Tom Brady stole the show when he finished a very special pass during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers̵

7; boat parade to celebrate Super Bowl 55.


In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​aired Wednesday, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reflected on his first season in Tampa Bay, his seven Super Bowl victories and his departure from the New England Patriots.

“When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way,” Brady said in the interview. “And I think when you go somewhere else, you realize, ‘Wow, there’s another way people do things.’ “

Brady had won six Super Bowls in his 20 seasons in New England and, along with coach Bill Belichick, helped the team become the most consistent winning franchise in the NFL.

“I think it’s a big part about football,” Brady said in the interview. “It’s not really about what you did last year. It’s a little bit what you want to do this year. So for me that was what I had to do for Bucs last year. I still feel that way.

“That’s a big part of what I understood last year: things are going to be different. I’m trying to work within what’s happening right now, but still trying to do the best I could. All of this was really, really amazing. – of course with the way the season ended – so it was a good year. “

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Now with the Buccaneers and coach Bruce Arians, Brady won his fifth career Super Bowl MVP award, most of all, when Tampa Bay defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9.

Brady called Arians “a great motivator” and added that the coach has “a good pulse for what goes on in a locker room, good intuition, great evaluation of talent.”

Brady did not just pay attention to what he was doing on the field in Tampa. During the team’s championship parade, which was held in boats to promote social distance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brady Lombardi trophy was thrown from the boat he was on to someone carrying some of his teammates.

“First of all, there wasn’t much going on through my mind at the time,” Brady said. “I mean, it was not smart for some reason. One is if we lose it, it’s a bit of a problem. But the worst that could happen is that the edges of that trophy are so sharp. And had these things squeezed one of my boys in the other boat, it would have been an ugly, ugly parade. “

Another moment went viral when Brady had to be helped when he was off the boat and back on land.

“From what I remember, yes,” Brady said with a laugh when he was told that the parade “looked pretty cool” and also added that he “hardly” remembers getting out of the boat.

“I had a lot of fun,” Brady continued. “It’s hard to do it when you’m not relaxing, when you’m out in public and there are phones. Not that I would do anything, but it still does not feel comfortable for me and my personality to get people to film so I tend to just stay home more and I do not go out much. “

Brady, who turns 44 in August and will play in his 22nd NFL season next fall, has repeatedly said he is not ready to retire. Earlier, he had mentioned 45 as the age at which he would consider stepping away.

Brady signed a contract extension in March that keeps him locked in through the 2022 campaign. Still, with little else for him to achieve, Brady maintained that he still feels the competitiveness to play.

“I don’t think that’s the motivation to prove it to me,” Brady said. “I still want to play, I have a little disease in me that just wants to throw a frickin ‘spiral, you know what I mean? It’s about football, when you stop, you can not go back. in me. Not much, and I know it, but what I got back, I will give it all I got. “

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