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The Craziest Of Theories About Jordan Peer's Us


Checkout office here has already played a lot of debate.

Jordan Peele's film Us – his follow-up to Get Out – has been keen on the cashier's office and generated a great debate and exciting fan theories. Let's dive into some of the more discerning and more interesting, so far! (And be sure to check out our Us-Explained Feature, which breaks down the finals as well as some of the more notable plot points in the movie.)

Full spoiler follows for us and comes out … [1

9659006] Pluto vs Jason [19659006] IGN's Jim Vejvoda and Tom Jorgensen already covered the most prominent fan theory: Jason is actually a Tethered who was shifted ahead of the events in the movie. That means that the Plotted Pluto was actually born above the ground, while Jason until recently was underground with red. It has some gaps, but if that theory is ever confirmed – and we accept Red's story that Tethered was forced to stay on raw rabbit – Jason's decision to save a rabbit at the end becomes much less hot and unclear.

A Shared Peeliverse?

This one is pretty much out there, but several fans have thought of Reddit, if Peele intended both Us and Get Out to take place in the same universe, or even if we could be a prequel or successor to get out. Both films certainly focus on themes of oppression and appropriation, arguing that privilege determines who is worth the agency and is one-time use. But further, it is not so difficult to imagine a movie's mythology that gives rise to the other.

Red says that Tethered was created by a shadowy organization, possibly associated with the government. They made copies of people and slaves underground, somehow enabling them to control the real people above. However, the project was a failure and it was abandoned "generations ago." The creation of Tethered could nevertheless have contributed to the crazy science behind Get Out's Coagula Order.

In Get Out, the goal of the villains is to implant the minds of the rich elderly into the body of younger and healthier people. The process was pursued first by Roman Armitage, which we are told lost to Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics. After his Olympic career was over, he would have been the right age to work on the project that created Tethered, which according to Red's timeline could have been in operation as recently as the 1940s.

So Armitage took what he learned there – that a single soul could be shared between two people – and vice versa, so that he and later his son could surgically attach two consciousnesses to a body. Although we may have to wait for frame by frame analysis before we get further support for the shared universe, it is currently a fun thought.

If that connection to another Peele movie is not strange enough, the man raised himself a more humorous alleged tie-in. Speaking of Entertainment Tonight, Peele said he had heard a fan theory suggesting that the ambulance Wilson's flying at the end is a reference to the ambulance where his EMT character was driving in Little Fockers. Peele deadpanned, "I will neither confirm nor deny that my Little Focker's EMT guy is referring to us."

Reflections of Horror Icons

Jason, like his Doppel walker Pluto, spends most of the movie a mask covering his entire face. The obvious connection is to Jason Voorhees, the slasher on Friday the 13th movie. Interestingly, in the first film in that series, Jason is a red herring. The real killer is Jason's mother who is a fun parallel when Jason Wilson's mother not only kills a lot of people herself, but also turns out to be the real cause behind the whole rebellion.

Another less obvious (and probably unintentional) horror connection is for Halloween movies. A creative Redditor claims that the description of Michael Meyers by Dr. Loomis in Halloween sounds honestly similar to the way Red describes The Tethered. Loomis says Michael had a blank, emotional face and of course Michael never speaks, which would be true for a Tethered.

The theory continues to suggest that the real Michael's double came up from the underworld just before Halloween in 1963, replaced him, donned a mask, and killed his sister. It would mean that down in the tunnels somewhere there could be another Michael who has been there for 50+ years, assimilated into Tethered just as Adelaide – the real Adelaide – turned red. Although it is a specific range, Peele Halloween mentions several times during the US release. Is it possible that it was a connection, he hoped fans would uncover?

Of course, the horror cinema ends Easter eggs there. The single brown leather glove worn by Tethered bears some resemblance to that which Freddy Krueger wears in a nightmare on Elm Street. Adelaide's mother mentions the nearby filming of The Lost Boys, which was actually filmed on the very boardwalk of the year when our opening takes place. The Lost Boys is a name that could easily be used for Tethered, which follows Red much like the vampires in The Lost Boys follow David. And in each case there is a hidden ancestor behind it all.

There is also a VHS copy of C.H.U.D. next to the TV one that plays hands over America commercially at the beginning. C.H.U.D. deals with an underground conspiracy that results in murderous monsters coming out of the sewer. Sound confidential?

They are tame better than their counterparts

The Tethered versions of Wilson's are all slightly damaged when we meet them, physically, psychologically, or both. But Tethered can actually be superior to their overlying counterparts in some ways. We know that Zora is a strong runner, but when she tries to escape, Umbrae fights her down. Gabe, when he first tries to confront the intruders, tries to act hard but fails miserably. When his dual, Abraham runs the door, he neutralizes Gabe without sweating.

We don't know how Pluto got the horrible burns on his face, but maybe every time Jason tried (and failed) to produce a flame with his magic trick, Pluto actually succeeded in the tunnels below. Every time Jason pulled his teeth close to his face to see what went wrong, poor Pluto had to imitate the movement with a live flame that burns after burning.

Finally, there is Adelaide, who is revealed to have been a Tethered all over. She performs best red in a fight, despite the hands hanging together. And don't forget the climbing properties Umbrae and Pluto show up when they first attack Wilson's house.

This theory fails to take into account that all four Wilson children – the real and their clones – would be half-tethered. Each wanted a Tethered parent and a regular human parent so they should be roughly matched. So again, if Red is to be believed, Tethered is just ordinary people – Americans! – So if there is any noticeable difference between the children, it is a matter of nourishment rather than nature.

There are just a few of the more interesting fanatics about us floating around right now. More are bound to arise in the coming weeks and months. Only time will tell if any of these theories can explain where Tethered got all those scissors and matching jumpsuits themselves.

Know any theories we missed? Please let us know in the comments!

Adam DiLeo has had a rough couple of days, but at least he did not have to fight his doppelgangs. Yet.

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