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Trumps Pennsylvania Rally: The 40 Most Eyebrow Lines

Trump spoke for just over an hour with his usual mix of occasional reading from the teleprompter, which was characterized by long, well-known riffs about his pet subjects – the news media, the Democrats, his place in history – which has only a relaxed relationship with established facts .

I went through the transcript of Trump's Pennsylvania speech and select some of the most, are remarkable lines. They are under.

1. "Someone is going to come and run and they will say what to do – in this country's history you've just hit an all-time low. It's pretty hard to beat."

Also: Away we go!

2. "Man, there are many people."

No one loves a crowd like Donald Trump. And no one loves to point to the size of a crowd like Donald Trump. The audience size was only calculated by local media as "thousands". (Worth noting: Montoursville is a city of only 4,000 people.)

3. "I think next time we'll just get a bigger hanger. It's a big hanger. We have to get a bigger hanger."

We need a bigger boat.

4th "You know I thought it was the sun in my eyes. It's those stupid lights ̵

1; these people. I mean, what are we – what are they doing? Is there any way they can knock them down, people?"

5. "We have one thing called the sun. We like the sun better than the artificial not the sun."

So …….

6. "Oh, we have the most beautiful fighters in the world being delivered now every day."

Trump is a big fan of the word "beautiful". A very big fan.

7th "We have the hottest economy anywhere in the world."

"His, so hot right now. Hansel." – Jacobim Mugatu

8. "Wow. There are many people. There are many people. It looks like the Academy Awards used to see before they decided to go politically against us."

Two things here. First, Trump is always aware of the media covering him – and makes sure his followers, who apparently hate the media, know how many are covering him. Secondly, he always struggles with the cultural spike – the idea that the Academy Awards was once good, but now "politically" against "us" is one that wants many trompe supporters who nod in agreement.

9. "And more than 5 million Americans have been lifted by stamps."

Well, it's a little complicated …

10. "When you have the best unemployment figures in history when you have the best economy we've ever had, I don't know. Now in hell do you lose this choice?" "

[[raised hand] By talking about many other things than the state of the economy – such as the cancellation of the affordable law of care.

11." Remember the polls, the false polls they postpone . Suppression. They call them suppression investigations. "Pennsylvania wants to go to Hillary Clinton." Unfortunately for them it didn't work that way. "

What Trump refers to as" suppression studies "is more commonly known as" polls. "His insinuation is that pollists deliberately release misleading data that showed Clinton rather than keeping the Trump voters out. He gives no evidence – probably because there is no – for this claim.

12. "Then do you remember that night? They didn't want to advertise Pennsylvania. There was 1% left. If I lost every single vote, I would win. "Again, Trump suggests something terrible – that the television network refused to call Pennsylvania for him despite the fact that he had clearly won it – without evidence that such a thing was (Pennsylvania was called to Trump at 1:35 pm tonight's election.) 13 "I did, and now it's beautiful. People don't come in, it's beautiful. "

Told you that Trump liked the word" beautiful. "And he talks about the wall in San Diego here.

14." Because we always winner. Somehow we always find a way to win. "

Yes, yes, it all checks out. I did the math.

15." You know I could usually do others things tonight, i like you, i love this state. I figured he was a Monday. We have a choice tomorrow. Who in hell wants to sit around doing nothing on Monday night? ? "

Monday is the new Thursday. Everyone knows this.

16." And you know what if we are not wise it will end for you with the second amendment. "[19659006] There is little evidence that any democrat who runs for president will abolish the second amendment, plus, that is – from the National Constitution Center: "In simple odds, the chance that a constitutional change will be abolished will be largely The same as a person who lives 80 years, is hit by lightning during their lifetime, according to the National Weather Service data. "

17." I don't know if there are other races or not. Who the hell cares? "


18." I will never be called the loser. "

The truest – and most self-conscious thing Donald Trump has said very long time.

19. "And maybe if we like it a lot and if things continue as they go, then we go and we do what we have to do. We make it three and four and five. "

Oh nothing – just the president" fun "to extend beyond his constitutionally-authorized two-time limitation. Ah ha ha ha …. wait.

20. "And you know, one of the things we're talking about, the greatest probably, I think, the political slogan of all time is what you have on your hats. Make America Great Again. "

Humility has never been one of Trump's strong suits.

21." Are we becoming our logo, do we keep our slogan? Make America Great Again, or it's very risky. Changing the most successful slogan should be. "

[scratches head, looks off in the distance] 22." Well, yes, our military is strong, our second amendment is good. "

] Quick update of the second amendment: It is "good."

23. "They will knock down all buildings in Manhattan and rebuild them without windows."

No, "they" don't. What New York City has proposed is the retrofitting of 25,000 square meters or more buildings to make them more energy efficient.

24 "This is a cheap poll, but it's better than any poll you can get. You ever see the farm and they interview as 103 people. I have thousands here tonight. "

What is he talking about? Oh, an applause" poll "if he were to keep his slogan as" make America Great Again "or" Keep America Great. "Natch. [19659002] 25. "Even with the strong man's voice, I love that guy. I think I am in love. "

A true quote from US real president.

26." Look at the thousands and thousands of people we have, now he said he had 600 people . "

If Trump loves anything more than his volume, he compares these crowd sizes to other allegedly smaller crowds for his political opponents, in which case he refers to former Vice President Joe Biden – and his formal campaign park in Philadelphia this weekend. (Biden The amount was estimated at 6,000.)

27 "We have lost 60,000, not jobs, listen to this. Sixty thousand factories, here are the good news. We build them all back, they come back. All come back. "

] All 60,000 factories Trump claims were lost by NAFTA coming back? This seems like a great story!

28." Our country is full , we don't want people coming up here. Our country is full, we want Mexico to stop. "We want them all stopped." Our country is packed to golden. up "

That says enough, but: Our country is not" full "(and it's not even clear how it looks). Also: There is a very big difference between saying we don't want more immigrants to this country and say that we cannot take care of more immigrants in this country.

29 "What happens to Fox by the way? What's going on? They put more democrats on than you have Republicans. There is strange going on at Fox. Something strange. "

By" strange "trump means" Fox is not kowtowing to me and my policies at any time. "(For more on the Trump-Fox News thrill, read this.)

30." And [South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg] the hell knocked out Fox and Fox put him – someone has to explain the whole Fox deal for me. "

This comment reveals how little Trump understands about how media organizations are supposed to work, putting on a number of voices is a good thing, not a bad thing.

31. "I tell you right – even tonight I see their way – the way they work, and I hope the cameras will see this crowd. "

He likes his crowd size. I warned you .

32. "They do not like to show the crowd. Explain it to me. "

" They are the media. This is a standard Trump line. And it has never been true. No matter how many times he repeats it.

33. "We

This has never been correct. Not once.

34. "These crazy lights. And they look as though they also cost a fortune, I don't know. I don't know who – I don't know who got those lights, but they are very bright. A real genius got them light. "

Light-gate continued.

35." These are the values ​​that unite people across this magnificent state of Pennsylvania, where, by the way, I went to school. I went to school in Pennsylvania. "

I hadn't heard it before. 19659002] 36." They spied on our campaign. I want to tell you if it ever was the other side, this thing would have been over two years ago and you know it would have been treason. They would have called it treason and that is what it is. "

Trump refers to the monitoring of a former aide – Carter Page – as part of the FBI's contradiction probe in possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. And this" spying "was perfectly legal – approved by a FISA Court and approved again three times. Just to say.

37. "I had such an easy life. People say I had such a light life. "" Who the hell knew it would be so hard, but I love it. "

Wait to be president is difficult? I had never thought about it! [19659002] 38. "I come to the great state of Pennsylvania and I say" Oh, I need help, let me call, let's see Russia. Let's call Russia. "That's the biggest obstacle, ever committed in this country. "

To be clear: We know from the Mueller report that Russia was trying to interfere in the election to help Trump and hurt Clinton, using a sophisticated social media campaign aimed at swing states. There reached tens of thousands of people via Facebook alone.

39. "We must do our booth and it is a tough stand and it is a beautiful stand."

A really beautiful stand.

] 40. "And don't forget that Biden left you, he's not from Pennsylvania, but he was born here, but he left your people. He left you for another state. "

Biden left his home state of Pennsylvania when he was 10 years old, not really sure to count as having" left the people of Pennsylvania. This feels like a good place to end.

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