Samsung promised it would start rolling out Pie updates in the US this month, and it's technically up to it. But few phones have got the new version so far, including Verizon and Sprint's Galaxy S9s. Today, AT&T becomes the first carrier to implement a Note 9 Pie update. You will need to find some WiFi to get started.

The update hits 1.8 GB phones and it sounds like AT & T's servers are being hammered. It may take a while to download, but the reward at the end is the update for Android 9 Pie with a user interface. It is Samsung's updated interface with a dark state, buttons for single-hand operation and more.

If AT & T got the update out early, the other carriers can't be far behind. It appears that this update cycle again shows that carrier phones are getting updates before Samsung's unlocked phones. Unlike other OEMs, Samsung confirms unlocked updates on all four carriers, leading to delays.