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Viceland Will Relaunch Primetime With Nightly Live 2-Hour Variety Show – Variety

F-it, Viceland does it live. The cable network will upgrade its primetime lineup next month to launch a nightly two-hour live show that will serve as a showcase for all Vice stuff.

"Vice Live" flies Monday to Thursday from 9 am pm. 11.00 ET, starting February 25, and repeating Viceland's most ambitious programming initiative to date.

"Our audience lives in the world of very vivid and immediate gratification" Viceland President Guy Slattery told Variety Variety . Being alive is also a little more dangerous and makes us a little more vulnerable. People are going to see things happening in real time. They will watch the show while we do the show. "

" Vice Live "will be hosted by a panel of four up-and-comers: comedian / actress Marie Faustin, Houston-based underground hip-hop artist Fat Tony, comedian / director Sandy Honig, and author / comedian Zack Fox, but other vice-contributors will also be seen on the show, like Vice.com's Dee Nasty, Eve Peyser, Lee Adams and Taji Ameen.

Viceland has tapped on executive producer Jeremy Hutchins ("1

06 & Park ") and director Joe Perota (" The Last Week Tonight "," The Chris Gethard Show ") to monitor the performance with Viceland's Nomi Ernst Leidner (" Gaycation "), Jeff Sammon (" Desus & Mero "," Jimmy Kimmel Live ") and Catherine Whyte (Viceland & # 39; s production manager), all of whom also have to produce.

By moving in primetime, Slattery said "Vice Live" will be able to regain the day of pop culture and social media through a "Vice Guide to Right Now" segment. The view will also include celebrity guests, music shows, host-driven segments, live remotes and pre-taped content.

"I'm sure it will be very different in six months than when we first get out of port," slattery said. "The beautiful thing about live is whether things work or not, you put it to bed and you start to freshen the next day. We get real audience feedback."

This feedback comes through a healthy social media presence both on camera and online. But a small studio audience will also be part of the show. "Vice Live" will even be put in the lobby of Vice Williamsburg, Brooklyn, headquarters which boasts a fully functional bar (yes, guests and audiences will be served).

"We want people to come in so it feels like a hang and give it energy," Slattery said. Some of the live remote controls will also take place from other vice offices in Los Angeles and around the world.

"Vice Live" fills the void of Viceland's former nightlife, "Desus & Mero", as these hosts move to Showtime. "We learned a lot to do that," Slattery said. "Part of the show's success was its currency as a daily habit. This expands on that idea. It's a completely different show. We learn what works from our audience."

An exception to the Vice content on " Vice Live "becomes Vice News, which is handled by another division within the company. While "Vice Live" can touch today's headlines, it's about how culture responds to it.

"We want to be fun and entertaining," Slattery said. "Culture is affected by major political problems, and I could see that Trump is mentioned from time to time. But we do not break news, we cover what people are talking about. Vice News is a separate division that does its own thing. We have a nightly news show on HBO, so news is not something we are interested in doing. "

" Vice Live "is comparable to other previous live signature daily shows such as MTV's" TRL, "G4's" Attack of The Show "or FX's original apartment shows, but Slattery notes that this is longer in format. "We're not looking at other shows as models, but we're trying to do something different with this," he said.

Successfully, the executive "Vice Live" said both to exploit existing vice talent and capabilities while launching new show concepts and ideas into the vice ecosystem.

"We create a great deal of content every day across the globe, and it's a way of displaying it and pointing it out daily on the channel," he said. "We are developing new IP that we can develop for series and on other platforms. It is a great showcase for Vice as a whole."

"Vice Live" will also serve as a marketing platform for other Viceland series, such as "Kentucky Ayahuasca "and" Most Expensivest. "Slattery said the network would not be cut back on originals to make room for" Vice Live "; There are 11 new series set to start this year on the network, he said.

"It's about doing more, not less," he said. "We know this will be a good platform to promote the other shows." And when they finish their seasons, Slattery hopes to use "Vice Live" as a platform to keep talent from these series in vice circulation.

Viceland retreats on one-off documentaries to focus more on the series content.

As for the hosts, Faustin was named "New Face of Comedy" at the Just for Laugh Festival in Montreal and also hosted the podcast "The Unofficial Expert." Fat Tony (real name: Anthony Lawson Jude Ifeanyichukwu Obiawunaotu) is a Nigerian-American underground hip-hop artist who also hosted Super Deluxe's ​​"Thrift Haul with Fat Tony". Honig's sketch group, three busy Debras, sold Carnegie Hall in 2016 and recently shot an adult swim pilot from Amy Poehler. Fox has performed standups around the country and co-authored and acted in the horror comedy "Kuso", which premiered at Sundance in 2017.

"We had a relationship with all these guys to some extent earlier" Slattery said. "They all have something different. We wanted core regular on the show, and then it's a way for us to bring many other talents. We have a turning door of comedians, musicians, artists, influencers, cooks."

"Vice Live "Also represents the channel's largest programming change when Nancy Dubuc took over as Vice Media's CEO in March last year. "Nancy really encouraged us to go big," Slattery said. "It's very vice-DNA, just be brave and get out there. It's a big turn and we're interested in seeing how people react to it."

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