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Throughout MLK's legacy is invoked to support issues that he would not stand for

Ved Janell Ross

Martin Luther King Jr. The inheritance eroded every year in the way the Americans celebrate the killed civil rights icon, experts on the nation's civil rights story says.

Without failed, King, a minister and civil rights activist, who was assaulted by an assassin at the age of 39, is reworked every year as a national hero for his own lifetime and as a master for reasons he would not have supported. in the light of the king's scholars and, when they agree, his children. In the process, America is often confirmed as a nation that is always interested in justice and equality, although the validity of contemporary civil rights struggles is often questioned.

Chief of this year's offenders was Vice President Mike Pence, according to Ibram X. Kendi, Professor of History and Director of American University's Antiracist Research and Policy Center. One day before the 201

k MLK holiday, Pence told those who saw CBS Sunday morning political show, "Face The Nation," that Trump in his fight over the border wall and the resulting partial government rejection is like King.

"One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was:" Now is the time to make real promises of democracy, "Pence said Sunday." You are thinking about how he changed America. He inspired us to change through the legislative process to become a more perfect union. "

The comment asked Kendi to tweet: " They "honor" MLK every year by murdering who he was. "

" I think it's one thing to literally murder. To kill, the body is a tragic thing, "Kendi said." But then you double and completely delete who that person was and what they really stood for is just beyond cruel It is extremely dangerous. "

To Kendi, Pence's comments read as a deliberate effort to distort the truth, transferring the king's status as one of the most admired Americans of all time, a man of unwavering commitment to equality and justice to Trump , a man who described white supremacists as "very fine people", separated families by the border and referred to unexplained Mexican immigrants as "rapes." To do so, many of the king's last-day public admirers, such as Pence, have to change it much Significant Importance of Justice and Justice, as the King expressed in his lifetime.

Trump is a figure that is more comparable to Bull Connor, said Kendi, who wrote the 2016 National Book Award winner "Stamped From The Beginning: The Final Story of Racist Ideas in America. "Connor, an Alabama politician and law enforcement officer, ordered dogs and snakes turned to bourgeois protesters. He was what Kendi called This was a racist "bully", determined to maintain a world where equity and justice did not exist. He was willing to use the state power and the violence to do so, Kendi said.

In the distorted tale of the king's life, even his death is different. The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted Monday "Today we honor a great American who provided his life for the wrong of racial inequality. Our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice # MLKDay . "Twitter users quickly pointed out that King was assassinated by an assassin with a firearm and lived with threat of death for many years before arriving was not gently delivered to a self-sacrificing state that cleansed the nation. all its racial sins.

Also this year, the National Rifle Association turned to Twitter to transform King – a sought after practitioner of non-violent social resistance who fired his own impulse to get a gun after his home was bombed – as a Allied with borderless gun rights .

NRA'S Caption: "Today, honorary men and women are the deep life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King applied for a hidden carry in a" may issue "state and became We will never stop fighting for every law-abiding citizen the right to self-defense. #MLKDay ]. "

Jeanne Theoharis, a professor of political science at Brooklyn College, said Pence's comments and other MLK Day memories is symbolic of a wider American phenomenon. There is a US American habit of removing King of his radicalism and changing him to fit or accept a wide variety of ideas that need credibility or coverage of bigotry claims.

Some attempts to record and change King to get their ideas to be brave. And there are constant efforts to avoid how many people, institutions and organizations actively and courageously oppose his activism. An early Harris vote made in the King's last year indicated 75 percent of the US public who was rejected by the King at that time.

"There is this national fable of the civil rights movement," said Theoharis, who wrote the book, "A more beautiful and horrible story: Uses and abuse of civil history." "Though it has been a fight, a long and ongoing battle, this idea was that some things were wrong that King and [Rosa] parked up and we fixed it. It's done." [19659004] The simple story, one of a finished work, has become what Theoharis described as "central to the ways in which the United States speaks and thinks of itself."

"It is not an episodic thing and it crosses party lines, "she said.

The mythical version of King and Rosa Parks with him allows to ignore the "messy" and "disruptive" nature of the civil rights movement, where important civil rights activists found it challenging the police, elected officials, and other parts of it American business. It makes a few misinterpreted lines in "I have a dream" -speaking and the King's attitudes to poverty, war, economic inequality and consumerism, and his belief that white moderates represented a deeply disappointing force in American life, less well known.

Faith in the mythical version of King makes it easy and even logical to criticize contemporary activists to do exactly what King did or perceive these actions as deviations from the king's tactics. When that happens, one can point out that today's injustice can become the problem, not the laws or officials involved. And talk about bridge building and "unity" is the expectation, Theoharis said.

Pence's comments and so many other monstrous efforts to honor the king by remake him, sometimes in the other party's political track, which few scholars believe that King would have agreed to remove king of it rare moral courage he demonstrated.

"These dilute and distorted versions of the truth, avoid the real king, the real parks," said Theoharis, "serving as a way of protecting us from the present from having to do and facing hard things."

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