The Snapdragon 765 is a pretty good chip that combines a range of advanced features in the Qualcomm 800 series with a lower price that places it at the higher end of the mid-range. According to an alleged leak on Telegram, the next upgrade to this class will be significant. Snapdragon 775’s biggest change is a shift to the smaller and more efficient 5 nanometer manufacturing process, as seen on the 888.

The telegram “XiaomiUI”

; (not officially affiliated with Xiaomi) indicates that 775 system-on-a-chip like 765 would come in standard and 5G variants. The CPU design would jump from Kryo 475 to a new design labeled “Kryo 6xx” in the document with a similar Adreno 6xx placeholder model for the GPU. RAM would be available in LPDDR5 3200mHz, a huge bump up or LPDDR5 2400mHz, which is still a modest gain. The camera’s signal processor jumps from the Spectra 355 to 570 with a maximum capacity of triple 28 megapixel sensors working at once. Screen supports 4K with 60 frames per second. Second or a more typical 1080p with up to 120 fps.

Hardware comparison between SM7250 (Snapdragon 765) and SM7350 (Snapdragon 775), bold upgrades.

This unconfirmed hardware would make the 5nm Snapdragon 775 almost as powerful as the 7nm 870 and potentially better in some areas like memory speed and multi-camera performance. It would not be able to go toe to toe with the 888, but then it did not need to – it would be used in much cheaper devices. Given that important details like the CPU and GPU model are missing, and given that it is a real leak, it may take a while for SoC to show up in devices.