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Missing girl's body was restored 1/4 block from her house

LOGAN – Just a few hours after the uncle of a missing 5-year-old girl was accused of capital murder in her death, Alexander William Whipple told his lawyer where body Elizabeth "Lizzy" Shelley was located. [19659002] Defense lawyer Shannon Demler said he contacted the Logan police at Wednesday and led them to an area about a quarter of a block away from Lizzy's home where her body was found behind a shed covered in dirt , sticks and other wrecks.

The restoration of Lizzy's body ended a five-day search for the young girl and shortened an eventful day that saw Whipple accused of aggravated murder before his body was found.

The Logan police are expected to release more information on the recovery of Lizzy's body at. 1

7 press conference.

Whipple, 21, was accused of aggravated murder and kidnapping, first-degree crimes; two counts of obstruction of justice, another degree of crime; and abuse or dismissal of a body, a third degree crime; in connection with Lizzy's disappearance and suspected death.

"There are signs of believing that Alexander has committed the aggravated murder of Elizabeth Shelley, even though her body is not yet in place at present"

Logan's policeman Gary Jensen became emotional as he read the criminal charges that had been filed during a press conference on Wednesday.

"Hearing a charge of aggravated murder brings with it a concept of finality, and it is very difficult for their family to imagine," he said.

Demler said he was talking to Whipple for several hours on Cache County Prison on Wednesday. He described his client as "very emotional", "very broken down" and "confused."

"He struggles like someone would be in this situation," he said. "He understands it is a very serious thing he doesn't He understands its gravity. "

But Demler said Whipple wanted to make changes with his family – at least as much as possible."

"He wanted to make sure the family could Recycle the body so they could

At the beginning of Wednesday afternoon, a large area around Center Street was shut down and a large number of officials gathered near a wooded area and set up tents and tables.

"Today is the hard day," said Cache County Attorney's Office in a statement. "Our thoughts continue to be with Lizzy's family. This tragic event has shaken our society," according to The Declaration "Cache County Attorney's Office is obliged to fight for justice. Justice for Lizzy, her family and our community."

Demler said he "negotiated" with Cache County Attorney's Office before revealing where the body was located. Some of the negotiations included where the case goes from here, he indicated.

When asked about a potential motive, Demler said he had no answer. But he believes that "mental illness is more a contributing factor than drug abuse."

Even before Lizzy's body was found, Jensen said the totality of all the evidence gathered at this point led prosecutors to file the aggravated murder charge

. After Whipple was arrested on Saturday afternoon and taken to the police station, investigators noted that "he began to lick his hands and try to wipe his hands clean," the accusers say. At that time, officials handcuffed him "to preserve the abilities that might be on his hand."

After lying several times over his whereabouts the night before, "Alexander would say that alcoho I make him & # 39 "Black out" and sometimes he does "criminal things" when he swears out. Alexander would not elaborate on what these "criminal things" were, "researchers said in the charging documents.

Police noticed "dark-colored spots" on Whipple's pants while interviewing him, there seemed to be blood, the prosecutors say. had "more cuts on his fingers."

Investigators reported finding a knife near the Bear River Charter School, 75 S. 400 West – across the street from Lizzy's house – which seemed to have blood on it.

"The knife was broken near the hilt," accuses the state.

The knife is believed to have come from Lizzy's house, police said. A PVC tube that appeared to have blood on it and a partial palm print was also found near the knife.

About 50 meters from these things, investigators restored what they thought was Lizzy's skirt "that seemed to have been buried under some dirt and bark," the prosecutors said. "Near the skirt was a small block of concrete with blood on it." The blood was found on t he knife, Whipples watch and Whipples sweatshirt all matched Lizzy's DNA, according to the charges. The palm printer was also determined to be Whipple's, according to researchers, and a discarded beer can be found close to these items. It was definitely to have Whipple's DNA on it.

Earlier in the day, about 20 officers concentrated on the town's landfill in Logan. Jensen said it was part of the institute's "no stones that had not gone back".

"These men and women are out there doing the best they can to make sure we don't miss an opportunity to bring Lizzy home," he said.

To show whether investigators have tried to finding the child, Jensen talked that the police took over two semi-trailers on their way to Arizona, loaded with mulch. Officers searched the trucks because there was no mulch on Whipple's clothing.

"We've gone at any time to exhaust the many tips that have come into our office, "said Jensen.

As for a possible motive, the boss said his detectives still" do not understand what it might be. "

Lizzy's mother, Jessica Whipple, told police that she invited her brother Alex to her house on Friday night, and he arrived between 10am and 10:30 am after Lizzy was put to bed. said Alex Whipple was drinking beer and rum with her and her boyfriend said she finally told her brother that he could sleep on the couch when she entered her bedroom at midnight.

Police said earlier that Lizzy had last been seen inside her house at 2pm on Saturday, Detrich Black said he last saw Lizzy in his bed shortly after midnight as he retired for the night.

Jessica Whipple woke up at 9:30 am on Saturday to discover that The front door was open and both Elizabeth and the girls' uncle were gone, according to legal documents.

By 3pm, Whipple was found by the police to walk about 10 miles away.

"The defendant had a full size baseball bat, alcohol and drug equipment on his person ", according to a report filed Wednesday of Adult Probation and Parole. "During the interview on his missing niece, the defendant was not cooperative and made false statements about his whereabouts the night before."

Charging documents say Whipple first refused to stay with his sister's house the night before and later he admitted had been there but said he went for a walk when his sister and boyfriend had gone to bed just before sunrise.

When the police interviewed Whipple, held a detective to him about the disappearance of his niece and accused him of being responsible. "Alexander did not admit that he was responsible, but he did not deny that he was responsible," wrote Logan police detective, Matt Woods, in the charges.

"Throughout the interview Alexander (explaining) how evil the world we live in is Alexander would talk about his struggles as a child and how his family has treated him terribly throughout his life."

On Tuesday, Whipple was accused of six offenses resulting from his Saturday arrest: failure to stop under the direction of law enforcement officers, lack of information on his identity, illegal purchase of an interdicted person, drug possession, possession of drug equipment and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon. A judge went in to keep Whipple without a bail while awaiting a public hearing on Monday.

Also on Tuesday Adult Probation and Parole filed a no-arrest warrant against Whipple to violate the conditions of his trial from his 2018 theft and DUI beliefs to lead troops in a 40-mile hunt in a stolen car while he was full .

On Tuesday, the Logan police released a surveillance video of Whipple, which can be seen walking around at. 6:45 Saturday just a couple of blocks from Lizzy's home. A trader in the area said a worker spotted a man running through an empty mass across the street from the store behind an old train truck and then jumped over debris and plywood.

About 15 minutes later, while the worker was pulling out of the parking lot, the same man went in front of his pickup truck, according to the business owner. Men's pants seemed to be wet under the knees. The driver of the truck immediately thought it was suspicious and urged colleagues to keep an eye on him.

The police confirmed the man who was seen in the surveillance video, believed to be Whipple. Lizzy wasn't with Whipple in the footage.

Additional information will be published throughout the day.

Contribution: Sean Moody, KSL TV


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