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Steve Wozniak supports the right to repair motion

Image for article titled Steve Wozniak Voices Strong Support for the Growing Right to Repair Movement

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images for Discovery (AP)

In what has become a growing battle between big tech companies and the people who use their products, the iconic Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently spoke in support to that right to repair movement.

In a latest Cameo video made in response to another major right to repair lawyer Louis Rossman, Woz said his busy schedule had previously prevented him from getting deeply involved in the topic, he now felt it was time to talk about something that “has really affected me emotionally. ”ENAfter conducting his own investigation into the issue, Woz said he “fully supports” the right to repair movement, and that the people behind the movement are “doing the right thing.”

In the video, Woz goes on to illustrate how the spread of open source tech was instrumental in many of his and Apple’s early breakthroughs such as being able to manipulate video input on TV back in the day, which eventually helped Lane the way for Apple I. Woz also cited the breach of Ma Bell as a catalyst that helped open up consumer choices when it came to phones so people could make better gadgets in a wide variety of designs and colors, while Apple even sent Apple In with complete design specifications that allow home users to more easily understand and tinker with the device.

Of course. the irony here is that although Woz has not been an official Apple employee since leaving the company in 1985, Apple along with other big tech giants like Microsoft have been some of the biggest players in the match against the right to repair motion, as Apple typically forces its customers to visit its stores or email on their devices to make even the simplest repair so they do not void their device warranty.

But after many years of construction, new support from characters like Woz, and similar efforts in other countries, swell behind the right to repair motion – which seeks to give users the freedom to repair their own technology and devices – feels as if it is finally reached a turning point.

Earlier this week reports appeared with demands for Biden administration preparing to issue a new executive order to force the FTC to draft new rules on the right to repair rules that potentially anchor people’s ability to repair their own gadgets in law.

Especially according to Bloomberg, Biden’s Directive is expected to include languages ​​recommending that the new rules include specific mention regarding the repair of mobile phones and other machines as agricultural equipment, which is often softwarelocked by the manufacture, prevents farmers from servicing their own equipment.

And while the United States’ final rules and regulations will ultimately be determined by the FTC, including things like cell phones in the United States The US right to repair legislation would be a critical point for differentiation compared to the UK, which recently adopted the legislation own right to repair laws coverage equipment such as TVs and washing machines, while omits support for other consumer technologies, such as telephones and laptops.

Ultimately, the right to repair laws is not only important to enable people to service and repair their own devices, they can also be instrumental in supporting the next generation of engineers who like Woz, somedaily skills developed with tinkering with gadgets to help create the next big tech company.

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