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miHoYo is suing two players who leaked version 1.2 Closed Beta Content

Genshin Impact Version 1.2: miHoYo asked players to refrain from sharing leaked content as it is still under development and does not reflect the update.

On November 19, miHoYo announced its plans to recruit players who leaked content from Version 1.2 Closed Beta Test of Genshin impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, soon on). Leakage of content from the test is a violation of the confidentiality agreement that players may sign to participate. As such, miHoYo has initiated “proceedings to prosecute the perpetrators of such offenses”


miHoYo investigated and tracked the leaks to two players, whose info has been partially revealed:

Server: Celestia Server
Nickname: Star *** Chizuru
Live server UID: 100 *** 556
Beta Server UID: 1 *** 31

Server: America
Nickname: J ** z
Live Server UID: 600 *** 200
Beta Server UID: 2 *** 28

miHoYo explained that it understands players who want to learn about news as quickly as possible. However, the content of closed beta testing is content that is still under development. As such, we may get the wrong idea if we see it before we should. miHoYo also encouraged players to follow official content disclosure sources. Finally, miHoYo will step up its efforts to combat leaks and please ask players not to share such information.

The statement on Genshin impact version 1.2 leaked content was first shared in English on Facebook. Later it was also published in Japanese:

In addition, it is important to note why miHoYo does. Almost everything about version 1.1 was leaked before the release on November 11th. MiHoYo is now taking leaks more seriously than ever, and it looks like it’s not happening any more.

Personally, it’s not like I’m on miHoYo or any company’s page, but not breaking the NDA is common sense. I think Genshin impact in particular, many have easily influenced players due to their young age or their lack of experience with Japanese (gacha) games. As such, leaks and their batch of false or incomplete information can have quite serious consequences for society. Something that I personally do not want to deal with, as someone whose job is to regularly review Genshin players’ gathering place and official channels. I’m tired of “will this character get nervous” debates due to leaks. Initially, it is extremely rare for characters in a gacha game to get nervous as well.

miHoYo recently lowered the difficulty of the story boss fight against Childe. The ongoing Unreconciled Stars event also has a pretty neat detail if you own Venti.

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