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Us Movie Review – What does the end of us mean?

Okay, this story has all Us spoilers. We must talk about the end. We must talk about that twist. We need to talk about Winston Duke's boxer shorts moment. Not really on the boxer shorts, but if we weren't ready: Don't continue reading unless you want to find spoilers for the movie Us . . But you can still take this vote before you go!

Jordan Peele's follow-up to 2017 Get Out has the potential to be analyzed for death. The Internet seeks symbolism, deeper meaning, comments on Generation X, and even political opinions on immigration. It's fine and definitely worth debating, but we won't assume what was inside Peele's head while doing Us . We know that Peele apparently corrected all the theories with a simple tweet:

so we will listen to the guy, a few days before it premiered March 22. Our question doesn't have much to do with the whole of ~ what does it all mean? Instead, we have some very basic, WTF, convenient pressing requests that can potentially be answered by you, dear readers. Let's jump in.

What was the trade in the human chain?

It was based on a real event called Hands Across America. The same guy responsible for the captivating song, "We Are the World," came up with the idea of ​​raising money to fight homelessness and hunger around the country. You can read more about this in this Vanity Fair piece.


The not-so-scary version

LA Times

But we still don't get why they tamed who seem to have joined the chain of hands when they killed their superior colleagues, created it did not take any donations for anything they had just committed murder. There were probably a few permanent people like the Wilson family who had overruled their tethered, so were they not afraid that the survivors could include helicopter pilots? Or similarly, members of the army who could release missiles on them?

We have to conclude that, like the peoples all over America, they tried to make a statement. But that's … not much of a plan!

How big was this network of tunnels?

We know that the bound Wilson's with Tylers (Elisabeth Moss and he Bro-tastic man and maniacal twin daughters) had colleagues underground. And we saw all the duplicates of the people at the carnival sites, where young Adelaide walked to her danger.


Poor teacher.

NBC Universal

But it is in California in a rather densely populated area. that we literally in Idaho, Montana, Alabama and North Dakota all had tunnels and labs and dorms just below each of their nationals? WTF happened when a crowded L train went through Manhattan? How about when someone came on a plane from San Francisco to Bangkok?

Who created it tethered?

At some point during Red's scary first monologue, she says "a human" or "human" created the plant where they were bound. They are like a species "Americans". It's pretty much everything we get about information about them.

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What is so scary, lilpita? OH RIGHT.

NBC Universal

Given the appearance of the plant when Adelaide was young, It already seemed to have been abandoned, which would have been the 80s. Adelaide has parents in the facility, so perhaps we must assume that the plant opened its doors in the 50's or 60's. created it "American people. Government? A villain scientist? For what purpose? Was this an early cloning experiment gone wrong? If so, why do it on such a large worldwide scale?

How did Jason, Wilson, control his son, his tethered when the others couldn't?

Look, we only saw this movie once so we may have missed a weak answer to this asking But it's frustrating. To refresh your memory, about three-quarters of the way into the movie, Gabe has already killed his bound Abraham on the boat, and her daughter Zora killed her tame Umbra by driving her into a tree. But red and small pyropluto still live. Wilson's runs to the beach to find the mirror house, but in the parking lot they run into Pluto. Jason quickly acknowledges that they have hit a trap: Pluto beckons them to get closer, and then he will release a lighter on a petrol line to their car. The family comes out, except Adelaide, who continues to approach Pluto. BUT THE …


Four: the least scary thing in the movie.

NBC Universal

… Jason somehow begins to go backwards, concentrates hard, and then his towed Pluto begins to move forward. Pluto goes all the way into another fire and kills himself because of Jason's actions. It would be a good thing to discover, except that none of the other Wilson's ever does the same thing. If Adelaide could only control the Reds in the last scenes, it would have been much easier.

Why didn't Adelaide know who she really was?

Okay, that's twist. Maybe we are gracious, but we didn't see it coming. LOVED IT. Kind of brilliant, it all. And it all seems to be sensible, except … How did Adelaide not remember what happened? Let's say she was eight years old when she went into the apartment. Red, always ambitious, finds her and takes her place. So, in fact, Red has lived Adelaide's life since the age of eight. Red quickly figured out how to fit in, but she was clearly aware of the fraud when it started. So at what point did Red forget about switcheroo? When and how did red think she was always Adelaide?


Hi girl hello.

NBC Universal

And! Adelaide, who lived with the curse since the age of eight, will believe somehow She had always been tamed?

Or wait: Adelaide's little smile in the very first shot of her, looking at Jason, means she has definitely known the truth forever? And just tried so hard to preserve life

Maybe we will never know. But we want to!

Other questions we can guess answers to, but still:

Why scissors?

Because that's all they had left after the "people" left them, but did they really have 300 million couples?

Where did it get clothes?

From a large selection, the people we started began to guess? [19659004] What was the smoke drawing in the very first shot?

And the helicopters … Were they ready to kill it tame? Or were they tamed flying helicopters ?!

Where exactly is the GOING family in their new trip?

Just … against the human chain? Wouldn't it be um, dangerous?

Why couldn't tethered speech?

Probably because they never had reason to come to earth and never learned language (Adelaide clearly remembered enough). But you would think that as humans, they would have gotten longer than grunts at that time.

We have more, but we would like to see Us again, if all these Q & # 39; are clear obvious by other display. You are welcome to @ us!

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