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This story from Kofi Kingston is every reason to look pro wrestling

There are a million ways WWE will convince you that pro wrestling is stupid and stupid and very bad, mostly because those responsible for it so often fail so spectacularly when it comes to simple storytelling. Even a broken watch is quite twice a day, and now and then the old one receives the right one.

The old one is Vince McMahon, and the story he's in the middle of getting right is Kofi's Kingston journey.

Life is just as much about luck and good timing as it is hard work, but the two must go together to get good things to happen, and we saw that everyone is coming together with Kofi just this year. He's been sticking together for 1

1 years, a stable, reliable gear in the machine, but whoever loves and loves always knew was special. He just needed the chance to show it, and because Vince McMahon is running WWE, he would probably never get it.

Then Mustafa Ali was injured, Kingston was the best option to replace him, and the fans decided to get behind in a way they never had before. That's not to say that fans weren't always behind him, they just weren't behind him that way, Xavier Woods and Big E are behind him. It changed in the first Gauntlet match and was solidified by Elimination Chamber .

who forced McMahon to choose: to continue to be the stubborn, out of touch overlord he has long been or actually listened to the fans and give them what they want. And what we want is Kingston.

But what we want even more is a great story. And he delivers it.

We haven't even come to the payout yet, but this week's episode of SmackDown Live gave us another big chapter: Vince still tries to make sure Kingston doesn't get a fight against Daniel Bryan for WWE The championship of WrestleMania 35 commissioned Xavier Woods and Big E, his best friends and greatest followers, in a tag team Gauntlet match. Victory would give the Kingston the fight. It was such a beautiful trip to take, because so much of history has been that not only Kingston was so deserving of the title match, but just how far those who love him are willing to go to make sure he gets the. Woods and E spent so much time fighting for him emotionally, mentally, verbally – now they were asked to fight for him physically.

Did they do it.

There is not a human being who cannot connect. How hard will you fight for the people you love? We saw how hard E and Woods would fight, and they gave every last sweat they had. Seeing their triumph was sharing in it, and so it felt so awful to see the entire closet play out to the ring to do just that.

For Kofi yes, but for everyone.

He goes to WrestleMania and that means we all go to WrestleMania and it has never been so stupid.

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