USA's film critic today, Brian Truitt predicts who will take home an Oscar this year and really deserves it.

This is real life (not just a fantasy): The Queen opens Sunday's Oscar award ceremony.

Instead of the traditional 20-minute set of jokes from a host (for good, the Oscar's don't have one this year), expect a rock's roll start to the awards ceremony (ABC, 8 ET / 5 PT) ).

"If you've ever heard the Queen's music, I think it will be something It will invite you in a really good way," says producer Glenn Weiss. "The music is so well-known that this gave us a really good way to open the show and not be traditional as a normal prize and depend on things like a monologue."

So what can we expect? There will be a lot of music, say the producers (although no Kendrick Lamar). And while the host (formerly Kevin Hart until he dropped out in December) usually leans strongly on current events in the opening monologue, a less politically tamed show may also be on the market.

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Guitarist Brian May to the right of Queen and singer Adam Lambert on a performance in Madrid in 2018. Lambert will join the band to open Sunday's Academy Awards show. (Photo11: VICTOR LERENA, EPA-EFE)

"Politics has been part of the show for a long time. In fact, we cannot control what the winners say, but what we can do is to check the general overall story of what we want to say, "says producer Donna Gigliotti. "What we want to say is this has been a fantastic, inclusive year in film."

It is inevitable that this year's Oscar's lead-up has been full of controversy, from the host's headache to the Academy's decision to charge four lesser stars from the live show to only add them back to mass crunch.

Today, manufacturers say adding these premiums was not a major disturbance.

"Things happen and change all the time between nominations and (the show)," says Weiss. "Part of putting together a live TV show is adapting and making changes. We've spent the last month since nominations changed things you may have heard of and so many things you haven't heard of."

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