LOS ANGELES – The next iPhone can offer the ability to listen to a Bluetooth headphone and stream video content to your TV at the same time.

Apple's worldwide developer conference showing new software improvements for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch opens Monday. New hardware is not expected to be introduced.

But it hasn't stopped the internet from wondering what the next iPhones might be.

WWDC and iPhone: New mail and messaging tools expected for iPhones, WWDC

The Japanese website Macotakara – responsible for predicting that Apple would ditch the headphone jack – says the new iPhone has two Bluetooth audio features.

This means that the new phone will be able to connect to two different audio sources via Bluetooth at the same time. This technology can be used in many different ways – for example, a pair can both connect headphones and watch a show together.

The top corner rear bumper is visible on this iPhone 11 display. (Photo:

Apple Enthusiastic websites have been mature throughout the year with speculation about the next iPhone models. The latest released last month includes an updated camera and improved battery life.

Issues of the iPhone 11 show three camera lenses arranged in a triangle formation that allow telephoto objects and even wider images. The front of the phone is expected to look like the design of the iPhone X series of phones, with the edge-to-edge screen and no home button.

Like the 2018 iPhone XS release, the next iPhones are expected to be released with three models.

A routine complaint about iPhone with each model is the lifetime of the battery life. The next iPhones are expected to have a larger battery to last longer. Apple provides an update: Apple releases first new iPod Touch for 4 years

Apple is also said to work on new foldable display technology similar to the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, the new phone slated to will be released later this year. Apple's foldable patent, however, was only approved a few days ago, so Apple would not be expected to use it this year.

Many wireless companies plan to release versions of their phones that work with the new 5G standard, which promises faster service. It is unclear when iPhone users can expect to have a 5G option; An end to the disagreement between Apple and Qualcomm could mean that the 5G technology will be here as soon as 2020.

USA Today's Jefferson Graham will cover WWDC next week. Stop him for the latest software coming out of Apple on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube using the @jeffersongraham handle.

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