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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review & Rating

Samsung is no stranger to genuine wireless earphones, and Galaxy Buds is the company's best couple yet. At $ 129.99, they are reasonably priced for the category, and they get most things right, from the sound (set by the AKG) to the secure fit and no-nonsense, easy to operate. We have a few grips that have more to do with questionable marketing requirements than the earphones themselves. The Mik & # 39; s going to offer excellent intelligibility in high surroundings, but it doesn't. And while the Galaxy Buds are lit up as being fitness-friendly, they are hardly water-resistant. These are relatively small issues, and if we take a step back, we have a strong pair of cordless earphones.


Available in black, neon yellow or white, Galaxy Knobs are slightly smaller than many other true wireless in-ears we've tested, but the fit is secure anyway. The charger is also on the smaller side. In addition to a logo on the case, the look is simple, cool and free of visual blooms. In fact, the earpiece is inaccurate clear marks of any kind (except L and R), so all you notice is the smooth finish.

The charging box is a pill shaped container that magnetically docks both earpieces. An LED on the front warns you how much battery life is left or when charging has been disabled. Along with this and the USB-C charging cable, the Galaxy Buds ship comes with three pairs of wing tip sockets that fit around earpieces for increased stability as well as three pairs of silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes.

 Galaxy Buds

The outer panels of each earpiece are sensitive to touch. Both earpieces use the same movements to control the same things. A single tap plays or pauses music, a double tap jumps to the next track, or responds to an incoming call, a triple press navigates to the previous track and holds the surface called for the telephone's voice assistant ̵

1; be it Bixby, Google Assistant or Siri. We can confirm that these controls play well with iPhones as well as Galaxy devices. T here is no way to adjust the volume, which is quite common on true wireless earphones. There is very little real estate to work with, and Galaxy Buds is especially smaller than many other models.

Like many of the higher -Genuine wireless options available, Galaxy Buds has an automatic pause feature – and unlike some of the others we've tested, it doesn't stop annoyingly accidentally when adjusting an earpiece. We have never had problems with automatic pause, and even better Samsung found out what the other models got wrong early. Almost no one wants their earphones to automatically stop when you put them back. Galaxy Buds pause automatically, but does not play automatically. So, cheer for progress.

Pairing is a simple process, and if you own a Galaxy device, it's even easier. Galaxy devices immediately recognize Galaxy Buds and give a prompt on the pairing screen. If you use Galaxy Buds with a non-Galaxy device, the pairing process is still simple and fast through the traditional Bluetooth menu pad.

Galaxy Buds is somewhat water resistant, albeit with a low IPX2 rating. It's about being low as IP ratings get, and means earplugs are only protected from splashes. There is no promise that they will survive a very sweaty exercise, will be rinsed off or carried in heavy rain. So while the marketing shows that the earphones are worn in different active situations, they are almost not as suitable as other models we have tested.

19659011] The Galaxy Wearable app is needed to access the Ambient Listening mode, which lets you hear your surroundings, but the app is only available on Android. Using the app, you can also adjust various other settings and parameters, and assign different functions to long-lasting gestures, which in standard mode call your device's voice assistant.

Samsung estimates the battery life to be about six hours, which is solid for a true wireless pair. The case contains only an additional seven hours of battery life. It is on the low side, with lots of charge cases with at least twice as much. Your actual battery life will vary with your volume levels, primarily.


On those tracks with intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife's "Silent Shout," the AKG-designed Galaxy Buds packs a powerful low-frequency stop, but never sounds over-the-top and they Do not distort even at high, unclear sound levels. At moderate levels, the base still feels full and well matched with high pitched heights and heights. On tracks that have super deep (but subtle) subwoofer-like lows, like Panda Bear's "Dolphin", the bass response is really impressive.

Bill Callahan's "Drover", a track with far less deep bass in the mix, gives us a better feel for Galaxy Buds & # 39; general sound signature. The drums on this track receive a comfortable bass boost that does not bring them to unnatural territory. Low-frequency body is added without turning into thunderstorms. Callahan's vocals have a pleasant low-medium, and the higher register percussive hits and acoustic guitar strums have a clear and clear presence. AKG has designed a balanced sound signature for Samsung here with rich lows, clear heights and solid balance.

 Galaxy Buds 2

Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church in the Wild", the Drum Race gets an ideal high afternoon scene that allows its attack to keep its tight edge. The under-bass synth hits that puncture the beat are delivered with excellent depth again, it's not overboard, but base lovers will be happy with the extra oomph. The voices on this track come with wonderful clarity and no addition.

Orchestral tracks, like the opening scene from John Adams The Gospel According to the second Mary one receives a weak bass gain that pushes the lower register instrumentation forward in the mix somewhat. Again, the higher register brass, strings and vowels are, however, dutifully represented. They have a crisp and clear presence that is perfectly balanced with the slightly improved lows. It may not be a transparent sound signature for purists, but few genuine wireless couples offer it, and Galaxy Buds delivers an exceedingly wonderful musical experience.

Samsung marketing Galaxy Buds as particularly strong in the dual mics microphone department captures your voice and delivers clear sound in noisy environments. During the test, the microphones delivered some of the clearest sounds we heard about Bluetooth in the ears, true wireless or not. But it was without noise in the background. When you blast music or television or low-frequency rumble in the background, we could not only hear background noise, but it often seemed to compete with the voice, and the vocals were almost impossible to understand. Thus, Galaxy Bud's excellent characters for quiet scenarios, but in noisy ones, despite Samsung's claims, are rather weak.


Sonic's Samsung Galaxy Bud's outstanding AKG does a great job of balancing rich, full bass with clarity in heights. For ease of use, Galaxy Buds are also winners, with on-ear controls that operate as advertised and not just with Galaxy devices. Mik clarity gets oversold here-without background noise, it's excellent, but in a high environment it's almost not as good. That said, most true wireless ears offer mediocre micro-quality at best, so the clarity of quiet surroundings can be seen as a minor victory.

All in all, this is a very strong contender in the true wireless realm and cheaply priced, too. Many of our favorites, such as JBL UA True Wireless Flash, Jaybird Run XT, Tivoli Fonico and Bose SoundSport Free offer some advantages over Galaxy Buds, such as. Waterproofing. That said, Galaxy Buds gets so much different, they connect to the top ranks of true wireless capabilities that are currently available.

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