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The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack brings some land

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The Sims 4 the team unveiled a new “Cottage Living” expansion pack for the game today with chickens, rainbow cows, building items and a taste of the simple life. The expansion pack will be released on July 22nd.

In the “Cottage Living” revealed trailer, EA showed a litany of build / buy items filled with cottagecore vibes. We did not see many interior items laid out so clearly, but pieces of the video hinted at news decorations and furniture. Still, the expansion promises a lot for builders with roofing, siding, landscaping and lots of animal-related items.

Rabbits (even with cute sweaters!), Chickens, foxes, cows and llamas were all in the video teaser. It’s not clear how they will all work, but the trailer seems to suggest that rabbits will at least work the same way as cats and dogs as pets. There are also a few stables for llamas and cows.

On the gameplay front, new crops are obviously part of the deal when it comes to a land DLC. As a big farmer in the game, I’m curious about how many new crops we’ll get. Vendor stalls were also displayed in a space, giving us a glimpse of the new world that is likely to come in “Cottage Living.” The recent additions worldwide have been pretty tedious and have little to do and a tragically small amount of lots to build on, so I still hold out hope until I see the whole map.

Picking up the package before September 2 also gives you three extra items, including a ride-on bike with a basket, a chicken ride and a wooden deck out in the garden light.

And even though I’m not a fan of dealing with toddlers in The Sims, they showed one of the rye varieties working on a cross-stitch project, which seems dangerous but was also sweet and hopefully keeps them busy.

EA has already taken advantage of the new DLC expansion by giving Simfluencers (yes, I wrote just that word) from their EA Game Changers program a postcard from an English-inspired landscape.

“We are delighted that you are joining Henford-on-Bagley! I’m sure you will enjoy the picturesque wildlife. Come and visit us in our garden stall when you arrive, ”reads the postcard.

Watch the trailer, stay by the Simlish front page of “Japanese Breakfast”.

It is also signed by “A. and A. Crumplebottom, ”which sounded known to dedicated Sims. Agnes Crumplebottom is a character from previous Sims games. She has had several husbands, though no one has a first name starting with A. We have to see Agnes in the trailer, but there is still no information on who other mysterious A could be.

And as many non-US players have pointed out, The Sims 4 is overly US-centric with only the “Snowy Escape” expansion pack offering an international standard of living in a Japanese-inspired world.

An even more exclusive group of Sims got to see early revealed the trailer, which The Sims appeared on Twitter with a supercut of their agitated (but spoiler-free) reactions.

EA justified that this would be “Summer of Summer” with a lot of content coming in hot. But fans probably did not expect as many announcements. The “Dream Home Decorator” Game Pack was released on June 1st, and the “Courtyard Oasis Kit” dropped just a few weeks before May 18th.

Fans have still complained about a landscaping experience for years, whether it be away from suburbs and urban landscapes common in The Sims 4 or a full agricultural dLC. Or at least a horse. People really liked the horses in The Sims 3: Pets. We did not get horses in the trailer, but there was plenty of llama action (The Sims is seriously possessed by llamas).

Now we just have to see how the package itself plays out. There have been plenty of DLC offerings that seemed promising at unveiling only to be filled with bugs or too little gameplay when players grabbed it. And with Simmers getting more and more tired of EA’s somewhat confused attempt to bring more skin tones to the game, the lack of variety and features from previous installments and DLC that no one asked for, The Sims 4 could use a victory, especially since EA has said it is not particularly interested in moving on to The Sims 5 in a minute.

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