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Parker: Manchester United's £ 50m new boy Aaron Wan-Bissaka is England's best fullback – Premier League 2019-2020 – Football

I saw Wan-Bisska play many times last season both at home and away with Crystal Palace, and I have always said that for me he is the best right in the country.

People can throw up Kyle Walker and Trent Alexander-Arnold, but as a backback, first and foremost in second position, you must be able to defend and he can definitely defend. He is the best fullback in one against a situation without a doubt.

  Aaron Wan-Bissaka is heading northwest from Crystal Palace

Aaron Wan-Bissaka goes north west from Crystal Palace PA Sport

People can get past him, but he has a good pace He knows when to tackle, he slips in, and he reminds me of Des Walker in the way he defends – the long-legged continuous style, but covers the ground quickly.

He enjoys defending, which is a rarity, as most players now like to make their name forward, be great cruisers, overlap and score goals. His priorities defend and he thrives on tackling.

Wan-Bisska must prioritize the defense

Full-backs that can attack are where the game is gone. He's gone to a club that goes down this route [of attacking with full-backs] and that's the learning process – goes from a club that is considered small and goes to a big club.

" He has to adapt, but he has already improved a lot this season. Looking at United and their way, first of all, they have to get defenders in the back four who can defend. "

So let the other six do the attack. At the back, Manchester United's biggest problem has been defense. The season they kept all the clean sheets [in 2017/18] because the goalkeeper had so many savings as sides down the bottom of the league, so something had to be rectified.

  Wan-Bissaka's reading of the game and the restorative powers attracted United

Wan-Bissaka's reading of the game and restorative powers joined United PA Sport

I am sure they will not bring him in and tell him start attacking. First of all, he will be asked to defend to get that trust and let's talk about going when the team is good enough to hold possession to allow him to do so.

Live the Manic Life

If I were to give him a council that moves from London to Manchester, it would be simple: Live life. When he moves up there, stay up there. Don't go back to London all the time to try to mix the two.

The Mancunians will appreciate you more if you try to become one of them and that makes a difference. He will miss the home and some things, but he has to live life and not jump up and down the highway. He wants to see what a big city is.

  Wilfried Zaha only had four times to Manchester United before returning to South

Wilfried Zaha had only four times to Manchester United before returning to South PA Sport

He plays to Manchester United, He will soon understand the difference it makes in your life. It puts more pressure on you, and it is important that you use it and move it forward, because if you do it and it is the right way, there is no better place to be.

" He has to close everything away from him, because the game has changed so much now. He has to understand that there will be pressure on him both on and off the track. He must keep everyone , he is close to him. "

He has the opportunity to continue and compete to become England's back, for there is no certainty who is England's guaranteed return at the moment – it is still open. The move gives him a better chance when he has gone to United, and if he starts delivering there, it puts more pressure on Gareth Southgate to pick him up.

Because of his age, he puts him in a good position because he will only improve.

£ 50m price tag won't bother him

  Paul Parker in action for Manchester United against Barcelona in 1994

Paul Parker in battle for Manchester United against Barcelona in 1994 Getty Images

I went for £ 1.8million in 27-year-olds back in 1991 [from Queens Park Rangers to United] so the way the pound has changed and what has gone into football, money is not a problem. People no longer look at the price tag.

" Because of what has happened to [Virgil] Van Dijk, people do not quickly jump to conclusions. They bite their time and they are waiting to see what happens next time. " [19659010] It is undoubtedly a stigma over you because you have that price and everyone after a bag of games will call you a flop – that's what society is about these days.

But nothing seems to bother him. He is not riled up, he is not involved in crowds, he does not engage in other players, he does not want personal matches on the pitch. When I saw him playing, he has been at least seven out of ten.

United must seek pace to help a new boy

  Wan-Bissaka benefited from having Andros Townsend and Zaha in front of him

Wan-Bissaka benefited from having Andros Townsend and Zaha in front of him PA Sport

Hopefully, if Wilfried [Zaha] tells him something, it is positive and he tells him where he was wrong. More than anything, he is a completely different character to Zaha – that's the biggest difference, and therefore I feel he is a success at United. One of the best things is that he expects danger as well.

He is bothered to defend himself and he smells his father. What really would help him anymore is if United put a pace in front of him. There must be pace.

He has had Townsend and Zaha in front of him, players who like to go forward with the ball. It will then take back backs and midfielders and give him space as well – which is really the way United will play.

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