You've probably seen a certain story appearing on your news feeds tomorrow about the "leak" of a "Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition." No such product has leaked and there is no reason to believe that a Tesla Edition Galaxy Note 10 exists. This wasn't even a rumor this morning when a particular publication, which was quite famous recently to produce brain-dead clickbait, wrote about it, but allowed us to fix it very much much mentioned only how easy it was? history.

The image you saw of that Tesla Edition phone was created by the well-known British tech YouTuber MrWhoseTheBoss. You can see the picture, he tweeted a week ago below.

I hesitate to connect with him since he is quite known for kindness – Irresponsible to send pictures like this without the necessary context that they are completely and completely false. They are just fabrications, fantasies – ask what if. But what ends up so often is that these images become reposted with even less context, especially in countries where the fact that it is a fabrication can easily be lost in translation like China.

It did. And it was in China. Someone right up took MrWhoseTheBoss's photo here and sent it to Weibo. The picture is as false as it was when MrWhoseTheBoss wrote it, but at that time the connection was lost even though his watermark is still clearly visible on the slightly altered Weibo image. One can even say that it is so visible that you must consciously ignore it! But it was probably sent to someone in the non-named publication as a news tip, and someone in that publication did absolutely no research and just realized "Tesla + Samsung = CLICKZ" and wrote enough words about it to create a story and now is there something.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tesla Edition is nothing. It does not exist. You are told what is, objectively, false news. That's all. Have a good day.