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The mystery of Demon’s Souls remake’s enigmatic new door has been solved • Eurogamer.net

Shortly after the arrival of developer Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake on PS5, gamers discovered an enigmatic new addition not found in From Software’s groundbreaking 2009 action RPG: a locked door where one had not been before. But now, after some quick municipal thoughts, the riddle has cracked, the door is open, and its secrets have been revealed.

But first a quick summary of the latter at the back; players placed Demon’s Souls’ mysterious new door in World 1-3, winding away at the top of a staircase hidden behind an illusory wall ̵

1; even hidden by a mountain of rubbish at the end of a modest corridor.

After a few investigative errors, the community stuck to the theory that the persistently locked door could be related to an item recently introduced in Demons Soul’s PS5 – the Gold Coin. This seemed particularly likely given that developer Bluepoint’s previous remake, Shadow of Colossus, also included a secret door that required the accumulation of coins to unlock.

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Incidentally, spoilers will flow freely from here and out, so those who just hop on the Demon’s Souls PS5 train might want to stop reading now.

As it turns out, the gold coin theory was almost right; in fact – as discovered by speed runner Distortion 2 yesterday, after hours of exploratory probing – players must instead collect another new coin collection, Ceramic Coins, found only by playing through Demon’s Souls’ new mirror style Fractured Mode, unlocked by completes played once.

Ceramic coins can apparently be found near Archstones in Fractured Mode, but only with Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency, making them something of a rare item. However, players who manage to obtain at least 26 ceramic coins can hand them over to Sparkly the Crow in the Shrine of Storms, whereupon they are given a Rusty Key – eventually giving passage through Demon’s Souls’ mysterious door.

The unlockable Penetrator armor snatched by Reddit uses psycho_pete.

And what is the reward for this effort? Like Shadow of Colossus’ secret Sword of Dormin, the treasure awaiting players behind the Demons Souls door is nifty, rather than something particularly revealing. Those who cross the threshold can acquire Penetrator armor, inspired by the boss of Demon’s Souls of the same name, paired with the Penetrator Sword mentioned in the original game to complete the pointed head.

Does this discovery mean that the secrets of the Demons Souls PS5 have now all been revealed? Only the time and dedication to the game’s energetic community will tell.

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