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Target, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart are expected to drop this week – May 3-9

It’s another week for those waiting for a PS5 refill – here the retailers can be seen from 3 to 9 May.

Due to severe worldwide shortages, April was a tough time to be on the PS5 hunt. But now that the month is over, things can probably look up to console hunters again.

This week marks almost 6 months since the launch of the PS5, and it’s still hard to track down the next generation console. Despite this fact, there are a few dealers that you will want to check out this week.

Find all last week’s PS5 recharges here!

This time, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and more are the places to see. Here̵

7;s everything you need to know about the PS5 refill in the week running 3-9. May.

Be sure to check out our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

All PS5 refills May 3 – 9

Measure PS5 refill

PS5 on Target

Target PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumor)

This is one of the most trusted retailers to get a PS5 from, and Target dropped a new PS5 refill just last week. We are hoping for another drop in the middle of the week this Wednesday, but we are still waiting for words from recovery insiders right now.

How to get a PS5 from goal in next drop

Be sure to keep an eye out as we release more information on the upcoming stock when it arrives.

GameStop PS5 refill

PS5 on GameStop

GameStop PS5 Restock: This Week (rumored)

After last week’s fall on April 28, GameStop finally came through for PS5 hunters. We expect there may be a console or two left for a minor refill this week thanks to canceled orders and other issues.

Nothing has been confirmed at this time. This retailer is one of the easiest places to buy from when drop goes into use, but keep in mind that the consoles are usually sold in bundles.

Best Buy PS5 Refill

PS5 on GameStop

Best Buy PS5 Restock: Early this week (rumored)

It’s been over a month since Best Buy rebuilt its PS5 series, and fans are getting tired of waiting. Last week, there were rumors that the console dropped on April 30, but it ended up being a disappointment.

PS5 refill track Matt Swider reports that Best Buy may appear to refill early this week. However, nothing has been set in stone yet.

Walmart PS5 refill

PS5 refills at Walmart

Walmart PS5 Refill: Thursday, May 6th (Rumors)

It’s been 2 weeks since our last major Walmart PS5 refill, and reports show that the dealer has a massive drop on the horizon. Some recovery trackers believe the company is saving its stock to ensure a successful PS5 fall soon, and this week seems likely.

How to get a PS5 from Walmart 2021 – The ultimate guide

When Walmart resumes, you expect to see more waves of new stock go live. However, there is a big problem with buying a PS5 from Walmart …

Antonline PS5 refill

PS5 refill on AntOnline

Antonline PS5 Restock: This Week

As far as retailers go, Antonline is certainly one of the most consistent. The online store tends to drop PS5 recharges once a week with limited capacity, and this week’s fall sold out in seconds.

Remember, Antonline always sells PS5s in bundles, which means you pay a higher price for the console. However, it has been known to be one of the easiest stores to buy from – you just have to get there first.

Rebuild PlayStation Direct PS5

PS5 refill

PlayStation PS5 Restock: This Week (rumored)

Recently, Sony has urged gamers directly to buy a PS5. The manufacturer has offered uniform drops, with Tuesday and Thursday being the most common days to keep an eye on.

However, after a quiet few weeks from Sony, gamers are expecting great things to come soon. Hopefully the PlayStation Direct drop will drop again this time.

Rebuilding Amazon PS5

PS5 refills on Amazon

Amazon PS5 Restock: This Week (rumored)

After Amazon finally refilled its PS5 consoles last week, the retailer made many gamers very happy. But given that it dropped its stock at 3am, many fans were angry about missing out on their chance.

New reports suggest Amazon has not yet sold all of its 46,000+ PS5 consoles, so expect another, smaller wave in the coming week!

That’s all we know about PS5 refills from May 3rd to 9th right now, but be sure to stay updated on updated information when it arrives.

It’s an exciting time to be a PlayStation fan, as we now know when FromSoftware’s Elden Ring will be released! Additionally, Among Us launches on PS4 and PS5 this year, and a Star Wars Mandalorian game is even coming out!

This week we also heard new details about The Last of Us: Part 3, which already has a story ready.

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