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PS5 UK stock update: LIVE availability news from AO, Amazon, Walmart, Very, Currys, pre-orders

PlayStation 5 is officially here – yes, depending on whether you are able to buy one or not yet.

There are two consoles, the main PlayStation 5 (£ 449.99) and a PS5 Digital Edition (£ 349.99). The standard has a physical disk space, while the digital version does not if you are wondering what the difference is.

Unfortunately, it did not matter which console you wanted on launch day, fans faced immediate stock issues with limited availability at almost all retailers. Many were unlucky and were unable to grab a console even on launch day, meaning most are waiting for more PS5 shares to become available in the UK.

Fortunately, retailers rebuilt the entire launch day with standard PS5 consoles for sale, the digital PS5 smaller.

Sony currently has no stock available for both consoles. Sony Interactive Entertainment Director Jim Ryan has said: “Everything is sold out. Absolutely everything is sold. ”

It is unclear now exactly how much stock will be available in the coming days, and even then, when it arrives. Some retailers have teased customers who say new PlayStation stock is on the way, but there are only rough time frames for this.

Our best tip is to see abroad. Amazon Germany had shares yesterday and rumor has it that Walmart will have shares on Black Friday (November 27) just like GameStop, which is good news as the console is not geographically locked, meaning you can still play UK games .

Although there is not much information to go on, we regularly check dealers and update you with new recharge times ̵

1; just scroll down to our PS5 offer section for all the must-have links.

We’ve put together the best PS5 stock links below to give you a chance to buy one if you haven’t already – as well as accessories and PS5 games.

Best PS5 Deals

Remember that there are two consoles, the standard edition and the digital one; PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disk drive to play physical copies of the games.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive a console, otherwise it will be delivered in time for Christmas, but check the links below for the latest stock.

Buy PS5 UK

  • Amazon UK customers were prompted to refresh the page ready for refilling.
  • Amazon Germany – intermittent stock.
  • Argos – out of stock
  • Very stock on release date, now sold out.
  • Currys PC World – “working hard” to replenish
  • John Lewis – now sold out
  • EE – only EE customers, stock is now sold out
  • BT – only BT customers, stock is now sold out
  • Smyths – currently sold out with more due in December.
  • AO.com – now sold out and working on refilling.
  • box.co.uk – pre-orders earlier, stock “coming soon”
  • eBay stock live, mainly resell so be careful with the prices
  • Hughes – “Temporarily sold out
  • Tesco release date in advance, now sold out
  • GAME – sale “on hold”
  • Studio – now sold out
  • Laptops directly bottom agreement with a game monitor, not sold out


Walmart announced that we may see the PS5 as part of some Black Friday news. Keep in mind that the PS5 is not geolocked so you can buy from any of the retailers below and still play your UK games. We keep track of and update you with the latest offers, but we expect them to be snapped up extremely quickly.

  • GameStop – refill black Black Friday.
  • Best Buy – out of stock.
  • Walmart – Black Friday deals delayed until the 25th due to high demand.
  • Sam’s Club – out of stock.
  • B&H sold out, but accessories available.
  • Amazon USA – sold out, but “more to come”

When will the PS5 return to stock in the UK?

A few traders have been very clear about their stock issues. The latest, AO.com, has posted a message on its website letting customers know it has run out of stock again. At least they are in advance!

The statement said: “We’re really sorry, but unfortunately we do not have any PlayStation 5 consoles available at the moment and we will not receive any stock in the near future.”

Currys has also been on something of a roller coaster. Originally, Currys had gotten customers’ hopes and said it was due to stock on release day. Confusion followed as Curry’s postponed then canceled the launch.

Some customers also claimed that they had managed to order the PS5, but then had the order canceled. Currys then tweeted, confirming that there was no stock. Since then, Currys has said that it “works super hard to get more stock”.

SPIL also said it would have stock on the release date this morning, but is put “on hold”.

Very Argos, Tesco and John Lewis all had issues with their sites on PS5 release day, but came back online and were immediately sold out. EE and BT also confirmed in the morning that customers could also buy shares from them, but … you guessed it, it sold quickly.

Amazon is offering a bit more hope for UK recovery as it has told customers complaining through its web support to refresh the page regularly but manage your expectations – there was no indication of when stock would return.

As things stand, it looks like there is a possibility that the PS5 stock will return, but unpredictably and without any notice.

At the very least, Sony can take comfort in the fact that the Xbox Series X, which was released on November 10, also has stock issues. Microsoft has said due to demand that new Xbox Series X and S consoles may not be available until April 2021. The problem seems to be more about demand than supply. Basically, we all sit indoors and want to keep ourselves entertained. It’s safe to assume that Sony is suffering from the same problem, even though they have not come out and said it as clearly as Microsoft. One thing you can stick to is that Sony said early back in the mess with pre-ordering that “more PS5s will be available by the end of the year.” Here you hope.

Where can you buy a PS5 in the UK?

We will update you when more stores get stock and when it becomes available. Most retailers say they are “working tirelessly to get more stock”. We aim to check this regularly, but it’s still worth checking below to see if stock has come in again:


Currys PC World


Smyths Toys

John Lewis

Laptops directly

PS5 accessories

In addition to the PS5, console accessories have gone on sale. There is the DualSense controller, Pulse 3D headset or Media Remote. You can go all out when it comes to PS5 accessories and games, but do not forget that many PS4 games still work – Sony confirmed PS5 backwards compatibility.

PS5 controller


DualSense controller

DualSense charging station

GameWare PS5 dual charger

PS5 Fast Charge dual charging dock

HD camera

PS5 Media Remote

Pulse 3D headset

How to get a PS5: the best tips

1. Bookmark our page and check back for stock – we keep this page updated and have the largest retailers who have confirmed refill times.

2. Make sure you check just before a refill time – we show a list of confirmed times when we get them, just click through and get ready, as when that stock shows, it will be gone as soon as you can tell ‘I want a PS5’.

Have your payment information ready and the money in your account – in the first pre-order round, some people reported that they were struggling to get their console confirmed, or notified that it was checking payment. This seemed to ease on the day of release, but still make sure to remove all barriers by having the money in the account you are using and the details ready at hand.

Go fast – there is no reason. If you know you want PS5, decide which version and then check out these links! As soon as stock appears, it disappears.

Don’t worry – if you do not get a console right away, keep checking back. Yes, it’s hard to get one right now, but there’s always the next refill!

Can I get my PS5 locked?

As England is in second national lockdown, there was a bit of confusion and concern around those who had pre-ordered their next generation consoles. The lock is currently due until December 2 – long after the release of both PS5 and Xbox Series X. While online orders should hopefully now have been delivered without any problems, many were left wondering what this meant for us who have ordered a from a store that was closed because it was not important?

There is a glimmer of hope and it can be found in the phrase ‘click and collect’. While stores like GAME and Smyths are unable to physically open, click and collect are allowed, and these stores and others in the same boat have confirmed that they have plans in place to ensure you can assemble your console – often in timed slots.

Bookmark this page and we will update you with the locking situation as soon as we hear more – which should be every day now with release dates just around the corner.

Can I buy PS5 in the store?

Sony had said that any additional stocks that would be available would not be available in stores due to England’s lockdown. It’s a choice that makes sense, as they do not want people to gather in large crowds in stores that may not even be open, to try to buy one. Most people tried to grab a PS5 pre-order so they could get their console on the release date, whether it was provided by Click and Collect.

To quote PlayStation itself: “No devices can be purchased in-store on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please do not plan to camp or queue at your local retailer on launch day. hoping to find a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home and place your order online. ”

PS5 refill issues

PS5 pre-orders were not fully planned, and while the launch day saw more PS5s come in stock, it was not without drama.

The journey has not been easy for many who are trying to get a PS5 and you know that a pre-order release has not gone as planned when the company behind it comes out and admits it. The official PlayStation Twitter account recently said “Let’s be honest: PS5 pre-orders could have been a lot smoother. We really apologize for that. ”

We admire their honesty!

When it came to pre-ordering GAME, Smyths, Very, Amazon and the regular retailers went live with stock overnight over the first pre-order date, but it was quickly put up. Argos and John Lewis went live – and also sold within minutes.

While the consoles were sold out before many of us even knew they were on the list, we were told there were more on the way. Retailers got more stock for the release date of November 19 – but it was all good mess with cancellations, queuing systems and websites going down. The extra inventory displayed on launch day flew off the virtual shelves and was sold out within minutes. For now, it looks like stock is being held back until next week.

PlayStation 4 offer

playstation 4

Maybe you are not yet in the PlayStation world and are considering investing in a previous console rather than the brand new (and more expensive) spanking. If so, there are some deals and bundles ahead of Black Friday for PlayStation 4 and Pro that you might be interested in.

For more help, see our comparison on PS5 vs PS4 and for more deals, see the best PS4 Black Friday deals.

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