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Tesla is cutting staff, but still focused on increasing production

Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty)
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Elon Musk lets employees know that staff interruptions mean it's time to start working harder, Carlos Ghosn may have actually turned up, after all, Nissan cuts staff numbers and Colorado goes electric. All this and much more in the morning shift on Friday, January 18, 2019.

1. gear: Tesla's full-time service is falling

It seems that Tesla is not out of the woods yet. While there was room to grow after the difficult year of 2018, it seems as if Tesla could actually shrink operations. Tesla shares have fallen eight percent, Model S and Model X lose their base 75 kWh battery pack, they have dropped prices, and its vehicles are no longer eligible for EV tax credit.

Now, however, Tesla is now cutting seven percent of its full-time staff – while expecting the employees to increase production. Here's what CNBC reports:

In an email to employees, Musk notes that the company is facing a "very difficult" way forward in its long-term goal of selling affordable, renewable energy products, as the company is younger than other players in industry.

"Tesla will have to make these cuts while increasing the Model 3 production model and making many manufacturing improvements over the coming months," Musk said in the company's update.

The full text of Musk's email is available to read here if you are interested.

There is no word on exactly how many employees will be dismissed, but if Musk's October tweets that 45,000 people worked for the company still relevant, it will put the number on about 3,150 layoffs.

2nd Gear: Mitsubishi accuses Carlos Ghosn of taking a Hush-Hush $ 9 Million Payment

You can't escape Carlos Ghosn these days. The former chairman and managing director of Nissan has had problems with the law on taxation to submit his salary and transfer his own losses in the Nissan books. Ghosn has denied everything, and it has not been clear whether he has been the victim of a conspiracy or not.

Well, till now. Mitsubishi & # 39; s CEO Osamu Masuko now claims Ghosn to draft the Nissan-Mitsubishi venture contract that gave Ghosn a secret payment of $ 7.8m. USD (equivalent to $ 9 million) According to The New York Times:

The joint venture was set up to distribute some of the savings from Nissan's 2017 acquisition of Mitsubishi to the car manufacturers' funds that generated the savings, a kind of incentive scheme. to bring businesses closer together.

Other directors of the joint venture – Mr. Masuko and Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa were unpaid and kept in the dark about Mr. Ghosn's compensation, according to Mitsubishi. The company learned about the payment only after Nissan had participated in the results of its internal investigation of Mr Ghosn.

It's not quite clear if Ghosn actually broke any laws. The joint venture was based in the Netherlands, bringing in more legal variables than already in play. Masuko feels there can be something that can be achieved by taking legal action, even though no one was aware of Ghos's actions.

It is certainly not a good look at a man who has already been removed from his presidencies and Nissan and Mitsubishi and who has been imprisoned several times over the past few months.

3rd Gear: Nissan Slashes 700 Workers from one of its US factories

Nissan Motor Company plans to cut as many as 700 workers from a factory in Canton, Mississippi, in the face of its own economic and legal battles around the world.

The specification is reported by Bloomberg:

The Nissan assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi, will eliminate a switch of Titan and Frontier pickup production and release a shift building of NV passenger and vans, according to Lloryn Love-Carter, a nissan spokeswoman. All direct employees want to keep their jobs and only contract workers are dismissed, she said by phone.

Nissan approaches the two-month mark since the arrest of his long-time leader Carlos Ghosn, who is facing the potential of several prisons in Japan for alleged economic crimes. Last week, Jose Munoz, Nissan's former chief executive and chief executive of North America resigned abruptly.

In an era where trucks are vehicles that make car manufacturers the most money, Bloomberg's report highlights how badly Nissan is struggling. No one buys their trucks:

In 2018, Nissan sold a total of 165,635 Frontier and Titan pickups and NV vans in the United States. While the company also exports Canton-built vehicles to other countries and the factory manufactures other models, the sum is well shy of the factory's capacity to build 450,000 cars, trucks and vans annually.

Titan has been a disappointment to target Ghosn pickup after 2015 redesign and faces fierce competition from renewed full-size models from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and General Motors Co. The smaller frontier is also in danger of losing medium-sized car dealerships to Ford Motor Co.'s revived Ranger and Fiat Chrysler's new Jeep Gladiator.


4th Gear: Colorado is the Next State to Mandate EV Sale

The 10th State to Follow in California's Footsteps, Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a notice proposing that the zero emission vehicle rule be adopted by May 2019. The goal here is to force car manufacturers to sell more electric vehicles by extending a clause in the US Clean Air Act that allows states to make their own rules separate from the federal government.

The specification is reported by Bloomberg: [19659010] The mandate would make Colorado the 10th state to participate in California's electric car case, rules adopted requiring automakers to sell more electric cars each year. California regulators estimate the program will lead to clean-electric and plug-in hybrid cars account for 8 percent of auto sales in the state by 2025.


This group and other states place themselves as a bulwark against Trump administration push to facilitate rules for cleaner vehicles. Federal regulators have proposed to comply with national fuel economy and carbon emissions requirements for new cars at an average 37 kilometers per gallon fleet after 2020. Standards set by the Obama administration would have increased the average to 47 mpg in 2025. [19659012] Police also awarded a portion of the $ 70 million the state received from Volkswagen's emission scandal settlement to support a more electrified infrastructure. This means the development of electric transit buses, school buses and trucks.

5th gear: Mercedes A-class goes to Super Bowl

Sedans is a dying race, but Mercedes is determined to make their A-class into an underdog story. That's right: They send to the A-Class for the Super Bowl in the form of the automaker's commercial.

I mean, it's only sensible – the game takes place on February 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Autonews reports some additional information about the commercial:

The A class will have to share the 60 second spotlight. Atlanta-based rapper and Grammy Award winner Ludacris will make guest appearance in the commercial. "Luda", as he is called, is a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador.

The A-Class is being marketed for millennia as a gateway vehicle for the rest of Benz's luxury cars. Charged with tech and starting at $ 33,495, the Super Bowl look is Mercedes & # 39; attempt to become more relevant to the younger people.

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