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The three words you need to throw at Fauci regarding his latest COVID remarks by Matt Vespa

This game is getting old. None, it’s old. COVID is over. Dr. Anthony Fauci and his clan of panic dealers may not like it, but it’s done. The level of infection is so low that Axios stopped issuing their weekly COVID cards. States reopen, even blue. Here in Virginia, we are almost open. Indoor capacity caps are gone. The mask mandate is completed. Guidelines for social distancing are no more apart from the private companies that want to keep them under their danger. We have achieved herd immunity in many parts of the country, but what does Fauci do? He warns us about a new COVID variant, but the vaccines are effective against it, so get the shot, he says (via Daily Caller):

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Americans about a highly contagious COVID-1

9 variant when he called for more vaccinations during Tuesday’s press conference.

The variant, called the “Delta” variant, was first noticed in India and has since spread to other parts of the world, including Britain and America. Fauci said it has been reported in 60 countries and the transferability appears to be higher than the “Alpha” variant, another being swept across several countries.

“It may be associated with an increased severity of the disease, such as hospitalization risk compared to ‘Alpha,'” Fauci warned, noting that there is a bright side when looking at the variant.

“Fortunately, two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and AstraZeneca appear to be effective against the ‘Delta’ variant,” he noted. “However, vaccine efficacy is reduced after one dose and I will return to that in a moment.”

So is Fauci now a spokesman for Pfizer? It is also racist to name variants. I was told that. Fauci is about the vaccine-only approach to herd immunity. It does not consider the tens of thousands of Americans who already had COVID. Natural immunity is not discussed.

I got COVID last November and I’ve been vaccinated too, but that was it my choice. I can understand the hesitation with some people. “Not my circus, not my monkey,” as they say. But Fauci … still hands out COVID advice.

Dear, shut up. These are the three words to be shouted at the doctor who has been broken for not only being a serial liar but also a spoiler of science fiction. Everything he scared us about COVID giving legitimacy to closing the country was a lie. There is no asymptomatic spread. Mask-wearing is not effective as most are bought in stores and ineffective in curbing the spread. He also made a mistake with the vaccine. And finally, he admitted that his mask-wearing post-vaccination was political theater. The vaccines work. It is well. It’s also your choice if you want to get jabbed – and tens of thousands of Americans have done it. But please – Fauci, go away, guy. Your lies have been more destructive than anything Trump was accused of doing while he was president, mostly harmless. Fauci helped throw millions out of work.

Go away, doc.

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