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Trump is getting ‘vicious’, and readers are debating the Covid-19 vaccine

In recent days, the president has accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of being mentally “shot” and “on drugs” and hinted that the 77-year-old is unable to serve within a month of taking office – a gross attack on a rival only three years his older. His inauguration of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has taken on an increasingly racist and sexist tone. And during a rebellious campaign swing, he argued that Democrats generally want to “lock law-abiding Americans into their homes.”

Trump also escalates false claims that the election will be rigged, claiming that mail-in voting is “unconstitutional” – a outright lie. And he resorted to increasingly inflammatory rhetoric to intimidate the voices of the white suburbs: “Does anyone want someone from Antifa as a member who lives in your suburb? I do not think so,”

; Trump said Thursday, evoking a fantasy of picket- fenced suburbs during invasion.

What is he doing? Of course, Trump loves to say outrageous things to get an increase from the crowds. But he also needs to win more voters than the typical 42% or so who think he’s doing a good job. And his turn against the unhinged reveals a huge bet at the center of his re-election offer.

Depicting America as a country in flames and inciting racial divisions may not win the moderate middle, but the Trump campaign believes that there could be millions of Americans who quietly identify with his tribalism and extreme rhetoric – and as in the place will show up to vote in November to take a passport as usual. It’s a long shot, but if they’m right, all the polls showing Biden as the frontrunner could be shown to have made false assumptions about the voters.

We’ll find out in 50 days.

‘Now I can be really evil’

Despite his flame-casting rhetoric, Trump says it is Democrats who have crossed the line. On the campaign trail over the weekend, the president complained that Democrats had been unfair to him by intervening in his reported remarks that American war dead in France were “losers” and “suckers.” “Pathetic Joe, he’s a pathetic human being who allows that to happen,” Trump said at a meeting in Nevada Saturday night, concluding, “Now I can be really evil.”

Find the difference

Supporters are waiting for Trump to speak on Sept. 13 in Henderson, Nevada.
On Sunday, Trump held his first fully indoor rally in months – an election expected to violate the state of Nevada’s coronavirus restrictions at large gatherings.
Huge crowds could also have been expected in American football stadiums hosting the first games of the season on Sunday – but the NFL took another tackle and asked fans to stay home for their own safety. Above Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where the San Francisco 49ers played the Arizona Cardinals.

‘The last remnants of the Flat Earth Society of this generation’

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has none of the president’s tendency to blame the devastating forest fires of Western states for poor forest management or inadequate “demolition.” “This is climate change,” Garcetti told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The State of the Union.” He criticized the Trump administration, which has generally pursued policies that reduce environmental protection, as hosting “the last remnants of the flat-earth society of this generation.” “We need to reduce the carbon emissions we have and we need to make sure we can handle that water,” he added. “This is not just about forest management or demolition. Everyone who lives here in California is honestly offended by it, and (Trump) continues to commit this lie.”

First in line for a jab?

We asked readers last week if you would be at the front or back of the queue for a possible Covid-19 vaccine. Here’s what you said.

“No, I’m not queuing up for a coronavirus vaccine,” he writes Damien in Paris. “Vaccines take years to examine and several years to test. It is not a good idea to rush into science. We must learn, as a society that increasingly lives in densely packed cities, to adopt hygienic practices in our daily lives. When and if there is a vaccine, I will wait a few years to see if it works effectively and harmlessly. “

IN Pennsylvania, Kathy seemed to agree: “With almost EVERYTHING politicized by Trump who would feel safe taking a half-baked vaccine !? NO WAY !!!!!”

Lighthouse in Belgium said he would gladly volunteer to take it if it would help science. “Since I’m 67 and fit, I could be a good test person for the studio here in Belgium.”

We got a conditional yes from Alan in South Africa. “It would depend on the supplier of the vaccine and who approves it. A vaccine released by Trump – I would be at the end of the queue. Approved by Faucci and / or created, tested and released by other Western nations, would I be in front of the line, ”he said.

And Carolyn said she would trust a vaccine examined – but would wait for the most vulnerable members of society to be shocked first: “I am a 68-year-old white female Democrat. I think important workers should be first in line.So the most vulnerable.So those over 65 followed by the young and healthy.Finally at the end of the line all those who do not practice social distance or wearing masks.I think it would serve justice for all those who could have easily helped their fellow human beings but refused. “

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