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Update: 86 Borderlands 3 Details Revealed – Vault Hunters, Weapons, Co-op, Voice Actors and More


Learn all about Moze and her Iron Bear Mech.

Update 6/17: While we already had new Borderland's 3 gameplay details from E3 201

9, footage from its behind-door demo has leaked onto YouTube, giving us even more new Borderlands 3 details.

IGN participated in the demo and saw these new details on first hand, which contains more information on the social aspects of the game and the specifications of the falcon Mozes training tree.

Borderlands 3 E3 2019 Demo details

79) When people in your friends list sell weapons in Borderlands 3, you can see and buy them from suppliers in your own game, whether you've ever played co-op with that friend .

80) Rare Spawn enemies have a 20% chance of spawning, but when a friend meets one in their game, it will dynamically create a mission in your game to take the enemy down.

81) You don't have to leave the game to invite a friend – Just look through your in-game friends list at any time and invite t

82) Sofa-co-split split screen returns (only two-player split screen got shown).

83) You can trade goods for friends in the game off-line, which means they don't have to play actively with you online to make it trade.

84) Borderlands 3 introduces emotions to the series.

85) The demo showed skills from the third playable character, Moze. Each divider has two armored weapons, but players can choose to use two of the same weapons if they wish.

– Moze's Demolition Woman's skill tree was detailed, focusing on its Iron Bear Mech's explosive upgrades.

  • One Demolition Weapon is the V-35 semi-automatic grenade launch, the second is the Vanquisher Rocket Pod, which burns a fast fire flush of targeted rockets.
  • The stainless steel sustainability improves armor and maximum fuel. [19659016] Torgue Cross Promotion adds the chance of splash damage in double size.
  • Destruction funds add the chance to get ammunition and grenades with splash damage.
  • Shaped Charge increases V-35's direct hit damage.
  • Augmentations can be added to these weapons and change the way they behave (including the ability to lock with rockets).

– Shield of Retribution skill tree is all about risk and reward.

  • A weapon for this skill tree is an iron gun with impact damage, while the other is a melee weapon Bear Fist.
  • Hell on Rails converts the electric gun's electrical damage to fire damage.
  • Capacitive Luminaire links the railway bird's shock damage between enemies.
  • Corrosive Sabot Round creates a round with a delayed explosion and corrosive damage.
  • Wild Swing provides random bonus elemental damage to enemies.

– Bottomless Mags is a skill tree that rewards players who don't stop shooting.

  • It includes Minigun and Salamander flamethrower weapons
  • Redistribution allows critical hits to regenerate ammunition.
  • Scrappy increases Moses's handling.
  • Stoke the Embers increases fire damage.
  • Let off Some Steam treats more damage as the heat rises and lets the weapons last longer before overheating
  • General winter fires Cryo rounds and reduces heat and fuel drainage.

86) Friends can jump on Iron Bear and use one of your towers while playing.

Update 6/11 : With new details from E3 2019, we have decided to add 17 new bits of info to our ever-growing list of details we learned about Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Details From E3 2019

62 FL4K's voice actor is Sungwon Cho, better known as the YouTuber ProZD.

63) FL4K can command their pets and tell them to attack certain enemies – and they do not go away as calls.

64) Borderlands 2's new DLC, Commander Lilith and Kampen for Sanctuary, leads to the events in Borderlands 3.

65) Moses's action skills, called "hard points", are weapons she can put on her Iron Bear Mech, including a flamethrower, mini-gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and more.

66) Moze's rocket pads can sweep multiple targets, or all of these rockets can be used as a barrier to a single enemy.

67) An ability of players can enable the Moze's Iron Bear to act even for a while, and if equipped with a machine gun, it

68) A New Planet, Eden 6 , inspired by Louisiana swamps.


Borderlands 3 has a day / night cycle for each planet

69) Eden 6 is filled with marshlander, massive trees and structures made of wood.

70) El Dragón Jr. is a smaller Easter egg character in Borderlands 3, which refers to the luchador character El Dragón from Gearbox's Battleborne – one of the last skins released to the Battleborne was a psycho skin to El Dragón.

71) El Dragón Jr. is an example of a rare alley that has a "approx. 20% chance to spawn "in a given game.

72) If a player sees the rare alley in their game, a mission is created dynamically for someone in their friends list to enter and kill this enemy.

73 ) Borderlands 3 & # 39; s mini-cards have a "functional mist" that paints the card when players explore, enticing players to search in every corner and cranny.

74) Eden 6 is the ancestral home of Jacob & # 39 company, and one of the cards is Jacob's property.

75) Loot-Tinks are special enemies that only last for a short period – if you kill one, it falls out.

76) Borderlands 3 has a day / night cycle for each planet with different illuminations and effects to make each world feel alien.

77) Promethea is almost always in a state of dusk.

78) There is an early mission where the players must shoot someone in their butt as part of a bonus, and reward weapons players get to make this called … butt plug.

The original story and its original update follows:

Update 5/2: Since yesterday's great Borderlands 3 gameplay reveals, even more details about the game have come to light. Check out at the end of this article to read about even more details that have been revealed about Borderlands 3, including how it handles cosmetic purchases, renaming a particular enemy type and much more.

Between today's live Borderlands 3 gameplay reveals, an interview with creative director Paul Sage and info right from Gearbox Software in itself, we have learned a lot about this highly anticipated looter shooter.

In fact, we have learned 50 details.

Some of these details come from our interview with Sage, who said that Borderlands 3 contains quiescent and level scaling that can be turned off and explained Borderlands 3's fast travel systems to get around the biggest Borderland game yet . Other details came from Borderlands 3-gameplay revealing itself.

Gameplay Additions

1) Borderlands 3's drop-in co-op features loot-instancing and level scaling.

2) Loot-instancing and level scaling can be turned off for those who prefer the classic Borderland co-op experience.

3) Players use their ship, Sanctuary III, to travel to planets for the first time.

4) Sanctuary III acts as a custom hub world and home base that houses characters like Mad Moxxi.

5) From Sanctuary III, players can collect lost loot from previous meetings, open gold keys, buy storage deck upgrades, gamble, interact with characters, buy items and travel to new planets.


Loot-instancing and level scaling can be turned off

6) Quick trips can be used to travel between points on these planets, and other planet's players have already visited.

7) Players can use fast switching stations to customize heads, skins, colors, emotions, ECHO skins and ReSpec's character wood.

8) Players can slip whil e sprint and sheath planks to reach elevated surfaces.

9) Borderlands 3 has several forest matches than any previous game in the series and will be "the biggest game ever for this franchise."

10) The game retains Borderlands & # 39; cell-shaded artstyle, but runs on Unreal Engine 4.

11) It has apparently gore and dismemberment is similar to what was seen in the first Borderlands.


More boss struggles than any previous game in the series.

12) Enemies can take fire and burn to ashes, tires can be destroyed, and players can mix explosive barrels and launch them into enemies.

13) Oil on the ground catches fire and water causes electricity. 19659005] 14) The popular base pound's ability from Pre-Sequel has returned.

15) Major executives will have several stages during their meetings.

16) Players can revive NPC's and NPC's can revive the player.

17) Players can pick up new cars and add them to the Catch-A-Ride station.

18) They watch activated Borderlands 3 Twitch streams can see player games, scheduled events and can participate in running events to access what the streamer is playing.

19) Borderlands 3 will be "Rife with Easter eggs."

Skills killing

20) Each Vault Hunter has three action skills to choose from on level 3 start.

21) Vault Hunters can provide an action competence at a time, with the exception of Zane's capable to equip another skill instead of grenades.


Each Vault Hunter has three action competences to choose from.

22) Zane's three action competencies are Digiclone, Sentinel and Barrier.

– Digiclone makes a digital copy of Zane to confuse and distract enemies, and he can change places with his Digiclone at any time.

– Sentinel drops a battle drone that can freeze, attack, weaken or bomb enemies.

– Barrier digistructs an energy shield that d

23) Vault Hunter Amara has abilities Phaselam, Phasegrasp and Phasecast.

– Phaseslam is an area of ​​power strikes that defies enemies from the earth

] – Phasegrasp calls a giant fist that bursts from the ground and locks the targeted enemy into place in a pair

– Phasecast sends an astral projection by itself that damages its way.

24) Passive skills, enlargements and modifiers can also be further achieved in the training tree. m old as time

25) As a former game, Claptrap introduces Borderlands 3, now "General Claptrap of the Crimson Raiders." [26659005] 26) A new cult called Children of the Vault (CoV) has emerged at Pandora.

27) Lilith and Crimson Raiders are recruiting new Vault Hunters to investigate this mysterious group.

28) Borderlands 3's writing and dialogue are designed to match the irreverent style in previous gems.

29) At the beginning of the game, Lilith seeks a key to lead her to vault on other planets.


A new cult called Children of the Vault (CoV) has appeared on Pandora.

30) Some parts of the game will make the player fight along with previously playable characters like Lilith.

31) The cult has a Sacred Recruitment Center, where a chief named Mouthpiece sends propaganda to Pandora.

32) Atlas Corporation's headquarters is located on the planet Promethea.

33) Promethea is a futuristic metropolis removed from Pandora

34) Atlas is under siege of Maliwan Corporation's private army.

35) Players

36) Calypso Twins, Troy and Tyreen are big enemies in Borderlands 3.

37 ) Tyreen can build life and energy from its victims.

Guns, Guns, Guns

38) Producers of weapons include: Tediore, CoV, Dahl, Maliwan, Jacob's, Pangolin, Torgue, Hyperion, Vladof and Atlas.

39) Some weapons will offer more shooting features: a Vladof gun shown shoots semi-automatic balls, but can be switched to "micro-missiles" starting from the gun's bottom barrel.

40) Some elemental weapons can switch between several elements, such as fire and cryo.

41) IGN encountered a rocket launcher that burns cheeseburgers.

42) Borderlands 3 has pistols with legs, cannons that jump and act like grenades and weapons that split into MIRV-style rockets.


IGN encountered a rocket launcher that burns cheeseburgers.

43) Vending machines have returned and allowed the players to automatically refill their ammunition.

44) CoV-made weapons use an overheating mechanic instead of one reload mechanic: An animation shows Vault Hunter cooling down a CoV gun with a small spray gun.

45) Torque weapons have an alt fire that is delayed so players can continue shooting enemies and these rounds explode when the players

46) Known weapons stretches: White = Plain, Green = Uncommon, Blue = Rare, Purple = Epics, Orange = Legendary.

47) Legendary weapons are almost outside the tier system and often have unique and completely different Mechanics from typical weapons

48) Players have a better chance of encountering higher weapons, the higher their character level is.

49) No

50) Coat of Arms and Sting TS has been added that can be used across any gun that players pick up.

Even more details

51) The campaign It takes about 30 hours if the players "beeline" it.

52) Borderlands 3 will definitely be at E3 2019.

53) Gearbox artists actually made the three-handed Psycho box art, and it could end up as an alternative cover.

54) Ray Chase has replaced Tr oy Baker as Rhys voice. [19659000]] ]

55) Vault Hunter Fl4k may become invisible.

56) Hammerlock assigns missions to kill certain animals and has a trophy room in Sanctuary III to show the player's death.

Ray Chase has replaced Troy Baker as Rhys & # 39; vote.

57) Players can change their living quarters in Sanctuary III, and the standard design is built around each Vault Hunter.

58) Radiation has been confirmed as a replacement element for Stroke.

59) Marcus has taken over as upgrade supplier for Crazy Earl, upgrading storage tire units now costs cash instead of Eridium. However, Crazy Earl is still in the game selling something in exchange for Eridium.

60) The midget enemy subclass is now referred to as "Tinks" because of the declining character of the previous term. [Source]

61) Borderlands 3 can be played offline, want "kick-ass" campaigns DLC, and will include paid adjustments like heads and skins. During the live event, Randy Pitchford said that the Gearbox doesn't "do any of the free-to-play junk, there won't be any micro-transactions," and Sage later clarified it means the game won't "nickel and dime" players. [Source]

Be sure to check out our guide for everything you need to know to pre-order Borderlands 3, from the different versions and what they contain, to where you can capture your own copy.

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