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Minecraft Update Removes References to Notch – Game Rant

Many years removed from its release, Minecraft still delivers an exciting world of building and fending off monsters in a fixed environment made up of blocks, and is still able to capture the interest of gamers from all walks of life thanks to substantial updates. Now, a update of the game seemed to have quietly scrubbed off any mention of Minecraft's creator, Markus Persson, also known as Notch.

Prior to the introduction of the latest update, Minecraft's splash screens would display messages mentioning the creator such as "Made by Notch!" And "The Work of Notch!" As of the moment, it has been confirmed that both of these messages have now been removed from the game. 19659005] Half a decade ago, Microsoft made the historic purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang for $ 2.5 trillion. Ever since then, Notch has been involved in anything related to Minecraft but the game mentioned him in the splash screens up to the latest update. As of the moment, Microsoft is still releasing a statement regarding the decision to remove any mention of Notch from Minecraft . It is also important to note that while Microsoft removed Notch from the game's splash screens, it is still listed as the game's creator in the credits.

Ever since Notch sold Minecraft to Microsoft, the original creator of the game has since made highly-controversial and widely criticized statements on social media. It is widely assumed that notch's controversial statements about feminism and homosexuality recently were the reasons why Microsoft scrubbed all mentions of him in the game, but that has yet to be confirmed at this time.

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While Microsoft is silent about the removal of any mentions of Notch in the game, it is more likely that the company is simply disassociating Minecraft which is still in worldwide phenomenon today, from the controversial statements that the game's original creator has been spurting out all about social media. As of this writing, Notch hasn't responded to the issue either

Minecraft is now available on various platforms.

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