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The bite costs Trump on TV, and only 6 states are the focus of the campaign: NPR

Money spent on television advertising shows presidential races focusing on six states - Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.
Money spent on television commercials shows presidential races focusing on six states - Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Where the big party presidential campaigns are spending their money on TV commercials can tell you a lot about where they focus their efforts.

And based on that, it̵

7;s pretty clear that the race between President Trump and Joe Biden is coming down to just six swing states – Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. They get the majority of the TV advertising money from the campaigns and external groups that support them.

So far, more than $ 700 million has been spent on television advertising in 14 key states, with nearly 85% of that money going to the big six, according to data collected by ad tracking company Advertising Analytics on Friday and analyzed by NPR.

And Democrats have entered even closer to the six states: the Biden campaign and support groups have spent nearly 90 percent of their money there, while Trump and Republican organizations have spent 78 cents of every dollar across the six.

Here are nine additional takeaways from the characters that reflect broadcasts and cable TV bookings from April to Election Day in November:

The Biden campaign and the democratic groups that support it surpass Trump and his allies with $ 40 million since the start of the campaign, $ 379 million to $ 337 million. (Team Trump often spends Team Biden on digital advertising.)

2. Biden gets more support from outside groups than Trump is. The Biden campaign surpasses the Trump campaign, $ 245 million to $ 234 million, but outside of groups that support Biden, external groups that support Trump also surpass $ 134 million to $ 103 million.

The best-performing foreign group has been Trump-adapted America First Action and America First policies, which has spent a total of $ 51.7 million. The Preserve America PAC has spent $ 24.2 million.

On the Democratic side, Priorities USA Action is the largest expense of $ 48.4 million so far across the big six states, followed by Future Forward at $ 39 million and American Bridge at $ 20.5 million. The mind-blowing Lincoln project has spent $ 8.5 million.

4. Biden and allies far surpass Republicans in the “blue wall” states. Biden and Democrats who support him cannot be accused this year of ignoring Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The three former “Blue Walls” claim that Trump turned in his favor in 2016. Trump won by less than 80,000 votes in total four years ago, and Biden and allies are putting pressure to take them back and spending Trump and groups, supporting him, $ 174 million to $ 103 million.

5. Trump plays defense in Ohio and Iowa. In addition to focusing on the big six states, Republicans have spent $ 32 million on Ohio and Iowa. By comparison, Biden and allies have spent only $ 9 million in these two states. GOP money includes $ 22 million in Ohio and nearly $ 10 million in Iowa – places where the president should be favored to win but has seen polls close.

6. But Trump is trying to expand the map in Minnesota, New Hampshire and Nevada. Trump’s team surpasses Biden in these three states, Hillary Clinton won in 2016 with a total of $ 31 million to $ 19 million.

7. The Trump campaign has basically written off Colorado to this point. It has spent $ 0 there and a super PAC that supports him has spent minimally.

8. When it comes to Georgia, so far it’s all Trump. Georgia has been a vomiting state with polls showing a statistical heatwave for several months. But on the airwaves, it’s all been Trump. His campaign and allies have focused on it and spent nearly $ 12.8 million in late September on almost nothing from Biden and his followers (about $ 50,000). But that is about to change. The Biden campaign has so far reserved nearly $ 3.9 million in ads in October and November.

9. Democrats seem to be testing Texas, while Republicans ignore it. The Biden campaign has so far reserved $ 5.2 million in Texas in October. The Trump campaign, on the other hand, has not used anything there. That probably means Republicans think they have enough of a pillow and think Trump will win there anyway. It can also mean that the campaign has to ration its resources with money being stretched.

What all this spending shows is that Trump has to defend a lot of territory while the Biden campaign has remained focused on the core states they set out to compete hard in to begin with.

To put it in context: In states that Trump won in 2016, the president and the groups that support him have spent $ 356 million, while Biden has only spent $ 21 million in states that Clinton won.

State-by-state division

Here is a state-by-state breakdown in order where the campaigns use the most. The list is by the most used row, and the totals include the outside groups that support each candidate and / or oppose his opponent:

Biden and Allies: $ 83.5 million
Trump and Allies: $ 82.3 million

Biden and Allies: $ 74.1 million
Trump and allies: $ 50 million

North Carolina
Trump and allies: $ 49 million
Biden and Allies: $ 37.1 million

Biden and Allies: $ 55.6 million
Trump and Allies: $ 21.7 million

Biden and Allies: $ 44.4 million
Trump and Allies: $ 31.8 million

Biden and Allies: $ 43.7 million
Trump and Allies: $ 26.3 million

Trump and Allies: $ 22.3 million
Biden and Allies: $ 6.8 million

Trump and Allies: $ 16.9 million
Biden and Allies: $ 8.9 million

Trump and Allies: $ 12.8 million
Biden and Allies: $ 3.9 million

Trump and allies: $ 7.8 million
Biden and Allies: $ 7.2 million

Trump and allies: $ 9.7 million
Biden and Allies: $ 2.3 million

New Hampshire
Trump and Allies: $ 6.1 million
Biden and Allies: $ 3.4 million

Biden and Allies: $ 6.7 million
Trump and America First: $ 156,000

Biden and Allies: $ 1.5 million
Trump and America First: $ 38,000

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