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So is it safe to play Returnal now?

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Screenshot: House brand / Sony

During the last 24 hours Return, the PS5-exclusive action game about being repeatedly bullied by space tentacles, has witnessed severe turbulence. Two patches in 12 hours. Myriad reports of corrupted saved data. I get killed again and again by an annoying boss. Okay, fine, maybe the last one is not Returnproblem, but still: The situation is a mess. Here’s everything you need to know.

Okay, so what happened right now?

Yesterday, the developer released Housemarque patch 1.3.3 for Return. Although this was not the first patch – like many games, Return received a one-day update and was also updated last weekend – this is the first time the studio has released detailed notes on changes. All told, the patch was relatively thin, but it tried to tackle sustained crashes and increased the number of corpses you could run into. (Return has a Souls-style feature where you can interact with the dried corpses of other failed players.)

Then some players noticed a problem: A PS5 error code, CE-100028-1, would appear sporadically during gameplay. Officially, CE-1000028-1 means that your console does not have enough free space on your SSD. Save data to Return measures less than 100 MB, so players obviously do not suddenly run out of space. The popup still indicated something wrong with Returnsaves data with players reporting damaged save files (and, in some cases, even with hundreds of GB of free storage). Some players allegedly lost everything—The progress of history, all things, all permanent upgrades, all nine yards.

House brand quickly pulled plastered and returned Return to an earlier version. After withdrawing patch 1.3.3, Housemarque proposed uninstallation / reinstallation Return so the game ran on the previous, stable version (1.3.1) until a fixed patch is available.

Around 6.45am this morning released Housemarque plaster 1.3.4, which restores the stable 1.3.1 build and makes it so “all save games are safe” to play. It also addresses a vague “keyboard exploit”, probably a reference to users who found that they could connect keyboards to access debug cheating. (When reaching a comment, Sony, Return‘s publisher, tip Kotaku to the blog post describing the patches.)

How do I know if I was affected?

Easy: You saw the CE-100028-1 error appear.

If I lost data, how do I get it back?

It depends on. If your saved data is 0 KB (uh-oh) and you have PS Plus, you can try to download a backup Return save from your PS Plus cloud storage. (You can check the file size of your saved data by opening your settings, going to the Storage menu and clicking on “Saved Data. ”) A key factor will be if you have manually backed up your save or set your PS5 to automatically upload saved data to the cloud. One more thing: Be sure to update Return to 1.3.4 Before download of any backup is saved from the cloud.

Without cloud savings, you are probably screwed. Housemarque says saving files that ended up at 0KB as a result of the 1.3.3 patch are “deleted” effectively and “cannot be directly saved by patch 1.3.4.”

If your stored data retained the file size, you are probably ready even if you ran into some degree of stored data corruption. “Some game saves have been corrupted with patch 1.3.3 but have retained the file size. Players with these saved games are able to safely continue their progress after installing patch 1.3.4 without the need to use a backed up save game, ”read today’s patch notes.

Is it safe to play now?

Tepidly, yes. Housemarque says so. Over the last few hours, social media has been chatting around Return seems to have returned to the tone from earlier in the week, apologizes for the lack of a save feature and sharing LOL-worthy gameplay moments.

It’s easy to check which version of Return you are currently driving. Hover over the game icon on the PS5 dashboard. Press the Settings button. Scroll down to “Information”. You will see a bit of information, including a line item for “Version”. If you read “1.003.004”, you are updated with 1.3.4.

I played a bit this morning to test things out. I did not run into the CE-100028-1 popup at all. My progress, both in terms of narrative and ongoing transcendent locking, seems unaffected.

But I come to square with you: this whole debacle has left me somewhat ragged. To date, I have laid north for 40 hours Return. I unlocked each suit magnification, saved a decent bank of Ether, and retrieved a whole bunch of data cubes. (All of these are signs of permanent progress.) Right now, I’ve basing my head on the sixth biomaster. I can taste credit crawl. I really hate losing all this progress and will definitely approach me Return with some measured caution when releasing future patches.

Ha! Good one.

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