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Get ready to rumble Thursday afternoon.

The airline SpaceX aims to launch its 13th batch of Starlink communications satellites on top of its Falcon 9 rocket no earlier than 14-17 Thursday from Kennedy Space Center pad 39A.

The weather is currently 60% “going” to the trial on Thursday, with the primary problem being rain showers and thunderstorms, according to the 45th Weather Squadron.

“The remnants of (Hurricane) Sally will turn east and move slowly through central Alabama and Georgia on Wednesday and Thursday, bringing significant clouds and moisture into northern Florida, according to the 45th Weather Squadron.” The primary launch weather relates to a Thursday afternoon trial is the Cumulus and Anvil cloud rules associated with the afternoon convection and the extra moisture and instability from Sally. “

In case of delay the weather drops to 40% “go” to a Friday trial due to Hurricane Sally moving east, bringing more storms to the space coast.


SpaceX launches its 12th batch of Starlink Internet satellites from Kennedy Space Center’s pad 39A at 8:46 Thursday, September 3, 2020.

Florida today

Following the success of this mission, SpaceX will have close to 800 Starlink satellites in orbit around the Earth, which is an important step as the carrier aims to begin public beta testing in North America for the Internet constellation later this year.

The ultimate goal is to have tens of thousands of Starlinks providing Internet connectivity to those living in rural, underserved communities around the world, and also help fund CEO Elon Musk’s dream of sending humans to live on Mars.

Awaiting a successful launch on Thursday, the United Launch Alliance may attempt to launch its Delta IV Heavy rocket on Friday morning from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 37.

Two previous attempts were made last month but were forced to scrub due to technical issues.

CEO Tory Bruno said last week via Twitter team found the root issue and was working to resolve it with a new launch date set no earlier than September 18th.


FLORIDA TODAY’s Antonia Jaramillo explains what’s behind SpaceX’s push for its massive Starlink satellite cluster

Florida today

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