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Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors and facts: February 20 launch, triple back camera, 5G and foldable display plus everything we know about specs, features and price

With about three weeks to go to Samsung Feb. 20 Unpacked Event We are in the starting line of the runup of Galaxy S10 . And the plot is thickened. Or … folded.

It seems increasingly likely that the company can use the upcoming event to debut its first foldable phone possibly called Galaxy X Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flex ̵

1; or, um, Galaxy F . According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung garden will have a foldable handset that is "fully functional." If that's true, it can help the company go out of competitors like Xiaomi, who recently wrote a video of what it says is its own fully functional foldable phone and Huawei, who will reveal his own at Mobile World Congress next month .


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What we know about Samsung's foldable phone


As usual, we have a sustained stream of leaked images and done – including a number showing variations in the phone's rumored hole-punch camera. And then there are smokers from CES, where Samsung showed a 5G prototype phone capable of connecting to the next generation mobile network.

Whether the foldable or 5G phones actually look, Samsung has a lot of riding in the 10th edition of its flagship Galaxy S series. And on the basis of the known facts and rumors, it may well live up to the hype.

Snapdragon 855 chipset that strengthens Samsung's next flagship resembles an absolute animal ; our preliminary benchmarking results suggest that it will be a quick performer leaving the Galaxy S9 and LG V40 in the dust.

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The performance sitting analyzes analysts, pounded and leaks an image of a Galaxy S10 jam-filled with potentially extraordinary features, including an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor company own on Face ID and an Infinity-O screen . If Snapdragon 855 meets its potential and rumors are accurate, Samsung can get a hit – and secure its place at the top of the smartphone hill.


Samsung's Infinity-O technology can appear in the Galaxy S10.


If not, the road ahead could be difficult. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, introduced in February last year, have not sold very well . Slow phone sales is now a threat to all brands. And China's Huawei That Excluded Apple to Take Nr. 2 slot sets increasing pressure on Samsung. In spite of his own problems – which includes growing hostility from US governments and around the world – Huawei continues to run on the basis of innovative products such as Mate 20 Pro . In the last few days of December, Huawei actually announced that it sold 200 million phones in 2018.

Stakesne is tall and with less than four weeks to the great disclosure, new rumors and hints continue to bubble up. We continue to collect and evaluate them here, so check back often. [19659000] Read: Smartphones in 2018: The Biggest Winners and Losers

Confirmed: February 20th Launch in San Francisco

Samsung Interrupted CES 2019 with the Release Date and Location Communication ] for his next unpacked event. Although not explicitly referring to the Galaxy S10, it did anything but – with the event's date, time and livestream URL printed under the image of a 10 on its side. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 20 at. 11 am PT at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. CNET will be on the ground to cover the messages live.


Although we had thought that Samsung would save the launch of its collapsible Galaxy X phone to MWC the following week, the company can at least offer a sneak preview of it at the event on the 20th. February, according to the Wall Street Journal. Regardless of the fact that the flagship Galaxy S10 is likely to begin in March according to the Journal and a previous Gizmodo UK report.

Rumor: Three Galaxy S10 phones, including Plus and Lite models

Galaxy S10 are rumored to enter three configurations :

Galaxy S10 : Possibly the code called Beyond 1, this model is said to be the same size as today's Galaxy S9, but with even slimmer features. It is expected to have a 6.1 inch screen and perhaps according to Twitter, the Ice Universe totales three cameras .

Galaxy S10 Plus : Possibly coded Beyond X or Beyond 2, this will be the successor to the Galaxy S9 Plus. It will have the largest screen – maybe a 6.4 inch screen – and up to four rear cameras, two front cameras and a large battery. Ice universe claims that the Galaxy S10 Plus will be 7.8mm thick and have a 4,000-mAh battery.

Galaxy S10 Lite : Possibly coded next to 0. Modeled on the iPhone XR, this can be a smaller, less expensive device with a 5.8-inch display and less hardware embellishments. Other rumors include straight edges instead of two curved sides, no fancy fingerprint reader on the screen and no headphone jack.

  concept creator galaxy s10 render

Rumor: And maybe also the "Galaxy X" foldable phone

  Royole FlexPai phone

The first foldable phone on the market: Royole FlexPai.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The February 20 event may also include Samsung's first foldable phone, according to the Wall Street Journal. This would probably be a more developed version than the prototype Samsung teased at its annual developer conference in November 2018. Rumored to be called Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex, the company's foldable phone is slated to arrive in the first half of 2019 .

Many companies talk about foldable phones – including Huawei LG and others – but so far there is only one on the market today, Royole FlexPai . Although we know more now than we came back in November when Samsung's foldable phone became real, what we have seen by the device so far raised more questions than the answers .


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Galaxy S10, 5G and folding phones make news at CES 2019


Rumor: Samsung's first 5G phone is called Galaxy S10 X

Korean site Electronic News has reported that Samsung will bring a variant of Galaxy S10 that supports 5G. Known as the Galaxy S10 X, the phone in Korea launches in March for 800,000 to 900,000 won, which converts to approx. $ 715 to $ 800 (AU $ 990 to AU $ 1,115 or £ 555 to £ 625). In addition to 5G connectivity, the rumor phone has some serious specs: four rear cameras and two front; 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display; 5,000mAh battery; 10 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of storage space.

The potential overlap between Galaxy S10 expected for February 20 and Samsung's 5G phone remains unclear. Although phones were not the focus of his remarks at CES HS Kim, who heads Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division, mentioned that his company was the first to obtain FCC approval for its commercial 5G equipment. He also promised that technology will come to consumers in the US during the first half of 2019.

Samsung has committed to spreading four 5G phones in 2019 – two to AT & T and one each for Verizon and Sprint . Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, we do not expect the Galaxy S10 phones to expire on February 20 for support 5G . Samsung's mobile chief DJ Koh told Korean journalists in November that a separate device launch in March on Korean carriers will be its first 5G phone instead. That could be the Galaxy S10 X. Rumor: Computational photography upgrades from Samsung acquisition

Israel's Globes reports that Samsung may be in negotiations to acquire Corephotonics, the company that filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple related to its computational photography technology. Samsung is already an investor in the company.


More made by Galaxy S10.

Evan Blass

Samsung has been working to improve the quality of photos shot in dark surroundings using computational photography. As the company is still in the "advanced negotiations" phase, the Galaxy S10 is unlikely to have direct benefits as a result of the potential purchase. It is noted that there are plenty of rumors that the upcoming flagship has a number of new camera hardware and software features. More about it below.

Rumor: Galaxy S10 will have an integrated crypto curve

Pictures tweeted by the leaker Ice universe on Wednesday to display Samsung Galaxy S10 with crypto curve support and performs a Blockchain KeyStore . Text on the handset screen calls KeyStore a "safe and convenient place for your crypto competition".

Rumor: Screen Protector Blocks Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint sensors on the screen – which can accurately identify your pressure by water and dirt – are now one thing. Huawei Mate 20 Pro and OnePlus 6T both have them, and we expect to see the feature come to regular phones in 2019.

When Qualcomm has announced that the Snapdragon 855 chipset will support an ultrasonic variation of technology, there is a great chance that the Galaxy S10 will have one. Phone cases producer Armadillotek has confirmed this rumor but added a twist, suggesting that the scanner will not be able to read prints through tempered glass or PET screen protectors. As a result, the company says that the Galaxy S10 case does not have a screen protector.

Also read : Features Samsung Galaxy S10 could be obtained using Snapdragon 855 [19659027] Rumor: Six cameras, including double hole on S10 Plus

For months we've heard about the many cameras coming to the Galaxy S10 – including up to four on the back and two at the front of the page, at least on the Plus model. (The "normal" Galaxy S10 is expected to have only one front-facing lens and three rear cameras.) Now, we've seen several pictures showing what the elongated auxiliary array can look like on the larger model.



Dutch site AllAboutSamsung.de has submitted a number of images as it says are Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus prototypes. This follows last week's post by Reddit user @ hissick27, which apparently showed a Galaxy S10 Plus with two circular cameras in the upper right corner of the display.

Rumor: & # 39; Bright Night & # 39; low light light mode

Google captured the best Android phone title in 2018 with its Pixel 3 – largely based on the strength of its exceptional camera technology remarkable images even under low light . Now, XDA Developers have shown that Samsung can make its own version of Google's Night Sight feature – called flattering, "Bright Night" – which could debut on the Galaxy S10.

Based on traces in the code for the latest One UI release, Samsung has apparently developed a way to produce bright images in very dark conditions using computational photography. If that is true, this can help the Galaxy S10 fix one of the Galaxy S9's biggest shortcomings – and put it better off with the best phones to take pictures in 2019.

<img src = "https : //cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/Bnrwaw3ehq27EuaGft6LPO1b7H8=/194×109/2018/10/13/e9f1b95b-4d85-4ac0-99fb-439f3867fa22/p1015659-mp4-09-29-50-12-still001.jpg "class = "photo" alt = "http://www.cnet.com/ [19659004] Now playing:
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Pixel 3 & # 39; s star camera flashes ante again


Rumor: New models with larger screens

Two years before Christmas Ice universe tweeted out screen dimensions for five upcoming Samsung phones – including a 5G version of Galaxy S10 (more than below) and note 10. Tweeten confirms previous information and, if correct, suggests that the price will not be the only thing to increase in 2019.

At 6.11 inches diagonal, the Galaxy S10's display will be About 5 percent larger than the Galaxy S9's and a 6.44 inch S10 Plus screen would be about 4 percent larger than its predecessor. The note 10 is also shown for a 5 percent larger screen. The rumored Galaxy S10 Lite's display is expected to be more or less the same size as today's Galaxy S9.

Rumor: Prices go up, will range from $ 845 to $ 1,765

Samsung is ready to follow Apple's management and ] up to the prices of his next series of flagship phones. Gizmodo UK reports that a new Galaxy S10 input level, possibly S10 Lite, equipped with 128 GB of storage, starts from £ 669 – which converts to around $ 845. Prices only go up there for standard S10 and S10 Plus, which may include superior camera technology and other advanced features.

Here is an overview of rumored pricing for each model and stock level. Keep in mind that UK rates include 20 percent tax so dollar equivalents would not be direct conversions, although correct:

  • Galaxy S10, 128GB: £ 669
  • Galaxy S10, 128GB: £ 799
  • Galaxy S10 Plus , 512GB: £ 1,099
  • Galaxy S10 Plus, 1TB: £ 1,399

  http: // www. : //www.cnet.com/

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Foldable Galaxy can be real animal


Rumor: S10's headphone jack remains set for now

Before turning off the headphone jack as a given, note. Samsung's Galaxy A8S doesn't have one. But it has a screen that is expected to come to the Galaxy S10 (see below). In October, Korean Outlet ET News reported that Samsung could ditch the headphone jack of the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11.

For now, the headphone jack seems to be safe. A case related to the Galaxy S10 has a hole for a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. That's enough for productive leaker Ice Universe to tweet a short video of the clear plastic house. Of course, without knowing anything about the case or how this company got its information, there is of course no way to independently control the accuracy of the design. Also note the wide horizontal window at the back where several cameras could go.

Will Galaxy S10 bring portrait mode to video?

Qualcomm supports portrait mode videos in its Snapdragon 855 chip for 2019 phones and beyond, but there is no guarantee that Samsung will benefit from the technology.

If so, you may be able to apply a sensitive bokeh effect to subjects in video and images. Qualcomm said you would be able to swap out the blurry backgrounds of these 4K movies to other scenes from a library of selections.


More about selfie camera's Infinity-O punch hole & # 39; notch & # 39;

Although Samsung told the world, it worked on three new hook designs for future phones, and never committed to Infinity-V, Infinity-U or Infinity-O designs for its Galaxy S10.

At this point, we would be shocked if we saw something other than the Infinity-O display that has a hollow hole out of a corner for at least one camera lens. Samsung has made the design employee in the recently announced Galaxy A8S a phone to China, but it is likely that Samsung would release the design on a less important phone if problems that designers could address rather than cause Take a risk on its main phone of the year.

Renders show the selfie camera's "hulpunch" on both sides, but newer rumors insist that it will be on the right when looking at the phone's face. Blass suggests that Infinity-O comes to the Galaxy S10.

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Will Galaxy S10 throw out the iris scanner and finally get 3D & # 39; Face ID & # 39;

When the Galaxy S9 first arrived, we were disappointed that it didn't use secure 3D depth card technology to unlock the phone as the iPhone's Face ID. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, released in 2017, supports mapping with 50,000 infrared dots compared to Apple's 30,000 infrared dots. Instead, Galaxy S9 retained Samsung's secure iris unlocking and insecure face lock, the latter a staple on Android phones.

Now it's time for Samsung to step up on its face-locking game. Smokers point to both Galaxy S10, who lose the iris scanner and win a rival for Face ID . Qualcomm's latest chip supports another form of mapping technology that is also secure enough for mobile payments, called Sense ID 3D Face Authentication. Maybe it's this sensor that could make Samsung take Face ID.

In addition to unlocking the phone safely with a face scan, a depth-mapping selfie cam could enable better AR apps and effects, such as the disastrously scary AR Emoji a rival who ate Apple's much more accomplished executed Memoji .


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Galaxy S9's AR emoji: How good are they?


Galaxy S10 will run Samsung's One UI interface on Android 9

Samsung confirmed CNET that all future phones, including the folding phone, will use the new One UI interface to Samsung revealed at its November Developer Conference. The One UI interface design decluts the current Samsung Experience and tries to group icons for easier use with one hand. It will work with Android Pie, the ninth version of Google's mobile software, but not with earlier versions of Android.


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Samsung's foldable phone uses One UI


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