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Strange Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons at once from a single dropout drop

A new bug has appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone season 3, and while this particular bug gives players duplicate unloading weapons (and is much less annoying than most unintentional feats), it can cost a cost to your teammates.

In a rare break from the almost constant flood of game-breaking (or at least very inconvenient) bugs that have plagued Warzone since launch, a new flaw has emerged for some players in season 3 that may benefit them instead of ruin their time in Verdansk.

This particular accidental gamma mechanic is a bizarre event tied to the game’s load drop.

Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop 2 Final

Every Warzone veteran knows that getting a dropout drop fast is the key to a successful fight.

The bizarre mistake first began circulating on social media less than two weeks into Battle Royale’s third Black Ops era season. In a post shared to Reddit by a Warzone player, the surprising weapons showed duplication on the first hand.

In the clip, you can see a player sort through the dropout screen, where you select a set of weapons from your ten current options. After selecting a class, the weapons appear in the player’s inventory, but two unintended side effects follow shortly after.

The drop drop disappears (something that should only happen after your entire team has chosen their equipment), and four copies of each weapon (in this case an HDR sniper rifle and RPG) appeared on the ground next to the now deflated box .

Loading error? (Duplicate Weapons) from CODWarzone

At first glance, it seems that this error can be extremely helpful in providing multiple copies of a loadout for free (and in some cases this would certainly be helpful). However, it also requires a toll for all teammates who were unable to pick their own loads before the error occurred.

In the comments to the Reddit post, another player reported that the same exact thing happened to them, but they discovered that “even if you get four loads, the box disappears so your friends can not get their [own] weapons only [on] the earth.”

If you and your Warzone friends are all running the same class, this can be very helpful as you get five load drops at once. However, if each of your teammates prefers a different style of play, they may not be too happy that you are taking this option away.

While Raven Software does not detect the problem yet, it is likely that the developer will soon pick up the bug and work on getting it updated. If you run into the bug before then, be sure to enjoy your free weapons – just keep an eye on your teammates if you end up discarding their loads in the process.

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