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New Fortnite Update 9.30 (Patch Notes): Chug Splash, Shotgun Swap Delay

Epic Games continues to change Fortnite on a weekly basis, and the new update, version 9.30, introduces several new elements to the free-to-play battle royal phenomenon. Update 9.30 is now live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, adding a new topic, removing weapons and making a remarkable change to how quickly shotguns can be equipped. Read on for the full patch notes and a rundown on its biggest additions and changes.

This week's new item is Chug Splash, a throwable that allows you to cure other players. "By influence, the product splashes liquid into a small area," Epic's official blog post states. "All players within the Splash will immediately be awarded 20 health / shields."

If you are injured, you will receive 20 health while full health will be given 20 shields. "Chug Splash can cure allies, enemies, and can extend the duration of the" beaten "state of beaten players." Chug Splash is only available in rare variations from floor leaves, chests, vending machines, supply drops and llamas. They fall into stacks of two, up to a maximum of six.

Three limited time forms introduce the fight royal fray this week. Sniper Shootout Duos sees teams of two fights with only sniper rifles, while Trios is classic match royal with three-person squads and Solid Gold Squads boosting abundance of legendary weapons.

Elsewhere, explosive availability has been drastically reduced: Epic has arched (removed) Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite. The developer did not get much in the way of explaining the change, simply saying, "These weavers are primarily aimed at adjusting the existence of explosives so that they are more consistent with where we think they should be."

Shotguns has also been tweaked. Combat Shotgun's long-distance damage has been reduced. More importantly, there is no longer a delay when you switch to shotgun weapons – unless you have more shotguns in your inventory. This delay was originally introduced to prevent players from switching between several shotguns to speed up the speed of firing. Epic says about the new change: "This is a quality of life change to prevent the swap delay system from interfering with players who have no more shotguns in their inventory. As with all changes, we keep an eye on this and make adjustments if necessary." [19659002] See the full list of Fortnite: Battle Royale patch notes below, via Epic.

In other Fortnite news, it was revealed last week how the game was almost canceled. However, it has been very successful, as Epic has recently been awarded a BAFTA special price.

Fortnite Update 9.30 Patch Notes

Weapons and goods

  • Chug Splash
    • On the fly, this thrown item is spraying liquid in a small area. All splash radius players will be awarded 20 Health / Shield instantly.
      • Gives health unless you are full health, in which case it will give Shield.
      • Chug Splash can cure allies, enemies and can extend the duration of the "knock" state of beaten players.


    • Rare variant.
    • Drops in stacks of 2.
    • Max stack size: 6.
    • Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Llamas.
  • Shotgun Swap Delay Removed
    • Shotgun cooldowns now only apply when the player carries several shotguns, regardless of shotgun type.
      • This is a quality of life change to prevent the swap delay system from interfering with players who have no more shotguns in their inventory. As with all changes, we will keep an eye on this and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Reduced Combat Shotgun's Long Range Efficiency
    • Reduced Intermediate Distance Damage by 10%
    • Long-range Reduced Damage by 20%
    • Combat Shotgun's accuracy allows players to hit longer-distance shots compared to other shotguns. However, the damage in the longer intervals was slightly higher than desired.
  • Vaulted
    • Boom Bow
    • Dual Pistols
    • Dynamite
    • These Vaults are primarily aimed at adjusting the existence of explosives, making them more consistent with where we think they should be.
  • Removed the ability to run Proximity Grenade Launcher projectiles
    • Due to faster speed of this projectile, it caused level streaming problems. You can still run rockets launched from Rocket Launchers.
  • Added short delay to start damaging players from Storm Flip at entrance to mimic normal Storm gameplay
  • Added Storm Flip to Audio Visualizer when enabled
  • Toys no longer appear in Elimination Factor on Starter Island

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

  • Players could shoot immediately after using a Rift to Go.
  • Supply Drones would sometimes spawn underground in areas of water.
  • Adjusted area around Reboot Van, which players cannot build to prevent the placement of floors and traps under the habit.
  • Proximity Grenade Launcher was automatically reloaded while viewing sights.
    • This is fix doing it consistently with Snipers and reloading when it is unscoping or after the next fire attempt.
  • Adjusted the timing of the supplies effects to help situations where players would switch away from consumables before it was finished activating.
  • Reboot Cards will no longer fall to the ground.
  • Reboot Cards were back on the card even after the timer expired.
  • Campfires could block explosion damage at specific angles.
  • Shadow bomb double jump ability could be activated while
  • Boogie Bomb effects would continue to play on players while they were falling.
  • Empty Shadow Bombs could not be discarded properly if they were eliminated while the effect was active in respawn game modes.
  • ] Players who had a rift to be used on them while being rebooted would sometimes not be put in the shooting mode.
  • Storm Flip would treat incorrect damage if two were overlapped.
  • Storm Flip was able to stop a supply drop from falling
  • Weapons were shown using emotions while on a drive table


  • Made the "Hold to Switch" feature an option. This is disabled as OFF.
    • With the option OFF, the retrieval is now back on the initial button, instead of pressing the release button. This should result in more responsive pickup behavior.
  • Simplify the bypass Pressure Plate Puzzle NW of The Block.
    • Once unlocked, byte will be available for up to 15 seconds.
    • Parking all vehicles on the pedestals will trigger them except Hoverboard.
  • Abrasive currents now blur the visual effects and play audio signals to warn that they close before the collision and forces are disabled to give players more warning.
  • Added Storm Flip color contact effects depending on Storm intersections.

Error Corrections and Adjustments


  • Shooting from the bus to a slide stream was not automatically implementing gliders at the correct height.
  • Storm Surge did not activate in phase 8
  • The player's health could be incorrectly rounded when it received injury.
  • the health bar for structures could disappear when you hit a wall and switch to building mode.
  • Lava was too damaging to the players too fast.
  • Performance

    • Rendering optimizations on player-built walls to help end-game situa
    • Added general optimizations to audiovisual indicators.

    Bug fixes and adjustments

    • Solved a problem that causes poor performance in the lobby of the Mac when you attend a big party.

    ] Audio

    • Improvements to Grenade Launcher and Grenade fuse sounds
      • Added a close-fuse fuse loop dimmed based on damage radius.
      • The sound strikes as the projectile approaches exploding. If you hear this, you will be injured unless you block the explosion.
    • Lowered the volume of vehicles in a Slipstream that does not have a driver / passenger.
    • Increase the range of the enemy 1×1 pickaxe impact sound from 1 tile to 1.5 tiles

    Bug fixes and adjustments

    • Fixed a hot swapping problem of audio devices when switching between outputs.
    • One-shot sounds could re-sound when walking in the sound area.
      • This was most notable with harvest, explosion and firearms.
    • The Victory Royale sound is no longer affected by the slow motion effect when a match is won.
    • The Combat Shotgun had the wrong brand sounds on mobile / Switch.
    • The baller suction sounds played 2d if someone piloted a bales that you had previously disassembled.
    • Sounds to consumables would not play if they approached a player while they were already using them
    • Footstep sound for "Take The Elf" emote did not play.


    • Hides the vehicle health line that appears over a vehicle if you are the player using it to avoid two vehicle health bars from being displayed.
      • The vehicle's health brace, shown over the players' health and shield, remains in HUD.

    Bug fixes and adjustments

    • The guides to the directional safety lines were not displayed correctly on the map when in game modes where respawn was activated.


    Bug fixes and adjustments

    • Scrubbing a render may cause the unique font color of golden points of interest to disappear. ] Mobile
      • Increased size of auto pickup radius for items

      Bug fixes and adjustments

      • Graphic improvements:
        • Lava textures did not appear correctly in Floor of Lava Limited time setting on Android.
        • Resolved HLOD issues encountered at Loot Lake on Mobile.
        • Fixed Quinjet Glider implements the animation on Google Pixel 2.
        • Collar from Instinct Outfit cuts into the hood.
        • Fiend Wrap and Turbulent Wraps were not displayed properly on some mobile devices.
        • The icon for Wonder Outfit was shown as pixels.
      • The FPS counter was not displayed correctly in the game when it was activated.
      • While the card was opened and pressed anywhere outside, it was that the press count was like the joystick.
      • Bicycle weapons HUD Layouts were not visible after jumping from the Battle Bus
      • Resolved a problem where "Require access to Contacts" prompts appeared for mobile players.
      • Sound effects and music did not play properly on the Moto Z2Force and HTC U11 devices.
      • Reloading a shotgun was prevented when Tap Anywhere was active.
      • Using a bluetooth controller was assigned to players for the wrong matchmaking bucket.
      • Player character models were not displayed when they returned to the lobby from the item store.
      • The controller user interface was displayed on screens even though a controller was not connected to the red.

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