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Trump pages with an authoritarian – again

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9, 12:44 UTC

By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

WASHINGTON – Out of all that happened during Memorial Day weekend, this could have been the greatest political news : President Trump once sits with an authoritarian leader of Allies, and he aimed for a domestic rival in the same breath.

And even more important was the extent to which the political world, especially the conservative media, shrugged.

"North Korea fired some small weapons that disturbed some of my people and others, but not me" Trump tweeted on Saturday . "I trust that President Kim will keep his promise to me and also smile when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ person and worse. Maybe it sends me a signal?"

Subsequently, journalists asked Trump, why he is not worried about North Korea's missile tests.

Trump: Very important, there has been no nuclear test for two years. I looked at a chart the other day. During the previous administration, there were many numbers that were very high as 10, 12, 18, related to missile and nuclear testing. And the last two years it had zero and zero. I am very happy with the way it goes. And intelligent people agree with me.

Question: You are not at all bothered by the small missiles?

Trump: No, I'm not. I'm not personally.

A person who was bothered by the missile tests – The man was standing next to Trump at the recent conference, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (We're also old enough to remember when Trump said Iran's nuclear circle was flawless because it failed to address ballistic missiles.)

This is not the first time Trump has praised / confirmed / with an authoritarian figure in his first two and a half years in the office.

  • "I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and strong in his denial today" [that Russia interfered in the 2016 election] said Trump in Helsinki last year.
  • "Viktor Orbán has done a huge job in so many different ways. Very respected. Respected everywhere in Europe. Probably as I am a little controversial, but that's okay, Trump said in the White House earlier this month. [19659015] "We've had a good relationship," said Trump about the Philippines Duterte in 2017. [19659017] And what continues to stand out from Trump's comments on North Korea / Biden is the lack of violence and the message it sends to other world leaders.

    This message: Trash my domestic political opponents and I will say fine things about you.

    "She has a plan for it." But is that enough?

    NBC's Ali Vitali takes a look at Elizabeth Warrens Political struggle "The Massachusetts Democrat has combed a consistent flow of political proposals since joining the presidential competition with more than a dozen in-depth plans ranging from exploiting public lands to the fight against climate change to madness. student loans. While other graduates have been working to increase their name id, Warren presses to make her name synonymous with having a plan for it – what could distinguish her from the democratic field with more than 20 participants.

    The question, however, if democratic voters want more than political specifications from their presidential candidate.

    Can politics beat Trump? Special policy that may not have a small chance of passage in today's split congress?

    2020 Vision: Working hard? Or hardly working?

    During Memorial Day weekend, the Washington Post wrote about Joe Bid's campaign activity – or lack of it.

    "[A] for a brief outbreak of activity in the early primary states, his schedule past two weeks or so has mainly involved fundraisers who – while being published and participating in a pool reporter – are very different from open campaigns, "said the post.

    More: "Since joining the race four weeks ago, Biden held 11 public events, according to his campaign. Former Congressman Beto O & # 39; Rourke in Texas held nearly four times this number over the same period according to schedules. And Gillibrand, who is dragging the polls, planned 11 stops in Iowa just over the holiday weekend. "

    And:" Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Has shown his face to the public at 27 events four weeks ago Biden came [Cory] Booker has had at least 27 events scheduled for the same period, and Sanders has had at least 17 announced engagements. "

    To be fair what Biden has done lately has worked – given its lead in the polls. And there's nothing wrong with pacing yourself when it comes to a very long campaign.

    But if he ends up losing in Iowa and New Hampshire in February, we look back on this record story.

    Biden has an event today – he participates in a Teachers' Association Town Hall in Houston at. 17.30 ET.

    On the campaign track today: In addition to Biden & # 39; s Town Hall in Houston, Steve Bullock supports campaigns in Iowa … Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire … Cory Booker is in Nevada … Seth Moulton is in Massachusetts. .. And Kamala Harris attends a Town Hall with MSNBC's Lawrence O & # 39; Donnell in South Carolina at. 22:00 ET.

    Data Download: Today's issue is … 12 out of 12

    This is the relationship between economic models Moody Analytics & # 39; Mark Zandi has seen this forecast by a President Trump's re-election based on current economic developments . Steven Rattner of the New York Times.

    "If the election was held today, Trump would win after the models and pretty handy," Zandi said a few months ago. "In three or four of them, it would be pretty close. He has low gas prices, low unemployment and many other political variables behind. The only exception is his popularity, which means a lot."

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    The lid: Up and down

    ] Be sure to check out pod from last Friday when we looked at Bernie Sanders & # 39; difficult month after Joe Biden entered the field.

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    Black Democrats want to make a splash in mostly white Iowa.

    And the Trump administration is trying to undermine the science showing the strongest consequences of global climate change.

    Trump Agenda: Competition Consequences

    Trump's struggle with China can hamper 5G growth in the US

    2020: I have to party as it is 1994 …

    A group of liberal activists is

    Meghan McCain is not happy with Amy Klobuchar to mention his father on the campaign track.

    Bernie Sanders does much more behind-the-scenes political work than he did in 2016.

    Trump goes after Joe Biden for his work on the 1994 bill.

    The Washington Post reports how a voter registration drive in Tennessee led to a breakdown.

    Texas Prime Minister is out.

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