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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick impressed with Seahawks

The Seahawks host the Patriots at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, marking only the fourth meeting between the two teams since Pete Carroll and John Schneider took over at Seattle a decade ago.

But while the Seahawks and Patriots have not played often and have not stood out since Seattle’s 2016 win in New England, there is still some familiarity there due to the continuity of head coach with both teams, and because two of the Seahawks’ most important players, Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, have been around since 2012, and because their recent All-Pro acquisition, safety Jamal Adams, previously played in AFC East, meaning Belichick saw Adams and the Jets twice a year.

During a conference call with reporters in the Seattle area Monday, Belichick got excited about the Seahawks and some of the players he has seen over the years. Here̵

7;s what Belichick had to say about the Seahawks:

Bill Belichick on Pete Carroll

“Pete is a football guy. He has a great background, of course defensively and then as a head coach, both in this league and then in college, and then his career in Seattle. He makes big decisions. Staff, he and John (Schneider)) do a really good job of improving their roster and making roster decisions.They have lost some good players that we all have, big contracts and other teams that just can not keep everyone but they constantly find players who are good players and sometimes under the radar or guys that other people have given up for some reason so they do a really good job with it.They turn a lot of rocks and find players and they know what they are looking for.They know the type of program they have to run, they know what it takes to be successful in that program.Pete is very consistent and we have had players who have come from there and when you have a player to play for Pete, you know you get a certain type of player – if the guy does not e r really loves football and wants to play football and play hard passion for it, then Seattle is probably the right place for him. New England is probably not the right place either.

“I have a lot of respect for Pete. His consistency, his record, his ability to handle what’s coming and do it in a way that does not distract the team – injuries and all that we all have to deal with from time to time., but he does a good job of managing and keeping the team focused.They go out there and play hard competitive every week, it does not matter where it is or who it is or what the circumstances are. came in here and handled us in 2016. It was a great football match, it was as competitive as I think we have ever played at this stadium.We have played many of them, many big ones, but it was a great football game – two equal teams and they got better over us. That’s the kind of effort you get from Pete and the Seahawks. “

Bill Belichick on Russell Wilson

“He’s more than a good quarterback; he’s one of the best players in the league and has been that way all his career. He’s just a great player, obviously a huge person. He’s just really good at everything. You must defend the whole pitch.with him.He is very dangerous in the pocket, out of pocket, great deep ball player, excellent vision, super competitive, hard to tackle.He is a good football player and there is no one I have more – I mean , I respect a lot of players, all the players really – but he’s definitely at the top of the list of people we’re competing against, he’s really tough.

“We’ve had a lot of problems with him every time we’ve played him. They beat us here in 2016. It came down to the final game, but they hung a lot of points on us, 30-some points. He’s had a lot of different backs, a series of receivers, narrow ends, offensive linemen.Every time we play them, it seems like it’s a completely different group than the time we played them before, ’12 to ’14 to ’16 to now. There are a few guys but there has been a lot of turnover and he just keeps being super productive with who it is and what he has to work with.He is very resourceful and has the ability to do so many things that if you take one thing from him, he can still kill you by doing other things so it’s the mark of a good player and he can make the other players around him better.He does it consistently with all of them so he’s problematic Number 1. “

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