Nike recently launched the futuristic self-tapping Adapt BB sneakers with the Android app coming up last week. Our comments section was filled with people discussing dystopian futures with rebellious footwear, and they didn't have to wait long – the shoes seem to be bricked during the original software update.

This issue works Android-specific – Adapt BB updates just fine through the iPhone, so you need to have an embarrassing conversation with a friend where you admit your "droid" can't update your shoes. Buyers of these $ 350 sneakers are understandably angry, as evidenced by their vicious one-star reviews on the Play Store. Props for this user that gave the app five stars despite having to switch phones to make the shoes work.

The only solution seems to be to use an iPhone (the app is not installed on an iPad) for the software update and later the pairing of Adapt BB with your Android device. In addition, some features discussed during the product launch, such as light and push combination presets, are not yet ready – though Nike has promised to add them in the future. Pairing bug should be fixed quickly, but it really feels like this should have been caught by Nike before the release of the app.

Alternative title: The app for Nike's smart sneakers does not run

  Nike Adapt
  Nike Adapt

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