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NASA sold the moon landing footage to an intern for $ 218. Now the tapes can sell for millions

In 1976, the space agency undoubtedly sold these tapes of original recordings from the Apollo 11 lunar mission to a lucky trainee who held them for decades. He never knew their content.

Now, NASA's blunder will belong to the highest bidder: The last-minute video survivors of space exploration are up for auction – with a $ 700,000 starting bid.

According to Sotheby, the ties are worth up to $ 2 million. Bidding begins on July 20th on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.
The two and a half hour footage gives the sharpest picture of the historic mission ever recorded, from Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon's surface to an interplanetary conversation with then President Richard Nixon for the planting of the American flag. ”
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The tapes were unfortunately sold to NASA intern Gary George in 1976, who bought the sentence without knowing, among 65 video tape boxes at a public auction auction for $ 217.77.

He resold most tapes to local TV stations for a profit but held on three of them labeled "APOLLO 11 EVA | July 20, 1969 REEL 1 [-3]" following his father's suggestion, according to Soethby's.

It's wise he did: An EVA or extravehicular activity is also known as a spacewalk, and his band caught the first lunar EVA.

More than 30 years later, after George heard that NASA was trying to track footage for the Lunar New Year's 40th anniversary, he took the unidentified tape to a video archivist and saw them for the first time.

It was when he realized that he had accidentally bought the sharpest recording of the moon's landing ever recorded.

Whoever buys the recordings participates in an exclusive club of viewers: George once again looked at the tapes to digitize them and store them on a hard drive included in the tape. Sotheby's staff considered them once to assess their quality as they seemed to be "flawless".

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the highest bidder will snag a purchase that George did.

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