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This ‘Avengers’ alum confessed that he ‘basically just surfed and smoked weeds’ before star status

The Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts a deep bench of talent. On the list is Mark Ruffalo, who scored the role of Bruce Banner, aka Hulk. He debuted as the hero of the 2012 film, The Avengers, and remains part of the franchise. But Ruffalo confessed that before he was a megastar, he enjoyed a leisure life using sun, surf and pot.

Mark Ruffalo from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Mark Ruffalo from Marvel Cinematic Universe | J.Sciulli / WireImage

Mark Ruffalo described what life was like before he began his acting career

Ruffalo gave Variety an interview and revealed a few intimate details about his life and mindset before starting his acting career. He told the outlet: “I lived in San Diego and basically surfed and smoked weeds and went nowhere really fast.”

A-lists also revealed his experience with learning disabilities, his love of dramatic art and his early doubts about his inevitable success. But despite his insecurities, he took advice from a friend and auditioned at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Los Angeles.

“Someone told me I was going to study there, so out of my desperation and my secret to being an actor, I took the train up there for an interview with my teacher Joanne Linville,” Ruffalo said.

“Here I am, this kid from Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was dyslexic, could barely read, I barely got through high school, and I went in, and I talked to Joanne,” Ruffalo explained. “She interviewed me for about 10 minutes. She was like, ‘You belong here, honey.’ I had never told anyone that I belong somewhere. I had never been so passionate about learning in my entire life when I went out on that journey. ”

Ruffalo never imagined playing the Hulk, but his wife imagined great things for him

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Ruffalo has graced the silver screen several times as the Hulk in MCU, a multi-billion-dollar feature film franchise. Thinking back to the early days of being an actor, Ruffalo admitted that he could never have imagined himself in the role that was bigger than life.

“We had this little theater, and it was my dream come true,” Ruffalo recalled. “We made like 10 pieces a year on Santa Monica Boulevard. I am a bartender, but as bad as the day could be, when I went to the theater, I was in heaven. That was when I met Sunrise [Ruffalo’s wife], and she was like, ‘I think you might be shooting a little low. I think you can probably expand what you think you are capable of. ‘”

The MCU star can afford sage advice for any undiscovered actor who lacks confidence

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While chatting with Variety, Ruffalo shared a few words of wisdom to aspiring actors who may lack confidence like the younger Ruffalo. Instead of “just surfing and smoking weeds”, the actor suggested summoning self-confidence.

Ruffalo advised: “Say to the little part of yourself: ‘Listen, your son of ab * tch. I know you’re there, but you do not control me. I want to live my dreams and I want to take a step towards them. And the road meets me there. ‘”

As successful as Ruffalo has become, he remains grounded. “I just remember being grateful because I still can’t believe it,” he admitted. “I’m still thinking, ‘They want to throw me out of the club. I never belonged here in the first place and they will all find out. ‘”

From a film buff’s perspective, Ruffalo is exactly where he needs to be – in the spotlight. With a number of hits on his resume and more projects on the horizon, it looks like Ruffalo is there to stay.

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