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The new among us airship cards brings the heat with new ways of playing

It’s an exciting time for those who are deep inside us (or want to get back in the game) as the new airship card dropped just last week. The wildly popular social deduction game exploded relatively recently, and although it has maintained a massive following, it has flourished by three different cards for some time. The Airship gives the game a fresh experience for longtime players, not only because it’s new, but also because it asks you to play completely differently than older cards.

It’s the largest map so far, but its tight corridors and a handful of one-way paths make navigating a challenge. It is so large and labyrinthine that the game lets players choose one of three spawn points when they start a round in the match. Understanding what̵

7;s going on around each of the spawning grounds becomes part of your strategy for both crew members and scams, and it’s made it a lot of fun to figure out these intricacies.

An important thing to note about the spawning points of the map is that when represented on the selection screen, the background of the icon shows you what part of the map it is on – eventually you will be familiar with the names and locations of these rooms, but to stenographic purposes, they are also arranged in a way that is indicative of their general location (left, center, right). Crew members should have tasks nearby right when the fight starts, but as the fight progresses, you will remember where your remaining tasks are.

The airship also introduces a few new tasks. You have the typical switch, waste disposal, color-coded wire connection, etc. However, you will notice that the download-and-upload type of target has a new second step – moving around on a mobile phone on the screen and searching for the right position for to get a better signal for faster upload speeds. In the hold, crew members can have the secure unlock where you need to reveal this lock combination through trial and error. In the locker rooms, crew members may be tasked with picking up dirty towels and accurately throwing them into the inhibitor, and in the armor it may be necessary to pick up cannons and shake them on the wall. This is something real among us nonsense that you have probably come to expect and get a kick out of.

The upload data task takes you out to find signal.  Hopefully the fraudster does not catch you outside.
The upload data task takes you out to find signal. Hopefully the fraudster does not catch you outside.

With all these new tasks spread across an intricate map, what stands out in the new card design is that there is more risk reward when it comes to killing crew members as deceivers. Since several of the trails are tighter and confuse you through certain locations, a sharp buddy’s sharp eye could more easily deduce who the killer might be if they stumble across and report a corpse and keep a close eye on who may have passed by. At least in the early days of playing airship, there tends to be less ambiguity if you try to act normally as a cheater with crew members nearby.

At the same time, a cheater who is either lucky or has an excellent situational awareness has ample opportunity to get away with murder purely. The large size of the airship means that dead bodies could easily pile up before anyone even starts noticing it. In my experience, there is less grouping of crew members as the targets are spread far and wide and navigating the premises and covering the ground is a bit more difficult without open areas and less interconnection between the important rooms.

The paths between the important spaces can be difficult to navigate, giving fraudsters plenty of opportunities to strike.
The paths between the important spaces can be difficult to navigate, giving fraudsters plenty of opportunities to strike.

Another small but at times effective design choice was to place the meeting room at the top of the map with a route to get there. This makes it an ordeal to access given the large size of the airship – so if you feel suspicious of a teammate and need to speak it out, or if you know you are being chased down by a fraudster and can not find a body to report, you should rather step. And of course, the deliberation process will be as chaotic and potentially deceptive as they always are.

What it boils down to is that the airship maintains the basic ideas of Among Us, but can challenge you to act, move, and think differently more than the previous three cards. I would say that it is a good thing as it can refresh the gameplay and the social dynamics, especially for people who have played with a consistent group. This leads to a few new ways to experience the excitement you had in the first few times you played it. But if you have not jumped in yet, this new card is even more reason to give the game a chance if you are willing to deal with the bright stresses that go hand in hand with a good game Among Us.

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