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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4 Finale: June Kills [Spoiler]

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Maid’s Tale‘s season 4 finale.

Did June think Osborne’s escape from Gilead was satisfactory? Try to see Maid’s Tale heroine and her former maids kill Fred Waterford with bare hands in the season 4 finale.

The season, which began streaming on Wednesday, ends with June, Emily and a bunch of just-furious former maids chasing the state-sanctioned rapist through the woods and tearing him to pieces when they catch him. The moment is cathartic. It̵

7;s bloody. And that seems to put June on a path that could lead her far from the husband and daughter who were so recently reunited with. (Read a complete overview of the final.)

TVLine chatted with showrunner / executive producer Bruce Miller about what’s pushing June to construct Fred’s death and what her actions could mean for the already renewed drama next season. (We also drilled him about Nick’s wife. # TeamJune4Eva!)

TVLINE | It’s obvious that killing Fred has been a fantasy from June for a while now. But how long ago do you think it merged into an actual action plan?
Oh, recently. I think it was a fantasy right up until the time it happened. “I want to kill Fred” or “I want this guy to die” is a thought you have at the forefront of your mind, but it’s harder to get this turn into action. She’s had that thought before, but only right at the end did June turn around to feel like she needed it, that if she didn’t, it wasn’t right, you know? It was not just something that was going to happen, it was something that she need to do.

handmaids-speech-finale-season-4-episode-10-bruce-miller-interview TVLINE | June and Luke’s conversation in the car felt like a very clean break: He does not think she would actually go through with putting Fred on the wall, and she considers it a lot. Do you think that is a clear split for them?
There are many clear points. So it’s definitely exactly as you described within that moment. But I think it’s almost as much that he recognizes something in her that he has not seen before, a new aspect of her personality. But also honestly, it’s the fact that he does not think she will do it at all. It also lands on her … If she had said it in front of someone who knew her in Gilead, they would have assumed she would do it.

TVLINE | Right.
And saying it in front of him, he’s like, “Oh no. Do not be silly. “And she’s like, ‘Oh, I have to say it again?’ Wow. ”[[[[Laughs]”On the wall of the f-king!”

TVLINE | Do you think June would have taken the action she did at the end of the episode if she felt Hannah was still someone she could save? Has she lost hope on that front?
She has made great strides. I mean, if you think about all the things she’s accomplished this season that people told her she would never ever get, and certainly she did not think she would ever get. So the number of impossibilities she has already realized is so great. But I actually do not think the things with Fred have anything to do with the Hannah things. That’s the interesting thing: She’s so blind to it that she does not think of anything else that she can not think of something else. She knows how bad it is for her, she knows it could potentially be terrible for her and may not be the best thing in the long run to beat Gilead down. But that’s the point – it’s an irresistible force, and what’s worrying is that she feels out of control.

TVLINE | June’s conversation with Emily on the stairs was heartbreaking, the feeling that even after everything she’s doing, all she can focus on is what she sees as her failure, that a good mother would be able to push her anger aside and focus on his family.
Right because mothers do not plan obsessively and then carry out the death penalty against people. A mother generally does not. So for her, it makes her feel like she wants to be in another box permanently. “If I were a mother, if I was really a mom, I could be a mom and let these things go. ”

handmaids-speech-finale-season-4-episode-10-bruce-miller-interview TVLINE | I have highlighted this and in capital letters in my notes, so we need to address it: WHO IS NICK MARRIED TO ?! And will we find out?
[[[[Laughs]Yes, of course you will find out. I mean, I’m shocked he was not married before. As they say in the first episode, I guess he was “issued” another wife, which is just the biggest word Margaret Atwood puts in the book. So yes. I think we’ll meet her. The thing I wanted to see was the June / Nick side of it, how it affects it, and I think we’ll go on to see how it affects Nick and his wife at home a little bit in the future.

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