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Warzone season 3 far-reaching meta: JGOD’s best loads to replace AMAX

Call of Duty: Warzone’s resident social analyst, JGOD, has examined the best long-range gun-reading classes that can replace AMAX when it gets nerfed in season 3.

Follow Warzones season 3 buffs and nerfs, The CR-56 AMAX has become the dominant long-range meta, while secondary ones see plenty of variation. However, that may soon change, as Raven Software has done announced upcoming nerfs for AMAX (as well as some other cannons).

For those who want to be prepared for a post-AMAX world, or just for those who want to go against the grain and play something other than AMAX right now, JGOD has some options. The popular Warzone YouTuber has tested the viability of 1

1 different assault rifles and light machine guns within range.

Working through a spreadsheet that describes time to kill (considering shot placement, recoil, shot speed, and bullet speed), JGOD strikes some interesting options to consider within reach. While the meta depends on patch information, these lead to some quality settings.

JGOD’s 5 best Warzone season 3 long-range loads

First things first, JGOD removes six cannons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War that are “very good” but simply do not compete: Kilo, AN-94, M16, FiNN, M13 and PKM. That leaves him with 11 different ARs and LMGs to consider, but five stand out:

  • Bruen MK9 (LMG, MW)
  • Degree 5.56 (AR, MW)
  • War 6 (AR, MW)
  • M4-A1 (AR, MW)
  • Stoner 63 (LMG, BOCW)

Looking at JGOD’s spreadsheets, it’s obvious that AMAX is at a level of its own in terms of TTK. But recognizing the importance of recoil, powerful cannons like the XM4, RAM-7 and AK-47 (BOCW) are all thrown aside as far-reaching options because of how difficult they are to control.

Conversely, the FARA 83 is relatively easy to control for a BOCW AR, but is put on the shelf because it is expected to be changed when the AMAX is. It leaves us with the above five options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Best post-AMAX Warzone primary: Stoner, M4 or War?

warzone season 3 long range ttk

TTK comparison card (chest shot against fully armored enemies) with full load (save for BOCW ammunition).

As you can see in the TTK comparison card from TrueGameData, AMAX is elite – but even without the nerves, Stoner actually surpasses that in TTK from approx. 37 to 57 meters.

But for gamers who prefer more mobility and an easier reload time, the M4 is very exciting. With pleasant recoil and quality damage, the nostalgic AR actually works much the same way as Stoner, while overclassifying every other AR up to approx. 45 meters.

As JGOD emphasizes, there is a difference between genuine TTK and practical TTK. His spreadsheet demonstrates changes in TTK depending on headshots, which is related to how easy it is for a player to control their gun.

As such, while Stoner and M4 stand out as viable options after AMAX got nerfed, War and Grau each deserve consideration if you prefer their recoil patterns. When the nerves come in, we will be on top of the news and the upcoming meta. Until then, test these cannons and supplement them with some of JGOD’s favorite options in the local area.

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