Change OLED white Change OLED Neon Red / Neon Blue
Amazon CA.
Walmart Canada

Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories

With the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED comes a handful of new accessories to support the new console.

Currently, we have seen a new Nintendo Switch carrying case and screen protector that comes in the new white color scheme and includes a pair of screen protectors. One is for the larger screen on the Switch OLED, while the other is for the standard Switch.

It will be available for pre-order at the following retailers:

Nintendo Switch OLED Price and Release Date


The OLED Nintendo Switch will be released on October 8th. It costs £ 309.99 in the UK, € 364.99 in Europe and $ 349.99 in the US.

It’s still significantly cheaper than a PS5 or Xbox Series X – but a price increase over the original switch seems credible given the upgrade to the OLED screen and the small improvements elsewhere. The specifications for it are described below.

Nintendo Switch OLED specifications


As the name suggests, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a larger 7-inch OLED screen. This gives you a brighter and more vivid picture while playing games in handheld mode, but still runs in 720p resolution – just like the current Switch model.

The new console also includes a wide adjustable kickstand. This is a significant improvement over the slender leg you can slip out of the existing Switch model, as it provides much more flexible viewing angles and a more secure stand for the console when disconnected and in tabletop mode.

Other new features include a new dock that comes with a wired LAN port that gives you a more stable internet connection when playing in TV mode, enhanced built-in speakers for better sound and a bump to 64 GB of internal memory for game storage. It can still be upgraded with a Nintendo Switch SD card as your game library grows.

While not much, this is still more of a significant upgrade to existing Switch technology than the latest iteration. The biggest difference was improved battery life and slightly better Joy-Con controllers – although many still suffered from operation. There is no word on whether it has been improved for the OLED Switch, but considering that all existing Joy-Con controllers can be used with the console, that does not seem likely.

For a more detailed specification breakdown, visit the dedicated OLED Switch page from Nintendo.

For all the rumors still floating around the second supposed Nintendo hardware upgrade, check out our dedicated guide that covers all the rumors, Switch Pro features we’ve heard about so far.

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Switch: the differences


Based on the announcement from Nintendo, these are the significant differences between the Nintendo Switch OLED and existing models of the console.

The first is the screen. As explained above, the Switch OLED has a 7-inch OLED screen that emits in 720p resolution. This is larger than both the 6.2-inch LCD on the current switch and the 5.5 LCD screen on the Switch Lite, although the resolution remains the same. However, the OLED screen offers improvements in other areas, such as higher contrast and generally better image quality.

Although there is a bump in screen size, it does not increase the size of the overall console. Instead, the frame (this is the area between the screen and the system itself) becomes thinner. This means that all existing Joy-Con controllers are supported by the OLED Switch console.

This is about it for the most effective difference between the Switch models. Of course, the OLED switch also has a few handy improvements to the quality of life, such as the wider kickstand and 64 GB of internal memory (that’s twice as much as 32 GB in other models). And then there’s the enhanced sound in handheld mode, which is great if you’re playing a lot away from the TV.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of a bump to 4K resolution that was rumored with the Switch Pro model, so maybe it’s still worth stopping by to download one of the best TVs for gaming until we hear something else about it – if we ever do!

Do existing Nintendo Switch games and accessories work with OLED Switch?


Yes, Switch OLED is compatible with all existing Joy-Con controllers and Switch accessories.

However, Nintendo has stated that “there may be differences in gaming experience with some of the Toy Lab Con accessories in the Nintendo Labo series due to differences in console and screen size between the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and the Nintendo Switch”.

Now, that does not mean that these Labo games do not work with the OLED Switch, but the larger screen could influence your experience with them. Just something to be careful with if you use Labo a lot or want to pick it up in the future ..

Will there still be a Nintendo Switch Pro?


Most likely? Honestly, this OLED Switch announcement has really dampened much of the excitement surrounding the rumored Switch Pro. It seems that many who were looking forward to the potential improvements that should come to the upgraded model are unsure of what to make of it.

Many of the features included in Switch Pro reports have actually materialized on the OLED switch – especially the rumored OLED screen. Except of course the big one – it’s a leap to 4K resolution in TV mode through Nvidia’s DLSS technology.

Where does that leave us? A little lost, actually. There’s still a chance that the Nintendo Switch Pro – or whatever it ends up being called – is still coming. These thoughts have just been subdued so far. Maybe it will be founded for a launch along with Breath of the Wild 2?

What happens to the existing Nintendo Switch?


With the OLED switch established, it would be reasonable to assume that Nintendo would eventually discontinue the existing Nintendo Switch model. The better screen and increased internal memory could eventually be placed as the norm, with Switch Lite filling the role of budget, hand-held only.

Still, it can be a great opportunity to get an incredible Nintendo Switch deal if the old console is also discounted to clear inventory. Incredibly, this would be the first time the Nintendo Switch received a permanent price reduction since its launch. In the past, we have had to scrape around for a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal to find significant savings. That may change in 2021!

Hopefully, everything we’ve covered here has prepared you for when Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders go live! Keep an eye on this page in the coming days for regular updates.

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