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Sun and moon eclipses: Animals seem strange

Most animals out there are affected by the light-dark cycle. The length of days tells the animals when to sleep [ThemooncyclecausessignificantchangeswhenitcomestotheEarth'smagneticfield. Many species use it to synchronize their breeding . For example, corals release tens of thousands of eggs on one when it is a new moon.

What happens when there is a solar eclipse?

This represents the greatest change in animal behavior. For example, spiders begin to destroy their own webs. When the eclipse is over, they begin to build it again.

Hippos leave their rivers when there is an eclipse. They go towards the daily feeding area on dry land. After the eclipse went, the hippos came back to their place. The animals seemed stressed the rest of the day.

The Moon

One study had discovered that Azara & # 39; s uglea known for is a nocturnal species, stopped foraging during a lunar eclipse when darkness began coming . It's possible it was too difficult for them to see the food.

About three times a year a supermoon happens. During the supermoon, the light level at night is 30% lighter than any other point in the lunar month cycle. It seems to be much bigger in heaven. A study has shown that wild geese fish had their way with the supermoon. Apparently their heart rate and body temperature increased at night when there was a supermoon. But they did not answer it when the clouds saved the moon at night. So it seems that the bright light of the supermoon woke up the geeks. This meant that their heart rate and body temperature increased.

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