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Oscar Contender Bradley Cooper Debunks Nine myths about a star born

Also see an exclusive behind-the-scenes video tracking of the transformations required by the movie's stars.

When I entered Bradley Cooper on "A Star Is Born" promo trail – a cocktail party in Toronto, premiered in Los Angeles, American Cinematheque tribute, AFI Awards, Oscar nominated lunch – he was eager to talk about his movie . But between the rapturous reaction to backstage musical updates back in the early fall (last Metascore: 88) and earning eight Oscar nominations last month, the tense buzz tense around the picture and slowed down.

Many an early frontrunner face this risk over a long Oscar campaign. And Warner Bros., who always prizes box office performances, refused to forego the film's depiction of addiction to borrow gravity for their commercial entertainment. In any case, Cooper does not collect as much credit as he deserves to dive on a high pension and performs "A Star Is Born" as well.

This large budget-blank study picture with big movie stars and hit singers runs the risk of winning the same single award at Oscars as it won at Golden Globes: Best song for "Shallow."

"A star is born"

Clay Enos

This is partly because the film is missing gravitationally by an art film and – while Dave Chappelle makes a remarkable look that took Cooper a year and a half to close – Backstage musical is very white in a year where diversity is an asset. But as Oscar-winners "The Artist" and "Birdman" it's about show business. Clearly, "A Star is Born" is one of the most popular movies in the race: it scored $ 417 million worldwide, and the Interscope soundtrack album became platinum, sold over 32 million copies worldwide and created more hits songs, including Grammy and Oscar-nominated "Shallow."

This type of movie is hard to pull off – a well-maintained mainstream entertainment that becomes art, a moving, relational, modestly budgeted study drama that feels authentic. Oscar's perennial Sydney Pollack ("The Way We Were") is used to make films like this. There aren't many people these days who can push these movies across the finish line.

It took the mindset of Bradley Cooper to mount a complicated music movie with great difficulty and make it look easy. Cooper was partially inspired to play a musician by performing air guitars for Neil Young's "Down by the River" on Jimmy Fallon, a movie star with three actors (American Sniper, "American Hustle", Silver Linings Playbook) and then "American Sniper" filmmaker clint eastwood left "a star is born" behind. Cooper was originally supposed to face Beyoncé. But he realized that "A star is born" gave him the perfect vehicle to work through some ideas he'd wanted to put into a movie. All he had to do was talk to Warner Bros. to let him lead it.

"I always wanted to be a director since I was a kid," he told me. "What greater way is there to tell the human experience than through the history of two people's love? We are looking at this music world, family trauma, addiction, the situation of being alive, dealing with love, finding your identity and your voice, all The things I wanted to investigate as an instructor. It came through Clint Eastwood, and I saw that it was the perfect sandbox to examine all these things. "I asked Cooper about the many misconceptions about" A Star Is Born. "

Bradley Cooper

PETER LINDBERGH [19659014] It's easy to green a remake.

As an update of a successful show business history made by Hollywood three times before (four, if you count the very similar "What Price Hollywood?"), "A Star Born" qualifies as branded Intellectual Property (IP) . You would think a study would consider an asset. They didn't. "It was only known to the older demo that is harder to enter theaters these days," said producer Billy Gerber ("Gran Torino"), who was trying to get the film made for 11 years. Eastwood began developing a remake back in 2011, and eventually gave up.

The study said, "Why does it restore?" Said Cooper. "It felt fresh. It was an R-rated drama. It was just there. I had done & # 39; Hangover & # 39; Limitless & American Sniper. & # 39; And I was accustomed to making movies on a tight budget and short schedules that I prefer. We did & # 39; Silver Linings Playbook in 32 days. "

Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is a great movie star who can get everything he wants.

Remember that avid 24-year-old at "Inside the Actor's Studio", asks Sean Penn about "Hurley Burley?" Cooper has overheard his entire life, whether dealing with foreign language and Proust or head-on as "The Elephant Man" on Broadway, who earned him rave reviews, packed houses and a Tony nomination.

First Cooper put the movie to Warner's Production Chief Greg Silverman, who was in favor of letting the actor develop a manuscript. "Then I wrote the script, built on a potential budget that was very low. Under $ 30 million," he said. "Thanks to" hangover "and" American Sniper ", they were willing to take a shot. But as the process continued, they became more scared." This actually happens, we have to do it. August 8, 2015 is the last time I acted. I used it all the time. "

Writer Will Fetters had worked on the Eastwood version, and Cooper brought him back to continue. "We worked hand in hand," Cooper said. "We write together, spend the whole day together. He will make a passport, send it to me, I will make one back, break it and discover, push each other all the time. Will and I come to a point with the script we would do The table reads with friends to hear it. I would play the whole movie in my head as an exercise, the film says loudly. I learned it from David O. Russell. I would tell the story all the time to people. "

Cooper sat down in that script – he has been open about his previous battles with alcohol (if not the New York Times). "Write what you know," he said. Warners told him to let the Oscar-winning writer Eric Roth ("Forrest Gump") come in and take the script to the next level. "We wanted to work all day long, I wanted to drive to Malibu for a month and a half." Fetters were on set for any changes during recording. "That's the way I like to do everything creatively, continue digging and mining, and never give up, until I feel it's serving history and the actor."

And Cooper studied the earlier versions of the movies to add reverberation to his version, like shooting at The Shrine. "I wanted the movie to be aware of its story," he said. "Little elements to reflect it."

Movies that affect him include musicians who fall in love with "Once," "The Fabulous Baker Boys", "All That Jazz", "Chicago" and Martin Scorsese Short "Life Lessons" About an Artist and His Mouse from "New York Stories."

"A Star Is Born"

Warner Bros.

The film follows the classic script structure.

No. The authors broke the rules by opening the budding romance with three back-to-back speaking sequences. "It was the highest order for the writing," Cooper said. "I strongly wished that the first act was like a night out. We could control a lot of boxes with it, learn to know the signs, how the world reacts to them, and why they see each other as other characters do not see them. They start to fall in love. We shot it so that the camera's lens at the end of the parking lot is straight between the characters, so the audience would feel invested in them. If you take a class of class, you won't start a script like that, but I knew that if we do not anchor you early, you do not go on the trip. "

" A star is born "

Warner Bros.

Lady Gaga is a star.

] She is a pop star, yes, and now she is a movie star. When Cooper saw her performing "La Vie en Rose", he immediately wasted how she would work in the movie, called her and went to her house to play a song for her. He sang "Midnight," as he knew well, and she went inside. "Wait a moment, has anyone heard you sing? Let's register so we have it," she said. Cooper took his phone out and recorded one song. "I felt you could see something there, a spark and chemistry," he said.

Warner Bros. took some convincing. "When I suggested Lady Gaga to them," Cooper said, "they weren't so keen on the idea or of us together." We can't see Lady Gaga and you as a couple. "They didn't want to screen here at the time "I knew she was the one and I couldn't do it without her."

Then he set up a meeting at Warners, hooked his iPhone to a Sonos speaker, and played the video to them. "I thought it was a home run," said Cooper, "but they said" it's cool. "It didn't really move the needle. They were exciting about me to lead." Then he wrote and instructed a scene with 10 pages of dialogue as if it were a movie and showed it to the Warners chiefs in a theater. "Technically, I had never done anything. It was a fun process to discover things."

"It was incredibly risky from the studio perspective," said producer Lynette Howell Taylor, who met Cooper at "The Pines." Becoming a musician and leading an actress who has never been to a feature film before, on a tight $ 38 million budget with a 42-day shot, they were aboard for the same reason as I did: he is prepared, he knows what he wants. " 19659036] Associate producer Weston Middleton, Bradley Cooper, producer Lynette Howell Taylor

Clay Enos

A green lamp means walking.

Not so fast. Cooper got greenlight from Silverman. But when studio manager Kevin Tsujihara gave the students to New Line's Toby Emmerich, he also told him to decide to make "A Star Is Born." Then Cooper went back to the fold to throw again. "At that time, I had songs," maybe it's time ", a demonstration, Jason Isbel, sent me and a few songs from Stefani," he said. "Toby comes from music. As soon as they were on, he was a great asset in the whole process." Cooper set the effective, no-nonsense all-pulling environment he had learned from Eastwood. "He didn't take his foot off the pedal," Taylor said. And he allowed Lady Gaga "to feel most vulnerable where she felt safe and secure enough to be shaken and raw."

In the drawbar, Cooper pushes the moment Ally sings "La Vie en Rose" and stains Jackson in the bar. "I wanted her to do a seduction," Cooper said. "We see him look at her, she stands up to negotiate to lie down on the top of the bar. She sees him look at her, we show how strong and strong she is, she's right back on him with a look we highlight it. I was inspired by "Life Lessons & # 39; which showed me that you can hit a profile shot when you turn on the camera. You can see people in the room."

From the start, Cooper was a gifted musician.

Nope. In the four years it took to make the film, Cooper created his character, practiced guitar and piano, wrote and sang songs, wrote the script and prepared the production. He started with some piano skills and ideas for songs to drive the narrative and finally bring Luke Nelson, Willie's son, to help him make songs and a compelling stage person.

Cooper plays a great iconic music star like no one else, instantly recognizable with his signature off-stage hat shading his face, easily on stage after putting in his 10,000 hours. And he sings live in front of big venues – often opposite powerful Lady Gaga. "We had to sell that Jackson Maine was an incredibly successful music star," said Taylor, "not on the downward spiral. His spiral is a mental addiction. He still sells out concerts."

While "Bohemian Rhapsody" is dependent on Queen's well-known globally popular music, "A Star Is Born" required 17 original songs out of 19, carefully woven into the film's narrative. It took years to complete – with two writing rooms in Nashville and Hollywood filled with top composers and songwriters. "There were so many different buckets," Gerber said. "It was like making another movie."

"With music and singing live you can't hide the authenticity of what it means to be human," said Cooper, "using your body as an instrument and creating sound is pleasing while the body is in a relaxed state. had all these ideas, themes and compositions in my mind. If I ever made a movie about music, I wanted it to be subjective when I had never seen a shot from the scene on the scene. We never shot anything from the audience. "[19659047] Producer Bill Gerber and Bradley Cooper on the sentence "A Star Is Born."

Neal Preston

This was an excellent large budget study production.

Considering what Cooper tried to achieve, $ 38 million was not a massive budget. (The two stars worked on a scale.) For example, the various live concerts were required by producers Taylor and Gerber to find out they could not afford to create concert venues – nor would they be authentic if they did so, with the right amplifiers and wires everywhere. So they had to go to real concerts and try to squeeze in.

"I wanted it to be authentic," Cooper said. "I'm an abuser, I see movies -" that's right, it's not BS. "Musicians wanted to see. It meant real scenes and sings live." When Cooper played at Coachella for the song opening the movie, he had to jump between the Willie Nelson sets (the singer gave up eight minutes) and live only once – without the audience heard something. "Looks like you're good!" He told the crowd. No resumes. No other time. He and his shooting crew had to stitch it. At Glastonbury he had four minutes. Thats it. And he had to have his rock act down. "It was scary," he said. "I knew what it might be. It is the only way it will work. "

It meant hours with Nelson in Cooper's cellar working on Jackson Maine songs, singing and talking in a lower register (inspired by gravel-stamped Sam Elliott, who eventually played his elder brother) to create an iconic rock star "They wrote" Black Eyes "and performed it to 20,000 people at Stagecoach who replaced the original opening scene.

The concerts on the Greek were more luxurious – Lady Gaga was already booked there so it helped when taking over the outdoor amphitheater in "Shallow" took two days, Taylor remembers the electricity when she first heard that she was performing the song live: "It was as if you were watching a star's birth." They moved "Shallow" from later in the movie to the parking lot, when Ally composes a song at the spot and then is pulled on stage.

"Given the scale and extent of the film, we wanted it to have an epic feel," Cooper said. is m uncertain and larger-than-life signs. Music is intimate, it's the only way for the characters to find publishing. Finding an epic scale with complete intimacy was the goal. It was a high order. "

The editing was a play.

Oscar-nominated editor Jay Cassidy (" Silver Linings Playbook ") put the lifeboat in Cooper's cellar up so that they could lay for 12 hours "It was a very tough movie," said Cooper. "Making a movie with such a large piece of music was almost challenging, it was almost behemoth. My work ethic is quite high. We spent hours and months at a mixed stage, mixed in all formats, Dolby Atmos, 7.2, 5.1. "

" "A star is born"

Clay Enos

Cooper did not much push for A Star Is Born.

According to the press release, star's The press release for the season 17 pages long, squeezing two film festivals, Venice and Toronto, several premieres, TV shows and interviews, from The New York Times to Oprah, and finishing with eight Academy Awards, the Times interview launched the destructive meme. That somehow Cooper didn't play the ball was reluctant. However, he has since.

"It came from the New York Times piece and sprouted," he said. "It was disappointing. It was a philosophical conversation with this author about the nature of tire stories. I talked to her 15 times, we texted. Really, I was amazed. I enjoy talking about making the movie. "And if" A star is born "seemed less profiled on the LA / NY Oscar circuit, that's because Cooper doesn't enjoy the typewriter to meet and greet:" I want to make a thousand Q & As talk about the movie and the process. " 19659003] Maybe Cooper is so phenomenally successful, living the perfect life with his perfect supermodel woman and perfect kid that people don't think he needs extra kudos to crush. "A star is born." Mens "a star is born ", there have not been many winning awards so far Lady Gaga won the National Board of Review and Shared Critics Choice with Glenn Close and has repeatedly won the best song for the" Shallow "movie has racked tons of key prizes.

" That we were nominated by every guild as first-time director was wonderful, "said Cooper." I've been through this three times, with & # 39; American Hustle & # 39; we had 10 Oscar nominations and didn't win one. I don't put anything in it. At the Oscar nominated lunch meeting, when we all stood on the shakes for 45 minutes, I was grateful that they were able to be rewarded for the opportunity they took with me. "

And not to be nominated for an instructor?" If that is something, make me more hungry. "

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