Big shake-ups within the Thunder organization are having an impact across Oklahoma City. So far, Paul George and Jerami Grant are packing their bags, and rumor has it may be next.

Paul George's banner will be coming down from the Peake, but kids who have to take a ride with EMSA will still have to take home a little guy in his likeness.

EMSA just got their latest shipment of Shadow Buddies, featuring Paul George himself. Paramedics have hundreds to give away to the children they encounter.

"They can remember this, instead of maybe remembering IVs and stuff we have to do," said EMSA chief of staff John Graham.

The hope is that the kids do not care too much about the trade, and that the doll can still bring a smile to their face. There is bound to be some disappointment, though.

"Someone might really be into basketball and we give it to them," Graham said. "They might be a little upset that it's a Paul George, that's not here anymore, but I don't think so." "Hopefully nobody's burning jerseys this time," said Mary Floyd, manager of the Blue Seven store on North May Avenue.

There, Paul George gear has been banished to the curbside.

"We really loved to celebrate him and what he brought to our team," Floyd said, "but moving forward, those aren" It's really going to be him as a Thunder player. ”

The store is known for having unique shirts designed by local artists, but the PG designs are now half-off. Other players are 30% off, just in case more changes are coming. Even Russ

Floyd admitted, "We stop carrying shirts that are based on him."

This is not the first time Thunder fans have been hit with disappointment. Screenprinters are simply standing by for the next wave of new players.

"I think there's a lot of hope, too, of the team rebuilding or becoming something different," said Floyd, "and understanding why things need to happen.

Thunder organization will not comment on official merchandise sales of these players until the trade announcements are official.